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At Home Chlamydia Test Instant Results

What Other Stis Should I Get Tested For

how to do chlamydia testing at home

Better2Knows instant Chlamydia test can be combined with instants tests for a variety of other STIs including: HIV, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Herpes 1 and 2. This will provide a more comprehensive picture of your sexual health. If you are unsure which instant STI testing option to select, Better2Knows Patient Services team are highly trained to help you select the instant test or screen you need.

Why Should You Go For Chlamydia Testing

Chlamydia is a dangerous disease and is very common among those who are sexually active. Finding symptoms of this disease is very tedious and it usually takes more time to figure out this disease. If the disease is diagnosed at early stages then it can be cured. If you are afraid to visit doctor then you can buy some at-home Chlamydia test kit. It will be you anonymous result that nobody can see.

Free Chlamydia Postal Test Kits

Chlamydia is very common, affects the 15-24 age group the most, and often goes untreated as it can have no symptoms.

Testing for chlamydia is really easy: it just involves peeing in a pot or taking a swab and you can order a postal test kit online.

Our online service is free and confidential, which means we wont share any details about your test. Youll get your results back within 10 working days, straight to your phone.

Chlamydia can be treated very easily by taking a course of antibiotics. However if left untreated it can seriously affect your health in a number of ways:

  • It can cause infertility .
  • It can cause reactive arthritis which affects your joints this can be painful and cause long-term joint problems.

Find out if youre eligible by entering your details on our order page. You need to be 16 or older to use this online ordering service. Were currently able to offer this service in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Milton Keynes, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk.

If you live in certain areas youll also be offered a test for gonorrhoea.

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When Should I Test And Retest

Even if you suspect recent sexual activity might have exposed you to infection, these diseases have different incubation periods and window periods. Timing your test with these in mind will help you get the most accurate results.

  • An incubation period is the time between infection and when symptoms begin.
  • Window periods are the time between the initial infection and when a test will produce a positive result.

Window periods are the most important consideration when it comes to testing and transmission to others. You can get an accurate test result for some STDs if you take the test a week after a particular sexual encounter, but other STDs require more time before your test will be useful.

Its also important for some STDs to perform confirmation tests and retest after treatment to make sure your course of treatment successfully clears away the infection.

The chart below outlines minimum window periods for common STDs and indicates which ones require a retest after treatment. Some testing methods may detect infections before others, but that increased speed often comes at the expense of accuracy. You should follow these guidelines and take the best test you can find.

How To Use Instant Chlamydia Test Kit

Fast And Accurate Result Chlamydia Rapid Home Test Kit ...

The best way to use your instant Chlamydia test kit safely is just to make sure the kit is sealed and has no damage. The package is still intact and within the expiring date. You just need to follow the instruction to test your saliva or blood. Once you take an sample, check the output of the kit. Compare that with the given standard measurement to find whether you have Chlamydia in your mouth or not. Always consult your doctor for direction. With this few examples, you will not become a victim to your own STD.

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What If I Test Positive

Chlamydia is a curable infection and can be treated effectively with a short course of antibiotics. If your test is reactive, your Better2Know doctor will provide you with a prescription for the medication you require, at no further cost. We can also arrange a doctors consultation, wherever you are in the Middle East.

If you are concerned that you may have a Chlamydia infection in the throat or rectum, Better2Know can also provide oral or rectal swab testing, though these results will take a little longer. You may instead opt to show the results to your own doctor or sexual healthcare provider.

Testing For Stds At Home Vs In A Lab

Yes, you now can test reliably for all STDs either at home or in a lab. Not only are these testing options more convenient than in the past, but theyre also highly discreet and accurate.

So how should you choose between testing at home or testing in a lab? The choice is partly about personal preference and comfort, though there are situations in which we advise an in-lab testing experience. Here is a handy chart to help you decide.

Presenting with sores or lesions Yes

As you can see, there are certain situations in which in-lab testing is ideal. Testing a lesion in the genital region for herpes is more reliable than any serological blood test will be, even though the latter is still incredibly accurate. Note that no at-home company offers every single test out there. Below, well get into each potential test type and let you know where you can get it.

Relying on a professional to conduct the test in a lab can still be useful. Even though at-home test kits use the same methods with comparable accuracy, you may prefer to have the test administered in a lab if theres a nagging voice in the back of your mind that doesnt entirely trust you to collect your sample.

If you decide to test in a lab setting, our top recommended provider is STDcheck .

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Best Chlamydia Home Test Kit

There are millions of test kit trending online and offline, but I will love to suggest the best test kit you will go for. I suggest you visit or I have confirmed their confidentiality. Before you order for a Home test Kit, you only need to search for those that provides these things:

  • Food and drug administration must approve it and those who follow all federal and state government testing guidelines.
  • You have to make sure their test meets and exceed all Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments standards, in which it govern all clinical lab testing performed in the United States.
  • Those who have a complete confidentiality, and make you test to be more secure than any other thing.
  • Those who gives room for the entire 10-Test panel, it will be tested for free, someone may come for a Chlamydia testing and also will be tested for HIV, syphilis, or gonorrhea.
  • Go for Those who gives you Convenient Testing Locations and Hours
  • Make sure they provide instruction to read test result accurately.
  • I am so sure that these two names I mentioned will provide you with all these fixtures.

    Why Getting Tested For Chlamydia Is Important

    STD Chlamydia home test

    The only sure way of finding out if you are chlamydia positive is to undergo a Chlamydia test. If you are sexually active and have multiple partners, getting tested for chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases is extremely important. An untreated infection can create serious complications in both men and women.

    Getting tested for chlamydia is not at all difficult. All you have to do is visit the nearest STD testing facility and get tested for a wide range of sexually transmitted infections, including chlamydia. The testing is done using a swab or a urine sample . Reputed STD testing centers offer immediate chlamydia test results, often within a few hours.

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    When Is It Ordered


    Because many infected people do not have any noticeable symptoms, a number of health organizations recommend regular chlamydia screening for certain people:


    All sexually active women younger than age 25 and sexually active women age 25 and older who are at increased risk should get yearly screening for chlamydia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists . The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the American Academy of Pediatrics also recommend routine screening for these women .

    Examples of risk factors for chlamydia infection include:

  • Previous chlamydia infections, even if you have been treated
  • Having STDs, especially HIV
  • Having new or multiple sex partners
  • Having a sex partner diagnosed with an STD
  • Using condoms inconsistently
  • Exchanging sex for money or drugs
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Living in a detention facility
  • For pregnant women, the CDC recommends screening for chlamydia during the first trimester or first prenatal visit. For women younger than age 25 or at increased risk of infection, testing is repeated in the third trimester. Pregnant women diagnosed with chlamydia should be retested about 3 months after completing treatment.


    Chlamydia testing may also be done when your sex partner has been diagnosed with chlamydia or when you have signs and symptoms of chlamydia.

    For women, if symptoms occur, they may include:

    For men, symptoms may include:

    What Type Of Symptoms Should You Look For

    This is where things can get tricky!

    One of the most notorious facts people are confronted with when they search for chlamydia testing near me is the fact that the infection will often not produce any noticeable symptoms. The problem is that this can cause people to never even realise they have the infection, causing it to fester and cause long-term complications while they unwittingly continue spreading it.

    Naturally, the earlier you get a referral for an online chlamydia test the earlier you can detect the infection and get it appropriately treated with antibiotics. Remember you can still transmit it even if you show no symptoms.

    When symptoms do manifest it is normally several weeks following exposure. If you require a doctor certificate for sick leave make an appointment with one of our online doctors today.

    Men and women can often experience symptoms of this infection differently. If you experience any of the following symptoms you should seek out chlamydia testing by talking to one of our doctors via video call.


    • Irregular bleeding in-between menstrual cycles
    • Pain and bleeding during or following intercourse
    • Pain, discomfort and burning when urinating
    • More frequent need to urinate
    • ain or cramping in the lower abdominal area or pelvis


    • Pain, discomfort and burning when urinating
    • Watery or mucus-like discharge from the tip of the penis
    • Swollen testicles that are sore, usually one of the two

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    Over The Counter Std Test Walgreens

    They have over the counter std test kits at CVS or Walgreens, and they usually have home kits at Walmart and Rite Aid as well. There are some pros and cons of buying kits at those places.


    They are usually the cheapest std test option

    you do it yourself from home, so you don’t have to be embarrassed going to your regular doctor


    Test Yourself For Chlamydia

    Pin on Chlamydia Test Kit

    Peace of mind is available, so get tested. You should get tested for chlamydia if you are sexually active, especially if you have multiple partners or are pregnant. Just as important as you getting tested is asking your partners to get tested as well. Get tested for chlamydia and other STDs with each new partner and to use protection until, and even after, test results are known. Your safety is important. By being informed, you can take steps to reduce your risk of getting chlamydia.

    Testing for chlamydia may consist of a urine test, or swabbing the penis / vagina, and should include both an oral and anal screening, if there has been oral/anal contact during sex.

    MyLAB Box offers an at home chlamydia + gonorrhea home test.

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    Extragenital Symptoms Of Chlamydia

    Standard STD exams from a clinic often only check the genital area, but ignoring rectal and oral screenings can leave a major portion of the infected population undiagnosed. For instance, if you have had oral or anal sex, a standard genital test wont detect a chlamydia infection in your throat or rectum.

    The Accuracy Of Rapid Std Tests

    Not all rapid tests are created equal. Some have higher sensitivity and specificity than others.

    Sensitivity is the ability of a test to correctly identify those with the disease .

    Specificity is a tests ability to correctly identify those who do not have the disease .

    When testing during acute infection, rapid STD tests offer the average sensitivity and specificity:

    • Gonorrhea: 86% sensitivity and 97% specificity
    • Syphilis: 85% sensitivity and 91% specificity
    • Chlamydia: 86% sensitivity and 97% specificity
    • Hepatitis B: 97% sensitivity and 99% specificity
    • Human papillomavirus : 87% sensitivity and 94% specificity
    • Herpes simplex: 93% sensitivity and 99.9% specificity
    • HIV : 92% sensitivity and 99% specificity

    Unfortunately, a lower sensitivity rate translates to an increased risk of a false negative result, meaning that a person is given the all-clear when they are actually infected. For perspective, the 92% sensitivity rate of the currently available at-home HIV test translates to one false negative out of every 15 tests.

    This is why certain bacterial diseases are more accurately diagnosed with a culture rather than a rapid test.

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    When Can I Get Tested

    At Better2Know, we can arrange your STI test or screen around your busy schedule. Instant Chlamydia testing with Better2Know is available at just 14 days of incubation. This is the time between potential exposure to Chlamydia and your STI test. This recommended period of incubation ensures the highest levels of accuracy for your instant Chlamydia test.

    Online Doctor Sti Tests

    How to use an iCare Chlamydia test kit – by LT Labs

    Our Online Doctor service can offer discreet advice and treatment for a number of STIs without the need for a face-to-face appointment. It you are prescribed a treatment you can either have it delivered to you by next day delivery or you can pick it up at participating LloydsPharmacy stores the same day . If you test positive for chlamydia when using one of Online Doctors tests, their clinicians can prescribe you FREE and discreet treatment.

    To find out more about our service and how you can start your confidential consultation .

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    Best For Test Options: Persona Labs

    Persona Labs

    Use code Very10 for 10% off your purchase.

    Type of Testing: Lab-based testing

    STD Tests Available: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, HIV, HIV-related, Hepatitis A, B & C, herpesvirus, Epstein-Barr virus, human t-cell lymphotropic virus

    Time to Receive Results:2 to 10 business days

    Cost:$46 to $522

    This site offers more STI testing options than many other companies, but it is difficult to navigate. There is also relatively little information about STIs for which they offer testing. However, doctors consultations are available, and they will prescribe prescriptions to treat certain STIs.

    Stds Vs Stis: Whats The Difference

    People often use the terms STD and STI interchangeably, and often this doesnt create much confusion, but its essential to be clear about what each term means. STI stands for sexually transmitted infection, and STD stands for sexually transmitted disease.

    An STD results from an STI. Its a subtle difference, and the nomenclature hasnt entirely settled with the average citizen. Even the sites we review here prefer STD for clarity. Thats why we decided to stick with STD over STI. STD is the clearer choice at this point, even if its technically less accurate.

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    How To Test For Chlamydia

    You can use an at-home chlamydia test or get tested at a clinic. A chlamydia test kit like the Everlywell test requires a urine sample you collect with materials included with the kit. You then send the sample to a lab and get secure, online results a few days later. Screening at a clinic may require a urine sample or oral and/or rectal samples collected with a swab . How you get your results will depend on the clinic you go to.

    Hereâs how to test for chlamydia at home using the Everlywell Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test kit:

    • Register your kit online. Use the unique ID included inside your kit and go to Write your date of birth and the sample collection date on the transport tube provided by the kit.
    • Collect your sample by urinating into the specimen collection cup thatâs included with the kit.
    • Use the pipette to place the sample into a transport tube, and put the tube into the biohazard bag .
    • Place the bag into the shipping envelope , apply the prepaid shipping label, and place your envelope in the mail. Your sample will then arrive at a laboratory, where it will be analyzed for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
    • Just days later, youâll be notified that your results are ready. You can privately view your results online on our secure platform.

    Taking a chlamydia test at home is a great way to skip the trip to your doctorâs office âand, instead, check for chlamydial infections from the comfort and privacy of your home.

    What Happens If My Results Come Back Positive

    STD Home Test Kit

    If your results are negative, it doesnt necessarily mean youre STD-free. Incubation periods vary for STDs. If youve recently been exposed, it may mean that the STD cant be detected yet. This is one reason why its essential to test for STDs regularly.

    Companies remind patients that tests provide information and education they do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Tests shouldnt replace a consultation with a healthcare provider. We recommend that you share your results with your doctor to obtain medical advice and treatment.

    Most STDs are treatable, and some of the most common ones are curable. The purpose of STD testing is to identify infections so that you can receive treatment.

    For certain infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trich the physicians at LetsGetChecked, myLAB Box, and STDcheck can potentially prescribe medication for you immediately, which you could pick up at your local pharmacy. LetsGetchecked takes this a step further by shipping free medication directly to you.

    However you acquire medication to treat an infection, be sure to follow its course exactly and get retested if necessary to confirm whether the treatment was effective.

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