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Get A Free Chlamydia Testing Kit

Get Tested For Hiv And Stis At Home For Free

“I Know” Home Test Kit for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Rates of sexually transmitted infections are expected to rise. Know your status with TakeMeHomes free HIV and STI test kits.

April is National STD Awareness Month, so what better time to have one of TakeMeHomes free test kits for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis delivered to your home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline in testing for sexually transmitted infections . Not only did COVID-19 cause many clinics to close, but many of their health care workers also had to redirect their efforts to battling the new pandemic. As a result, experts are predicting a rise in HIV and STI rates. For more about that, see How Coronavirus Shutdown Could Cause an Uptick in HIV Cases.

Even though clinics are now reopening, many people either dont feel safe to return to them or prefer the privacy of their own home for HIV and STI testing. Thanks to TakeMeHome.org, free home testing is available to more people across the country.

NASTAD continues to partner with Building Healthy Online Communities and TakeMeHome on a free HIV and STD test kit home…

Posted by NASTAD on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

To get the word out about the free home test delivery program, TakeMeHome partnered with HIV and sexual health organizations, including NASTAD, which represents HIV and hepatitis health care leaders Building Healthier Online Communities the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

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How Do I Know If I Should Get Tested

If you are sexually active or engaging in activities that have the potential to increase your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease like sharing needles, you should get tested.

In fact, according to the , Getting tested for STDs is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health.

What Does Reactive Mean And Why Do I Need To Have Another Test

In order to make testing at home as easy as possible, SH:24 uses a finger prick test and collects a small blood sample in the micro-container. The micro-container is the name of the little bottle you collect your blood sample in. When the sample reaches the laboratory they do a screening test to look for the presence of HIV antibodies. If this is positive, they repeat the screening test. If it is positive a second time the test is called reactive. This means it looks like HIV is present but it has not been confirmed.

It is not possible to confirm a positive result on the micro-container sample this is because of the sensitivity and specificity of the test . So a reactive result may be a true positive but it may also be a false positive. This is why all reactive test results need to be referred into clinic for further blood tests before an HIV positive diagnosis can be made.

An HIV-negative result can be confidently given on the small blood sample we send to the lab. This is because the test is very sensitive and we dont expect any false negatives as long as the test has been done after the window period of the test .

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Std Panel Test Providers

Exclusive price


Worried about your sexual health but you dont want to visit a clinic? LetsGetChecked offers quick, reliable tests with online results in 2-5 days. If required you can start treatment with medication provided at no additional charge. Free shipping & 24/7 support. Get 30% off with discount code: GOODRX.

Test location: Clinic

Best For Quick Results: Stdcheckcom

Our Chlamydia Test Kits  Freetest.me


Type of Testing: Lab-based testing

STI Tests Available: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, early HIV, Hepatitis A, B & C

Time to Receive Results: 1 to 2 days

Cost:$24 to $349

With STDCheck.com you choose which STI tests youre interested in and order them online or by phone. That order is then sent to a lab near you, where you provide a urine and/or blood sample. This company has an option for HIV tests that can detect a new infection, and they also provide in-depth information about each STI they test for. You can use an FSA or HSA card to pay for these tests. A doctor is also available for you to consult with by phone.

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What Is An Std

An STD is a medical condition that is spread through sexual contact. Sometimes, sexually transmitted diseases are referred to as sexually transmitted infections or STIs. There are a number of STIs that can be transmitted through oral, vaginal or anal intercourse. Common STIs include genital herpes, human papillomavirus , chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis C. You can help reduce your risk of contracting an STD by using condoms during sex.

Data Security And Privacy

Within minutes of the message being sent to your partner their mobile number is deleted from our database. If they choose to place an order with SH:24, their order is treated like any new order. There is no reference on our clinical system that they are a referral due to partner notification and they will not be associated with you or your order.

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What Is An Std And An Sti

STIs are infections that are transmitted from one person to another during vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

An STI is only considered an STD a disease when it causes symptoms. Usually, an infection is the first step on the road to potentially developing a disease, but it hasnt yet turned into disease and often doesnt cause any symptoms.

Not all diseases start out as infections. But in the case of STDs, they do.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , 1 in 5 people in the United States had an STD or STI on any given day in 2018.

Although common, most people dont realize they have an STI because the majority of STIs cause no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

  • abdominal pain

Vaginal discharge can also signify something is wrong.

It is important to note that while most STIs are contracted through vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse, some can be transmitted through non-sexual means, such as blood transfusions and shared intravenous products like needles and syringes.

As such, it is important that you are tested frequently and regularly.

How To Test For Chlamydia

Getting tested for Chlamydia

You can use an at-home chlamydia test or get tested at a clinic. A chlamydia test kit like the Everlywell test requires a urine sample you collect with materials included with the kit. You then send the sample to a lab and get secure, online results a few days later. Screening at a clinic may require a urine sample or oral and/or rectal samples collected with a swab . How you get your results will depend on the clinic you go to.

Hereâs how to test for chlamydia at home using the Everlywell Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test kit:

  • Register your kit online. Use the unique ID included inside your kit and go to www.everlywell.com/register. Write your date of birth and the sample collection date on the transport tube provided by the kit.
  • Collect your sample by urinating into the specimen collection cup thatâs included with the kit.
  • Use the pipette to place the sample into a transport tube, and put the tube into the biohazard bag .
  • Place the bag into the shipping envelope , apply the prepaid shipping label, and place your envelope in the mail. Your sample will then arrive at a laboratory, where it will be analyzed for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  • Just days later, youâll be notified that your results are ready. You can privately view your results online on our secure platform.

Taking a chlamydia test at home is a great way to skip the trip to your doctorâs office âand, instead, check for chlamydial infections from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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Who Can Use This Service

You can order an STI self-test kit online if:

  • you are 18 or older
  • you live in an area covered by Oxfordshire County Council .
  • you have no symptoms or other concerns

You will be asked a series of questions to check which STI kit is best for you. We can provide kits whatever your sexuality and gender identity. We sometimes might need to contact you first, just to check your exact needs and make sure the right kit is sent. If you have any worries, it is always best to book a telephone consultation to discuss these.

How Do Std Tests Work

Home STD testing kits typically screen for one or more STDs using a urine sample, a blood sample or both types of samples. After the sample is collected, you package it and send it away to a laboratory using an envelope included in the kit. Results are either published anonymously online or provided over the phone or through the mail. You can read the product descriptions to find out more about what’s involved with each of the testing kits in this product selection. Make sure to take note of which STDs the kit can detect.

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Doing The Sh: 24 Blood Test

These top tips are from people who have completed the test kit in the past.

To help you prepare:

  • Relax and be patient and if youre nervous, ask someone to help you
  • Watch the instruction video and read the instruction leaflet
  • Tie long hair back and take off any scarves or jewellery that could get in your way
  • Lay the test kit items and your two tissues on a clean, flat surface below your waist.

To help blood flow:

  • Take a hot shower or bath, or hold your hand under warm water for a few minutes,
  • Stay standing and keep your arm straight with your hand below your waist
  • Aim for the middle of the tip of your finger, not too close to your fingernail
  • Push lancet down hard against your finger
  • Wipe the first dot of blood away with a clean tissue to stop the blood congealing
  • If your finger dries up, wait a while, warm up your hand, use another finger and make sure you press the lancet down hard against your finger.

Some Of The Best Home Chlamydia Tests

China Rapid Free Chlamydia Test Kit

Below, we look at some testing options for individuals to consider. People can take several of the tests at home, whereas others require a lab visit.Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Testing Information In Community Languages

It’s important to test if you have any symptoms that may be due to an STI but also if you’ve had a change in sexual partner or a partner has had an STI. Often people with STIs have no symptoms so it is always worth being tested if there has been a risk of infection and you haven’t tested recently.

  • pain when you pass urine
  • itching, burning or tingling around the genitals
  • new discharge from the genitals or anus
  • blisters, sores, spots or lumps around the genitals or anus
  • bleeding between periods or after sex
  • pain during sex
  • rash over the body with flu like symptoms

If you have symptoms or had contact with an infection it is important to be seen as soon as possible. Please call us on 0141 211 8130 to make an appointment.

If you dont have symptoms it can sometimes be better to wait to test as it can take some time for your body to show signs of infection for our tests to find. Please consider the information below before taking a test. If it’s done too early it may not be accurate.

  • It can take two weeks after sex, for chlamydia and gonorrhoea to show up on a test
  • An HIV test is highly accurate 45 days after sex
  • Syphilis can take up to 12 weeks to show up on a test after sex

If you are worried about the risk of HIV exposure in the last 72 hours please ring us on 0141 211 8130 as you may need treatment, PEP, to prevent infection.

HIV and Syphilis is tested for by taking a blood sample

How To Choose The Right Test For You

With dozens of at-home testing kits available, it can be hard to choose the right test. After all, what does a good at-home STD testing kit look like? What should it entail? What do you need?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your needs will vary, depending on your situation and circumstances. Whats more, they may change over time.

Use this chart to help determine which test is right for you.

Your situation

You should also make sure a test is approved by the Food and Drug Administration . To determine if a product is FDA approved, check the FDAs website.

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Anything Else I Should Know

Chlamydia is spread through any form of unsafe sex. So if your test shows that you have chlamydia, its really important that you let your sexual partners know that you have it, as they may have it too. Your current sexual partner and any recent partners should all get tested and treated.

The staff at the clinic can get in touch with your partners confidentially if youre not up to it.

To make sure that you don’t re-infect each other, you must not have any sex or share sex toys with your partner until seven days after you have both completed your treatment.

Re-test after six weeks to confirm that treatment has been successful and that the test result was accurate.

If your original test was positive its also important to get a repeat test after three months. We will contact you to remind you.

Where Can I Get Tested For Chlamydia

Free home STD test kits being offered by county

You can get tested for chlamydia and other STDs at your doctors office, a community health clinic, the health department, or your local Planned Parenthood health center. In some states, you can do an online visit and take a chlamydia test at home.

STD testing isnt always part of your regular checkup or gynecologist exam you have to ask for it. Be open and honest with your nurse or doctor so they can help you figure out which tests you may need. Dont be embarrassed: Your doctor is there to help, not to judge.

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Getting Your Test Results

Every test kit has to be sent back to the lab for analysis. Theres a grey freepost return envelope included. Your details will not appear on any of the samples or the freepost envelope, as SH:24 is completely confidential.

They will keep you updated by text message. SH:24 will send a text when your test kit has been dispatched to you and when the lab receives your samples.

SH:24 will text you your test results as soon as possible always within seven days. If you do have an infection, they will advise you of how to get treatment and further support.

Question 4 Of : Can You Test For Stis At Home

  • 1Yes, you can pick up a testing kit from your local pharmacy. You can use an at-home test kit for certain STIs including HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. You can buy a testing kit from your local pharmacy and collect a sample. Then, you mail it off to a lab for analysis. Theyll contact you to tell you your results once theyre in.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
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    Where To Order Home Sti And Std Tests

    Credit: Kamal Hamid – Flickr

    One of the main reasons people are put off getting an STI test is the stress and hassle of going to your GP or local sexual health clinic. But, the good news is you can now test for some STIs from home.

    As part of our useful resources for students, we’ve put together a list of some of the main STI home testing services available. Some are free but others aren’t, so make sure to check the eligibility criteria carefully before ordering an at-home STD test:

    Chlamydia Test For Women

    Chlamydia Test

    Ladies, your Chlamydia same day home test kit is a swab test. It comes with detailed instructions to ensure that youve properly collected the sample. Wipe the cotton swab across the sampling area and put it in the tube. Dont forget to wash your hands before taking the sample.

    After youve collected your sample, put it in the freepost envelope, which is included in the test kit, and send it to the laboratory for analysis. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone, they are completely confidential. Also, your results should arrive within the couple of days. You can get a rid of chlamydia without visiting doctor.

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    How To Get Free Or Inexpensive Sti Testing

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    Lets face ittheres nothing fun about having an STI. If you arent sure whether or not you have one, getting a test can help ease your mind. Even if you do have an STI, a test can help you confirm what you have so you can treat it. The good news is it doesnt have to cost you an arm and a leg to get a test. Many clinics and organizations offer free or inexpensive tests. Dont worry, you have options.


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