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How To Treat Chlamydia Of The Throat

Antibiotics Are A Highly Effective Cure For Chlamydia Infection

Clinical Pearls for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea

Antibiotics prescribed for chlamydia include:

A single oral dose of Zithromax is the most common treatment. Other drugs may be given in varying doses for a period of up to a week. Most cases of chlamydia clear up within a week after you start on antibiotics.

If you think you have been exposed to chlamydia, Stoner says, see your healthcare provider to receive antibiotic medication to prevent the onset of infection.

The partners of individuals diagnosed with chlamydia will need treatment, too, and in some states they can get it without a doctor visit through a practice called expedited partner therapy, in which the first person treated delivers the treatment to their partner or partners.

Will I Need To Go Back To The Clinic

If you take your antibiotics correctly, you may not need to return to the clinic.

However, you will be advised to go back for another chlamydia test if:

  • you had sex before you and your partner finished treatment
  • you forgot to take your medication or didn’t take it properly
  • your symptoms don’t go away
  • you’re pregnant

If you’re under 25 years of age, you should be offered a repeat test for chlamydia 3 to 6 months after finishing your treatment because you’re at a higher risk of catching it again.

Top 13 Effective Home Remedies For Chlamydia

Due to the high number of infected individuals, home remedies for chlamydia are becoming more popular with each passing year. Almost every year in the United States alone, there are 3 million reported cases of chlamydia. In addition to the reported cases in the United States, statistics show as high as 1 in 6 people worldwide contract the sexually transmitted disease. These high numbers lead to more and more herbal remedies used as a healthy alternative to ease symptoms and even cure the disease. Not only are natural treatments highly effective, they are gentle on the body and usually do not come with side effects, like an antibiotic does. If you have found that you have tested positive for chlamydia, these remedies will enable you to have an effective treatment and quick recovery.

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If you get chlamydial infection during pregnancy, your baby will also be infected with a severe pulmonary infection or serious eye infection. You can treat chlamydia easily, but the most important thing is to treat it thoroughly. Without treatment, chlamydia will make it difficult for you to get pregnant. If you suspect your partner or partner is infected with chlamydia, see your doctor immediately. In addition to infertility, chlamydia can cause other complications, such as:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease : PID occurs when bacteria spread, causing infection of the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. PID can lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy or chronic pelvic pain.
  • Cystitis: This condition occurs when the bladder is inflamed.
  • Prostate inflammation: This condition occurs when the prostate is swollen.
  • Reiter syndrome: This syndrome includes arthritis, red eyes and urinary tract abnormalities.
  • Other infectious diseases: Infections can affect the urethral mucosa in men, rectal mucosa or the eyes.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Chlamydia?

When the disease is in early stage, rarely the disease has any signs and symptoms. In general, most cases of Chlamydia have no symptoms but are usually only detected through screening, which is why screening for disease is very important. Some symptoms of the disease include:

What’s The Treatment For Chlamydia

Chlamydia Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

Chlamydia is treated with antibiotics. If you take the treatment according to instructions, its over 95% effective at treating chlamydia.

  • Youll be given a course of antibiotics for 3 or 7 days or sometimes up to two weeks.
  • If theres a high chance you have chlamydia, treatment may be started before the results of the test are back. Youll always be given treatment if a sexual partner is found to have chlamydia.
  • You may also need other treatment if complications have occurred.
  • Tell the doctor or nurse if youre pregnant, or think you might be, or youre breastfeeding. This may affect the type of antibiotic youre given.
  • Complementary therapies cant cure chlamydia.

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Management Of Sex Partners

Sex partners should be referred for evaluation, testing, and presumptive treatment if they had sexual contact with the partner during the 60 days preceding the patients onset of symptoms or chlamydia diagnosis. Although the exposure intervals defining identification of sex partners at risk are based on limited data, the most recent sex partner should be evaluated and treated, even if the time of the last sexual contact was > 60 days before symptom onset or diagnosis.

Does Chlamydia Cause Cervical Cancer

No, chlamydia doesn’t cause cervical cancer.

It’s possible to get a sexually transmitted infection by having sex with someone who has an STI, even if they have no symptoms.

The following measures will help protect you from most STIs including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV.

If you have an STI, they’ll also help prevent you from passing it on to someone:

  • Avoid sharing sex toys. If you do share them, wash them or cover them with a new condom before anyone else uses them.

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How Do You Get Chlamydia In The Mouth And Throat

There are some myths out there about how you can contract sexually transmitted diseases, so to put your mind at ease we have detailed some instances in which you will not contract chlamydia.

It is not possible to contact chlamydia through:

  • Sharing toiletries

Chlamydia may be passed on by:

  • Receiving oral sex from someone who has an infection in their mouth or throat.
  • Giving oral sex to someone who has an infection of the genitals
  • Sharing sex toys with an infected partner

The most common way to get chlamydia in the mouth or throat is through giving someone oral sex who has genital chlamydia. These instances include:

Taking a test is a sure way of identifying whether a person has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. We have a selection of tests that will help identify potential infections, you can buy each one online and take our test in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

How Long Does It Take Throat Chlamydia To Go Away

Sexual Health – Chlamydia (Male)

Once a person begins treatment for throat chlamydia, the symptoms will generally being to ease over a period of several days. If you are diagnosed with chlamydia but your sexual partner has not been, it is important to take precautions to avoid spreading the infection. Generally, chlamydia will go away in about 5-7 days with antibiotic treatment, but if the symptoms persist after a week it is important for a person to follow up with their doctor to be retested.

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Is Chlamydia Treatable

Both oral chlamydia and genital chlamydia are treatable and curable. However, untreated chlamydia can often lead to serious health problems and complications.

For women specifically, chlamydia can cause permanent damage to the reproductive system, which can, as a result, cause infertility issues and even ectopic pregnancies. If a woman is pregnant, it is also possible for her to spread the infection to her child during birth.

Symptoms of chlamydia for women are similar to those of a UTI or cervicitis. These symptoms may present as pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, and swelling of the cervix. Women also have a high risk for reinfection when their infected sex partners have not been appropriately treated for chlamydia.

What Is Oral Chlamydia

Oral chlamydia is a chlamydia infection that is found in the mouth or throat. It can potentially occur after having oral sex with an infected partner. Most cases of chlamydia, including those that occur in the throat, do not have any symptoms. Although genital chlamydia infections are far more common, its important to seek treatment if you get oral chlamydia and take steps to prevent chlamydia infections in the throat.

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How Can I Prevent Catching Oral Chlamydia

There are risk factors that increase your chances of getting chlamydia. These include:

  • Being sexually active and under age 25
  • Having multiple sexual partners
  • Having a history of sexually transmitted infection

There are certain steps you can take to prevent catching oral chlamydia including:

  • Talking to your sexual partner about their sexual health
  • Using barrier methods, such as condoms, during each encounter
  • Having a regular sexual health check or STI tests, especially if you have unprotected sex with a new partner

The recurrence rate of chlamydia is particularly high. This makes it even more important to practice safe oral sex and prevent future infections.

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Is Throat Chlamydia Contagious

What are the Causes of Chlamydia in Men?

Chlamydia of the throat is just as contagious as any other infection. If someone has oral chlamydia and has oral sex with another person it risks spreading the disease around. When someone has chlamydia of the throat, it is best to avoid oral and genital sex altogether, until the infection has been treated by a doctor and eliminated by antibiotic medication.

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What Are The Complications Of Oral Chlamydia

Untreated pharyngeal chlamydia could potentially infect a sexual partner. This could cause the sexual partner to experience genital symptoms, like vaginal discharge, urethral discharge, and a burning sensation while urinating. It also increases the chances of the chlamydia infection spreading back to you, infecting other parts of your body.

Untreated genital chlamydia that spreads can cause serious complications like infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease , urethritis, and epididymitis. It can also lead to an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy outside of the uterusthis condition is a medical emergency and may even cause death.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Pharyngeal Chlamydia

In the majority of cases, pharyngeal chlamydia is asymptomatic. If it does cause symptoms, they usually include sore throat or an uncomfortable feeling in the throat. However, the CDC does not consider pharyngeal chlamydia to be an important cause of pharyngitis . More likely causes include viral infections, strep throat, allergies, reflux, and others .

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Infant Pneumonia Caused By C Trachomatis

Chlamydial pneumonia among infants typically occurs at age 13 months and is a subacute pneumonia. Characteristic signs of chlamydial pneumonia among infants include a repetitive staccato cough with tachypnea and hyperinflation and bilateral diffuse infiltrates on a chest radiograph. In addition, peripheral eosinophilia occurs frequently. Because clinical presentations differ, all infants aged 13 months suspected of having pneumonia, especially those whose mothers have a history of, are at risk for , or suspected of having a chlamydial infection should be tested for C. trachomatis and treated if infected.

Diagnostic Considerations

Specimens for chlamydial testing should be collected from the nasopharynx. Tissue culture is the definitive standard diagnostic test for chlamydial pneumonia. Nonculture tests can be used. DFA is the only nonculture FDA-cleared test for detecting C. trachomatis from nasopharyngeal specimens however, DFA of nasopharyngeal specimens has a lower sensitivity and specificity than culture. NAATs are not cleared by FDA for detecting chlamydia from nasopharyngeal specimens, and clinical laboratories should verify the procedure according to CLIA regulations . Tracheal aspirates and lung biopsy specimens, if collected, should be tested for C. trachomatis.


Erythromycin base or ethylsuccinate 50 mg/kg body weight/day orally divided into 4 doses daily for 14 days

Azithromycin suspension 20 mg/kg body weight/day orally, 1 dose daily for 3 days

Male Complications Of Unattended Chlamydia

Sexual Health – Chlamydia (Female)

Male can likewise experience difficulties when chlamydia is left neglected. The epididymis television that holds the testicles in place may end up being swollen, causing discomfort. This is called epididymitis.

The infection can additionally spread to the prostate gland, creating a high temperature, painful sexual intercourse, and also discomfort in the lower back. Another feasible difficulty is male chlamydial urethritis.

These are simply some of one of the most usual complications of unattended chlamydia, which is why it is necessary to get medical attention right away. Most people who get therapy quickly have no lasting clinical issues. How To Treat Chlamydia In The Throat

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Hi there, Im Melissa and welcome to Genier. Im not ashamed to admit that Ive dealt with an STD before and recovered. It was not a pleasant experience but Im glad I got myself tested. If theres one message that you can take away from my site is get tested today! Stay safe.

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What Is The Treatment For Oral Chlamydia

Oral chlamydia is treated with the antibiotics, azithromycin or doxycycline. Doxycycline is the recommended treatment as it is more effective. Chlamydia antibiotics come as oral tablets or pills that are swallowed with water.

It is important that you use chlamydia treatment if you have tested positive. According to the NHS, more than 95% of chlamydia cases are curable if the medication is taken correctly. These antibiotics work by slowing or stopping bacterial growth and this cures the infection, reducing the risk of transmission.

If you are diagnosed with chlamydia of the throat, you should wait until you finish your prescribed dose and your symptoms have completely gone before engaging in sexual activity.

Do not stop your course of antibiotics early, even if your symptoms improve or go away. This could cause the infection to come back.

Prognosis For Throat Chlamydia:

Chlamydia is an infection which is easily treated through antibiotics, either in a single dose or a course which can last up to two weeks. Once treated, chlamydia will not return unless a person picks up a new infection. If untreated, chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in women and in men it can cause infertility and in some instances, it can result in Reiters syndrome. If you suspect you have contracted chlamydia, it is important to see your doctor for testing and treatment as soon as possible.

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Chlamydia Symptoms In Guy

Several men dont discover the symptoms of chlamydia. The majority of guys have no signs and symptoms whatsoever.

If symptoms do show up, its normally 1 to 3 weeks after transmission.

A few of one of the most usual symptoms of chlamydia in guys include:

  • melting feeling during peeing
  • pain in the lower abdomen
  • pain in the testicles

Its additionally feasible to get a chlamydia infection in the rectum. In this situation, the primary signs are frequently discharge, pain, and bleeding from this area.

Having oral sex with someone who has the infection elevates the risk of obtaining chlamydia in the throat. Signs can consist of a sore throat, coughing, or high temperature. Its additionally feasible to bring bacteria in the throat and also not know it. How To Treat Chlamydia In The Throat

How Do You Get Chlamydia

STD Pictures : STD Identifier for male and female to be stress free

Rarely, you can get chlamydia by touching your eye if you have infected fluids on your hand. Chlamydia can also be spread to a baby during birth if the mother has it.

Chlamydia isnt spread through casual contact, so you CANT get chlamydia from sharing food or drinks, kissing, hugging, holding hands, coughing, sneezing, or sitting on the toilet.

Using condoms and/or dental dams every time you have sex is the best way to help prevent chlamydia.

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How Do I Know If I Have Chlamydia

If you suspect you have chlamydia, your doctor may want to test cervical or penile discharge or urine using one of several available methods.

In most cases of chlamydia, the cure rate is 95%. However, because many women dont know they have the disease until it has caused serious complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually active women under age 25 and others at higher risk should be tested for chlamydia once a year during their annual pelvic exam even if they dont have symptoms.

Pregnant women should also be tested as part of their routine lab work.

Symptoms Of Oral Chlamydia

Most of the time, people with oral chlamydia do not have any symptoms. The only major one they may have is a sore throat, which can be confused with any number of other conditions from allergies and colds to strep throat and acid reflux.

When symptoms of oral chlamydia do develop, they often include:

Chlamydia can take anywhere from one to three weeks after sexual contact to develop, which is another reason why many don’t make the connection between their symptoms and this infection.

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How To Prevent Oral Chlamydia

Abstinence is the only way to completely avoid oral chlamydia. Barring that, you can lower your risk by reducing your number of sex partners.

Using condoms or dental dams consistently can also reduce the risk of either passing or getting an STD like chlamydia. This not only include external condoms but also internal condoms.

If you don’t have a dental dam, you can simply cut a condom lengthwise and open it flat.


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