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Does Urgent Care Treat Chlamydia

What Happens If I Test Positive

What You Need to Know About Chlamydia

If your screening comes back with a confirmed diagnosis, then the first step is to discuss treatment with your provider. Although an STD diagnosis is never welcomed news, there are steps you can take to improve your sexual health and manage your risks in the future. Many STDs can be effectively treated with medication, so its important that you discuss your options.

The Urgent Care Center of Arlington specializes in the treatment of a number of STDs, including gonorrhea and chlamydia.

What Types Of Std Tests Are There

Some STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, dont have symptoms, but they can still impact health and fertility. Luckily, there are tests available for some of the most common STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. STDs often have symptoms that mirror other diseases, which makes it difficult to diagnose if youre not looking for it specifically.

The best way to find out which types of STD tests you might need is to discuss your symptoms and sexual history with your health care practitioner. Based on this information, theyll be able to recommend the STD tests that make the most sense for you. Dont worry, because its a judgment-free zone!

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High Risk Individuals For Stds

A sexually transmitted infection such as syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, chlamydia, and HIV can catch anyone who is not practicing safe sex or is using common syringes for the administration of drugs.

Hepatitis is a viral infection and can be spread via several modes of transmission, such as unsafe sex. Since this infection is not noticed due to a lack of symptoms during the early stages, it is better to get tested before it is too late. The emergence of warts around the genital area is known as HPV infection which is also common in people who do not exercise any safety precaution during sexual intercourse.

Some STDs can lead to very serious health hazards that can haunt the patient for years. Syphilis infection is spread through direct contact of the wounds while having unprotected sex. The use of condom is a must to prevent the chances of contacting most STDs, including syphilis or gonorrhea.

Symptoms and signs of syphilis in men VA do not appear immediately after the onset of infection but the patient can transmit the pathogen to his partner without knowing that he is a carrier of an STD.

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Can Urgent Care Really Help Me With An Std Test

The short answer is, yes! Many people who are looking for routine or precautionary STD tests visit urgent care facilities instead of a private practice or their primary care physician. Urgent care facilities are a great option if you are concerned that you may have contracted an STD and need to see a physician.

If you are sexually active, it is best practice for you and your partner to receive regular STD tests, even if youre both taking precautionary steps to avoid receiving and transferring STDs. Many STDs spread through body fluids, such as blood, vaginal fluids, or semen. While condoms are 98% effective in preventing transferring STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea that are spread through body fluids, they do not protect against STDs that spread from skin-to-skin contact, like genital warts, herpes, and syphilis. Some STDs hide in plain sight and do not show symptoms, so you may not know you have one. The best thing for you and your partner to do is to get tested once every three to twelve months, depending on your level of sexual activity to ensure that you are STD free.

When Can I Expect My Std Test Results

How Long To Wait After Chlamydia Treatment

As soon as your results are ready, you will be contacted to inform you if you tested positive or negative on your STD test results. These results will be kept securely confidential to respect your privacy. The average time it takes for results from an STD test to come back is three to ten days. That said, the type of test you are receiving will factor into the length of time it takes to get your STD results back. The different types of tests include blood tests, nasal or throat swabs, urine tests, as well as swabs from sores and discharges. In general, blood tests take longer than urine tests and swabs to be analyzed and returned to the patient.

For confidential testing and treatment of several different sexually transmitted diseases and infections, we welcome you to come to Restore Health Urgent Care! If you have any further questions about STD testing and treatment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Do You Provide Std Testing Near Sunnyside Or

Yes, we do! We provide STD testing near you at 9710 SE Washington St suite B, Portland, OR. Were open for you Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and you can come see us for a test without having to make an appointment. If youd prefer to make an appointment, you can do so on our Appointments page or by calling us. Come see Columbia Clinic today for immediate testing and immediate, discreet results.

Typical Timeframe For Results Of Tests:

  • Urine 1-3 days
  • Blood 1-5 days
  • Clinical / Visual Diagnosis by a Physician Sameday

Though it doesnt require a sample, Clinical / Visual diagnosis by a Physician is a very powerful tool and can often diagnose certain STDs without testing or in conjunction with testing.

Some swabs can produce results the sameday.

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What Stds Can You Treat

Most sexually transmitted diseases can be managed and treated, and some can even be cured! At Restore Health Urgent Care, we are proud to provide treatment for every sexually transmitted disease that we test, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2, HIV, and syphilis. If you are curious about the testing and treatment of any other sexually transmitted disease at Restore Health Urgent Care, we welcome you to contact us for more information!

Depending on the sexually transmitted disease that a patient is infected with, treatment will likely consist of oral or topical antibiotics for bacterial or fungal infections and antiviral medication for viral infections. Treatment may also be a daily routine or occur with one appointment.

Urgent Care & Primary Care Practice Located In Arlington Va

At Last! Reliable Treatments For Chlamydia

If youre sexually active, regular STD screenings can help you stay on top of your sexual health. Haroon Rashid, MD and his team at the Urgent Care Center of Arlington offer patients on-site, efficient STD screening. Based in Arlington, Virginia, the team are leading providers of advanced, patient-centered urgent care. To schedule your STD screening, book an appointment by phone or online today or visit the Urgent Care Center of Arlington as a walk-in.

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What You Need To Know About Std Testing At Gohealth Urgent Care

If youre sexually active, getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases/infections is crucial to your overall health. Teens and those under 25 are especially at risk for contracting STDs but anyone who is sexually active is at risk. What many people dont know is that youre not limited to specialty clinics for STD testing in fact, you can just walk into most

How Quickly Does Urgent Care Process Std Tests

An urgent care clinic like ours has an onsite laboratory to test for illnesses and infections, including STDs. This lab provides very accurate diagnoses and quick results. After a short wait, results may be available, but they might take a day or so to be processed. We will notify you as soon as test results are available. Once we have the results of a test, we will share them confidentially with you and, if you request, we can share them with your primary doctor too.

At an urgent care clinic like Columbia Clinic, you can expect discreet testing and absolute confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and it provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. HIPAA regulations ensure your testing and test results will be kept confidential at our urgent care clinic.

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Columbia Clinic Urgent Care Offers Std Testing Near Sunnyside Or Our Std Testing Is Professional Confidential And Thorough Walk In Today Or Book An Appointment Online We Are Conveniently Located At 9710 Se Washington St Suite B Portland Or

If you need discreet STD testing near Sunnyside OR, then come see us today here at Columbia Clinic. We provide a number of different tests, and theyre all done in a confidential environment. And as a walk-in clinic, were available to you for walk-in appointments, so no booking is necessary and you can come see us for testing right away. Those are just some of the benefits of coming to our urgent care clinic for testing, and there many others too!

What Are Some Examples Of Stds

Chlamydia Treatment Online

Chlamydia: This is a bacteria that can infect the reproductive organs, rectum, and throat. It can cause a feeling of burning during urination, abnormal discharge from the genitals, and pain in the reproductive organs.

Gonorrhea: A bacteria that affects the reproductive organs. Symptoms include a burning feeling during urination and discharge from the genital area.

Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B infects the liver and spreads through contact with the blood, body fluids, or open sores of someone already infected. Although easily treated, it can be serious, or even fatal, if left untreated. One of Hep Bs most noticeable symptoms is a yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes. Since symptoms may not show up right away, a blood test is the best way to detect the virus.

Herpes: The herpes simplex virus causes redness and sores on the genital area, thighs, and rectal area, in what are called outbreaks. The virus never goes away, but the bodys immune system is usually able to lessen symptoms and outbreaks.

HIV/AIDS: The human immunodeficiency virus most often spreads through intercourse and sharing of infected needles. HIV attacks the immune system. When a person is first infected, symptoms include swollen glands and flu-like symptoms. HIV can develop into AIDS AIDS causes a wide range of complications that eventually lead to death.

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How Are Stds Treated At Your Urgent Care Center In Havertown

Sexually transmitted diseases caused by bacteria, if caught early, are effectively treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics, however, are not effective against STDs and STIs caused by a virus. Viral infections are challenging to treat and can not always be cured. Instead, using antiviral drugs, they are managed to prevent more severe symptoms. Pregnant women who have risk factors for an STI or STD should be tested immediately. If an infection exists, treatment should also begin immediately to protect a fetus from possible infection.

Does Syphilis Cause Diarrhea

The most common symptoms of syphilis include flat, grayish-white warts around your genitals, mouth, or throat. However, other signs of the infection include diarrhea, headaches, or body aches.

If youre experiencing severe diarrhea or other flu-like symptoms, our Rapid STD Testing10-Panel STD testcan determine if youve contracted an STD that causes diarrhea.

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Std Testing And Treatment

People are often embarrassed about getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. They do not want to ask a primary care doctor to test for diseases, so many choose to go to urgent care. Urgent care offices are discrete, making it easier to get the testing and treatment. Also, people do not need to make an appointment at an urgent care office.

Can I Go To Urgent Care For Std Testing

How long does it take for chlamydia to go away?

There are many urgent care clinics like AFC Urgent Care that provide STD testing. Actually, urgent care can be a much better option over the ER or your primary care physician for testing. This is because urgent care can give you a test right away, same-day, and provide immediate test results, but most physicians cant, and the ER cant either. With AFC Urgent Care, you can get walk-in STD testing with same-day results. And just like your physician is, were bound by confidentiality rules, so you can expect us to be very private about your results. Were also especially understanding with our patients.

The sooner you get tested and get your results, the sooner youll know whether you have an STD and what to do about it. This is why you should get your test done at urgent care. And if it turns out that you do have an STD, urgent care can treat you right away and help you take measures to prevent spreading the STD.

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Where To Get Tested For Stds

FastMed offers STD tests with no appointment needed. We are open with extended hours, making it easy for you to come in at a time that fits your schedule. If you are diagnosed, well recommend the best course of STD treatment. There is no cure for some STDs, but many STDs can be treated with antibiotics or other prescription medications. Treatment can also minimize the chance of spreading an STI to your partner. The next time you find yourself asking Where is there STD testing near me?, find your nearest FastMed location here.

* The content presented on this page is not intended to diagnose health problems or take the place of professional medical care.

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Early Symptoms Of Hiv & Std

If you have any of the following symptoms, walk in to any of our locations throughout Long Island, upstate New York or NYC for STD testing and treatment.
Symptoms of STDs in Women
In women, symptoms of common STDs may include pain or burning during urination, abnormal vaginal discharge, bloody vaginal discharge, pain in the abdomen, spotting, itching, blisters, fever, swollen glands, open sores, and warts. Some STDs, like chlamydia, and gonorrhea cause no symptoms. If your sexual partner has been diagnosed with an STD, testing yourself is vital to prevent complications such as infertility and certain types of cancer.
Symptoms of STDs in Men
Men with STDs may experience discharge from the urethra, pain during urination, inflammation of the testicles or prostate, fever, or sores. Untreated STDs put you at risk for organ failure, infertility, and even brain damage. If you have an STD, your sexual partners are at risk of transmission, so the only way to protect them is to refrain from sexual activity until diagnosis and treatment are completed.

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Symptoms In Women And Men

When chlamydia does cause symptoms, they are usually noticeable within one to three weeks of sexual contact, and vary between women and men.

Symptoms of chlamydia in women include:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Painful periods

Symptoms of chlamydia in men include:

  • Painful urination
  • Pain and swelling around testicles
  • Burning and itching around opening of penis
  • Small amounts of discharge from tip of penis

The Std Tests That Urgent Care Can Do

Chlamydia Signs in Throat &  Mouth

While it will vary considerably from one urgent care center to another, generally, most urgent care centers are equipped to test for some if not all viral and bacterial infections and diseases associated with reproductive organs.

Some urgent care services offer medical tests for the likes of chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, trichomoniasis and hepatitis. They do blood, urine and fluid sample based tests.

These are the same types of tests offered by emergency room or primary care doctors. Getting your results can take anywhere from minutes to days, depending on the test type and whether they can be completed onsite.

An urgent care center can do many STD tests, though for results, some of them may have to send test specimens to a third party lab, which could take extra time.

While results from a pelvic exam or physical exam may be made clear instantaneously, results from the likes of a urine sample or blood sample may have to be sent away if your urgent cares testing services dont include an onsite lab.

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Can I Request To Be Seen By A Female Or Male Doctor

Of course, we will respect all requests to see specific doctors to ensure the comfort of our patients. While walk-in visits are completely acceptable, please be sure to call or message us so that we can prepare arrangements beforehand.

About ?Urgent Medical CareThe Most Convenient Walk In Clinic. Appointments or referrals are not required for immediate medical care. Our emergency care facility is open 7 Days a Week.?

Local Std Testing Treatment & Vaccines

STD testing for herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis and others in Easley, Powdersville, Boiling Springs, Greenwood and Duncan South Carolina. When you are searching for STD testing near me, look no further than AFC Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics. Specifically, we offer STD/STI testing service, diagnosis, treatment and vaccinations at an affordable cost. Above all, our doctors and medical practitioners are sensitive to your needs and concerns. In fact, we offer counseling and confidential testing, results and treatment for STDs and STIs in a judgment free environment.

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Testing & Treatment For Stds

There is not one single STD test that can identify all types of STDs because there are different types of STDs that show up in very different ways. STDs can sometimes be detected through a simple examination. If there are sores or pustules, for example, a doctor will be able to see this and know what it is, or at least order further testing to clarify. Discharge or other tissues may be extracted for further testing. Tests may also require urine, saliva, or blood samples.

If you do test positive for an STD, you want to take the proper steps to get it under control. When ignored, STDs can cause future problems for you, even in regards to something as serious as your fertility. STDs can be obvious or they can be rather discreet, the only way to know for sure is to have an STD test conducted. If you are sexually active you should undergo regular testing to make sure you are STD-free.

Depending on what you are diagnosed with, there may or may not be a cure. For chronic STDs there are treatments available to help decrease your symptoms and help prevent the spread to others.


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