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Where To Get Tested For Chlamydia For Free

Free Isnt Always What It Seems

Getting tested for Chlamydia

Free isnt always free, at least not entirely. Free STD testing clinics often advertise free testing, but what they leave out is that this price is based on your income.

This means their testing is only free for some. Rather than paying for a so-called free test, schedule your test with Rapid STD Testing. You can count on us to protect your privacy, provide accuracy and affordable pricing, and deliver exceptional customer service. Contact us today at

Should I Tell My Partner

Yes, your partner will also need to be tested and treated.

All treatments you will be given are free. We do not charge for hospital prescriptions.

It is important that you do not have any further sexual contact with your partner, until you receive treatment for your infection. We advise you to contact any previous sexual partners, who may also be at risk from the infection. Partners can order a free and confidential STI screening kit online – which tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV, which can be sent to a preferred address . The test kit will arrive in a plain envelope and the results are texted to their phone.

We can now offer anonymous and confidential partner notification for STI testing. SXT is a confidential service and do not store any of your personal details. By completing a few details online, they are able to notify sexual partners via a text to ask them to get in touch and recommend an STI test. If you have received a positive STI result and are being treated elsewhere but wish to notify sexual partners to get tested anonymously, please contact us for the website link.

Free Std Testing: Where To Get It

We dug into the pros and cons of getting free STD testing, and now we are answering where you can go to get free STD and HIV testing.

There are many places you can visit for free or nearly free STD tests including most state health departments, local nonprofit health organizations, Planned Parenthood locations, and various college and university programs.

For the most part, free STD testing is funded federally through non-profit organizations or via programs provided by various institutions .

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Exactly How Typical Is Chlamydia

In 2017, more than 1.7 million instances of chlamydia were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention . Nevertheless, several cases go unreported, so the real number of chlamydia infections annually may be closer to 3 million.

Males and female can both obtain the infection, but extra cases in females are reported.

Infection prices are highest possible among younger females, with the greatest prices of infection occurring in ladies in between ages 15 as well as 24.

The CDC advises that all sexually energetic women ages 25 years and more youthful obtain evaluated for chlamydia yearly, in addition to older females with risk factors like multiple or new partners.

Statistically, an individual is more probable to get an STI if they have actually had sex with more than one person. Other risk elements consist of having had an STI in the past, or currently have an infection because this can lower resistance.

Prices for chlamydia as well as other STIs have actually been climbing in recent years.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chlamydia

Free Chlamydia Test Kit from NHS

It is important to understand that focusing on signs and symptoms is not very useful in determining if someone is infected with chlamydia. First, the symptoms of chlamydia are similar to the symptoms of gonorrhea, and the two infections are often confused. Also, approximately, most women and about half of men do not experience symptoms. So, most people who are infected will not be able to tell from symptoms.

If a person does have symptoms, they usually develop within one to three weeks after exposure to chlamydia. How long a person remains infectious is difficult to determine since so many people are asymptomatic. A person must be considered infectious from the time they become infected until treatment is completed.

If a person does have symptoms, they may include:

  • Proctitis , urethritis and conjunctivitis
  • Soreness and redness in the throat or mouth (for chlamydia infection of the throat
  • vaginal discharge
  • pain or burning sensation during urination
  • pus or watery or milky discharge from the penis
  • pain or swelling of the testicle

If the infection spreads to the fallopian tubes, symptoms may include:

  • lower abdominal and lower back pain
  • pain during intercourse
  • nausea or fever

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Who Should Get Tested For Chlamydia

Because chlamydia is very common and often has no symptoms, anyone who is sexually active should think about being tested. Because chlamydia is very common among young women, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend sexually active women age 25 or younger get tested once per year. Chlamydia testing is also recommended for women with new or multiple sexual partners and pregnant women.

Anyone who is sexually active should talk with a healthcare provider about whether they need testing for chlamydia or other STIs. Dont be afraid to speak openly about your sex life, as you can get the best care by having an honest discussion with your healthcare provider.

Take Charge Of Your Sexual Health

A healthier body. A satisfying sex life. Valuing and feeling good about yourself. Having peace of mind. Positive and satisfying relationships. Avoiding sexually transmitted infections , also known as sexually transmitted diseases . Preventing unplanned pregnancies. These are just a few of the important benefits of good sexual health. Being sexually healthy means being able to enjoy a healthier body, a satisfying sexual life, positive relationships, and peace of mind. Being sexually healthy also means enjoying your sexuality and taking care of yourself and your partners throughout your life. Being free to talk about sexual health with your partner and health professional is key to your health. Download the guide from the National Coalition for Sexual Health for more information.

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Just Diagnosed Next Steps After Testing Positive For Gonorrhea Or Chlamydia

If youve just found out that you have gonorrhea or chlamydia, you may be trying to figure out what to do next. Here are the three most important steps that you can take:

WHY?Many people with gonorrhea and chlamydia dont have symptoms. Why does this matter? Because an untreated infection can lead to serious and permanent health problems, even if you never have symptoms. Gonorrhea and chlamydia can be cured with the right medicine from your doctor. Just make sure you take all of your medicine exactly as your doctor tells you to.

WHERE?Your regular doctor can prescribe antibiotics to cure the STD. But if you dont have insurance or want to see someone else for treatment, there are other low-cost or free options. You can get tested and treated at your local health departments STD clinic, a family planning clinic, a student health center, or an urgent care clinic. You can also find a clinic using GetTested and ask if they offer treatment for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

  • In women, untreated chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to health problems like ectopic pregnancy or infertility .
  • In men, chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause a painful condition in the tubes attached to the testicles. In rare cases, this may prevent him from being able to have children.
  • Untreated chlamydia or gonorrhea may also increase your chances of getting or giving HIV the virus that causes AIDS.

Chlamydia Signs In Male

“Chlamydia Treatment & Prevention” by

Many men do not discover the signs of chlamydia. A lot of males have no signs at all.

If signs and symptoms do appear, its usually 1 to 3 weeks after transmission.

A few of one of the most common signs and symptoms of chlamydia in males consist of:

  • burning experience during peeing
  • yellow or green discharge from the penis
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen
  • discomfort in the testicles

Its also feasible to obtain a chlamydia infection in the rectum. In this situation, the main signs and symptoms are usually discharge, discomfort, and hemorrhaging from this location.

Having oral sex with someone that has the infection increases the danger of getting chlamydia in the throat. Signs and symptoms can consist of a sore throat, cough, or fever. Its likewise feasible to carry bacteria in the throat as well as not know it. Free Chlamydia Treatment

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At Home Sexually Transmitted Infection Tests

We offer testing kits you can take at home for a range of sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, syphilis and HIV. Test results are confidential and come back in 3 working days. We’ll advise you on next steps.

We offer testing kits you can take at home for a range of sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, syphilis and HIV. Test results are confidential and come back in 3 working days. We’ll advise you on next steps.

Get Tested For Hiv And Stis At Home For Free

Rates of sexually transmitted infections are expected to rise. Know your status with TakeMeHomes free HIV and STI test kits.

April is National STD Awareness Month, so what better time to have one of TakeMeHomes free test kits for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis delivered to your home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline in testing for sexually transmitted infections . Not only did COVID-19 cause many clinics to close, but many of their health care workers also had to redirect their efforts to battling the new pandemic. As a result, experts are predicting a rise in HIV and STI rates. For more about that, see How Coronavirus Shutdown Could Cause an Uptick in HIV Cases.

Even though clinics are now reopening, many people either dont feel safe to return to them or prefer the privacy of their own home for HIV and STI testing. Thanks to, free home testing is available to more people across the country.

NASTAD continues to partner with Building Healthy Online Communities and TakeMeHome on a free HIV and STD test kit home…

Posted by NASTAD on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

To get the word out about the free home test delivery program, TakeMeHome partnered with HIV and sexual health organizations, including NASTAD, which represents HIV and hepatitis health care leaders Building Healthier Online Communities the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

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Am I At Risk For Chlamydia

Anyone who has sex can get chlamydia through unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex. However, sexually active young people are at a higher risk of getting chlamydia. This is due to behaviors and biological factors common among young people. Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men are also at risk since chlamydia can spread through oral and anal sex.

Have an honest and open talk with your health care provider. Ask whether you should be tested for chlamydia or other STDs. If you are a sexually active woman younger than 25 years, you should get a test for chlamydia every year. If you are an older woman with risk factors such as new or multiple sex partners, or a sex partner who has an STD, you should get a test for chlamydia every year. Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men as well as pregnant women should also get tested for chlamydia.

Why Test For Chlamydia

Chlamydia Test

Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection in the UK. It affects both men and women.

It often has no symptoms, so you might not know you have it. The only way to find out is to take a test.

Even if you dont think youve been at risk and you dont have any symptoms, taking a chlamydia test is still a good idea its a simple way to find out how easy it is to get tested.

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More About Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

For women, one of the most serious complications from untreated chlamydia is pelvic inflammatory disease .

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1020% of women with untreated chlamydia and gonorrhea infections may develop PID. And 1 in 8 women with a history of PID experience difficulties getting pregnant. PID can also cause ectopic pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain.

Like chlamydia, it is possible for a woman to have PID and not have any symptoms, or have symptoms too mild to notice, for an unknown period of time. If symptoms do occur, they could include:

  • Dull pain or tenderness in the lower abdomen
  • Burning or pain when you urinate
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased or changed vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sex

When And How Will You Get Your Results

We send results 4 working days after we receive the samples, often sooner. If you have not heard back from us after 5 working days, please call your local service.

You will receive one of two messages:

  • Your test results are all negative. This means that we did not find any infections. Visit to find out how to reduce your risk
  • The results of your tests are available. Please call xxx for more information. Clinic walk-in times are also available on
  • If you receive the second message, this does not necessarily mean you have an STI. Sometimes we need to repeat the tests or ask a couple of questions before we can confirm the results. However, it is important that you call us as soon as you can.

    Reactive results: Occasionally low level reactive results occur, which may be classed as a non-specific positive. If your test result is reactive you will be invited to attend one of our clinics for a confirmatory blood test which will then reveal a negative result or confirm a positive.

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    Does Chlamydia Treatment Have Side Effects

    An antibiotic called Doxycycline is the most common medicine used to treat chlamydia. Like most medicines, it can cause mild side effects. The most common side effects of Doxycycline are nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, loss of appetite, mild diarrhea, skin rash or itching, change in skin color, vaginal itching, or discharge. These side effects should go away after you finish taking the medicine. Talk to your nurse or doctor about any medicines youre already taking and any medical issues you already have before taking Doxycycline.

    Male Difficulties Of Neglected Chlamydia

    “Chlamydia Information: Testing, Symptoms and Treatment” by

    Men can also experience issues when chlamydia is left unattended. The epididymis the tube that holds the testicles in position might come to be swollen, creating pain. This is called epididymitis.

    The infection can likewise infect the prostate gland, creating a high temperature, agonizing intercourse, and discomfort in the lower back. Another feasible complication is male chlamydial urethritis.

    These are just a few of the most common complications of untreated chlamydia, which is why it is necessary to get clinical attention immediately. The majority of people that get treatment swiftly have no long-term clinical issues. Free Chlamydia Treatment

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    Hi there, Im Melissa and welcome to Genier. Im not ashamed to admit that Ive dealt with an STD before and recovered. It was not a pleasant experience but Im glad I got myself tested. If theres one message that you can take away from my site is get tested today! Stay safe.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Stds:

    If youre consideringabortion as a solution to an unexpected pregnancy , its important to be tested for STDs before making a decision. Many women with STDs dont have any symptoms so they dont realize theyre infected. But women who undergo an abortion with an untreated STD are more likely to develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease following the abortion procedure. PID can lead to serious health issues including infertility, ectopic pregnancy, abscess formation and chronic pelvic pain. Make an appointment for free STD testing and treatment.

    Every year in the U.S. there are an estimated 19 million new STD infections and nearly half of all new STD cases occur in people ages 15 to 24. Many of the people who are infected dont experience any symptoms, so they may not know they have an STD. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for contracting an STD. Condom use can reduce but not eliminate your risk of contracting certain STDs. If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to an STD or are experiencing symptoms, make an appointment for free STD testing and treatment.

    Chlamydia is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. Any sexually active person can be infected with Chlamydia. The greater the number of sex partners, the greater the risk of infection. Make an appointmentfor free STD testing & treatment.

    Chlamydia Signs And Symptoms In Females Free Chlamydia Treatment

    Chlamydia is typically referred to as the quiet infection. Thats because people with chlamydia might not experience symptoms in any way.

    If a woman contracts the STI, it may take a number of weeks before any kind of signs show up.

    Some of one of the most typical signs of chlamydia in women consist of:

    • uncomfortable intercourse
    • pain in the reduced abdomen
    • swelling of the cervix
    • bleeding between durations

    In some females, the infection can infect the fallopian tubes, which might trigger a condition called pelvic inflammatory illness .

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    Are Free Chlamydia Tests As Reliable As Paid Ones

    Yes, if they’re done correctly free tests are a safe and reliable method of testing as long as they are carried out properly. In fact, the free test kits in clinics and the paid home test kits are exactly the same. If you get tested for chlamydia in a GP or sexual health clinic, they will either do the test for you or give you clear instructions on how to do it yourself.

    The tests are quite accurate but, its not 100% guaranteed. False test results are usually caused by a mistake when taking the sample or even in the lab. This risk can be lowered if you follow either instructions given by your doctor or on the home test kits.

    What’s makes them less accurate? factors such as drugs or alcohol should not make the result of your chlamydia test less accurate. Being on your period also should not make the result of the test less accurate.

    If you are worried about a false result you can do the chlamydia test twice. If you get two results that are the same, then the result is almost guaranteed to be accurate. If you get tested for chlamydia at a GP or sexual health clinic, however, you are normally only offered one test.


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