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At Home Chlamydia Urine Test

What If My Results Are Positive

STD Chlamydia home test

The Everlywell Chlamydia & Gonorrhea test includes an easy-to-understand lab report. But if you’re not sure how to read your chlamydia test results, your healthcare provider can help.

A positive STI test result can be unsettling, but you arenât alone: with the Everlywell Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test, you have the opportunity to speak with a physician in our network to discuss your results further if you test positiveâand you may be prescribed medication.

If your chlamydia test is positive, STI testing is recommended for your sex partner . If they are infected and don’t receive treatment, they can pass the chlamydial infection back to you.

It Is Easy To Get Tested For Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection that can affect both men and women. While both genders can be affected, the specific effects and method of diagnosis for the bacterial infection differs between male patients and female patients. We looked at the methods used to assist in the diagnosis of chlamydia among men in this post, as well as some particular factors that are unique to a male patient with this condition.

When To Test For Std

Many STDs can cause serious health complications, and it’s possible to have an STD without experiencing any warning signs or symptoms. As a result, testing is the only way to know for sure whether or not you have an STD that may require treatment and potentially be spread to a partner. Generally, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends annual testing for sexually active men and women, particularly for those who have multiple partners or new partners.

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Where Can I Get An At

This test kit will be mailed to you via USPS. You will receive an anal swab, as well as other test kit materials. Please review all instructions prior to performing this test. Specimens should be shipped via USPS back to the laboratory. Results take 3-4 days upon receipt of the specimen by the laboratory.

TEST KIT REFUND POLICY- Kits can be cancelled anytime prior to sending the specimen to the lab. There is a $25 fee to cover the kit costs and shipping. So a full refund is minus $25.

What If I Test Positive

How to use chlamydia rapid test kit / ...

Even though test kiting for chlamydia isnt always reliable, if you do test positive, you should seek medical advice immediately. You will get tested again, but this time in a medical facility to make sure that you carry the infection. The sooner you get tested, the easier the treatment will be. Home testing kits are there to help you monitor your health, so if they do show you are positive, you shouldnt ignore these results.

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When Should You Take An At Home Chlamydia Test

You should make at home STD testing part of your regular health screening. In simpler terms you should be undergoing sexual health screening on an annual basis. You should consider sexual health screening on a more regular basis if you fall under the following categories, as there is a greater associated risk of contracting an STD if:

  • You are aged 25
  • You have sex with multiple partners
  • You have had unprotected sex
  • You have a partner who has told you theyve recently tested positive for chlamydia
  • You have a history of STDs or you are currently in treatment for a previous STD
  • You are entering a new sexual relationship
  • You are experiencing symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease
  • You have received a notification from a previous partner that they have chlamydia

Learn more about the symptoms of chlamydia in men and the symptoms of chlamydia in women.

What Should I Do If My Test Results Are Positive

Most at-home STI testing companies have healthcare professionals on staff who will call you to discuss next steps.

Gonorrhea cant go away on its own. So, the first step will involve going on antibiotics, which will either include an intramuscular injection or oral dose. The exact dosage and type of medication will vary based on how much the infection has progressed. Learn more about gonorrhea treatment here.

Next, they will help you figure out how to talk with your current partner, as well as determine how far back in your sexual history you should be alerting folks. .

Finally, 1 to 2 weeks later, your healthcare professional will have you get re-tested for gonorrhea. This is known as test-of-cure and is important because reinfection is super common. Experts also

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How Trichomoniasis Tests Work

Testing is the only way to accurately diagnose trichomoniasis. There are several testing options. You can seek in-office testing or order at-home STI tests.

In the office, testing is completed by taking a swab of the vaginal discharge or urine testing, Vo says. Newer tests using DNA have been more readily available, and are also used in the clinical setting.

At-home testing is also an option for those who want a discreet and cost-effective way to screen for trichomoniasis. This may also appeal to people who do not want STI testing on their medical record.

Best For Quick Treatment: Letsgetchecked

“Chlamydia Information: Testing, Symptoms and Treatment” by

Lets Get Checked

Get 30% off with code Verywell30.

Type of Testing: Self-collected sample

STD Tests Available: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, HIV, herpes, ureaplasma, gardnerella, mycoplasma

Time to Receive Results: 2 to 5 days

Cost: $99 to $349, Let’s Get Checked is offering a 30% off coupon using the code “VERYWELL30.”

At-home tests like this, where you collect your own sample, are not as accurate as tests performed in an on-site lab. In order to use these tests you will be asked to collect urine in a sample tube and/or prick your finger for blood. LetsGetChecked laboratories are CLIA certified and CAP and ISO-accredited and use capillary testing it’s a simple and painless method of blood testing that is as accurate as a venous blood draw.

Some collection kits for this company can also be purchased at CVS. A nurse will call you if you test positive to help you figure out what to do next. They are also available to answer questions throughout the testing process.

When there is a positive result for chlamydia, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis , mycoplasma, or ureaplasma, Let’s Get Checked can send your agreed upon treatment directly to your home at no additional cost. For other positive STD results, a physician will send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing. Your data is never shared with a third party and it is completely anonymized.

Doctor consultations are not available. There’s a 30% discount for Verywell users the code is Verywell30.

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Is Every Home Testing Kit The Right Pick

There is no guarantee that one particular test kit is most suited for you it depends on every individual. Whether you have a history of STIs or you want to purchase a specific kit based on your needs, you should consult with a health professional first. If you have any doubts about picking the ideal kit for you, a professional can advise you on what test kit would be a better fit for your sexual health.

At Home Chlamydia Test Kit Providers In The Us

Chlamydia is one of the highest reported sexually transmitted diseases in the US. Some estimates put the number of people infected per year to over 3 million.

As in the case of any other disease, it is best to know in time to get the proper treatment. It is important to get tested in time even if you are showing no symptoms but may have indulged in some activity that could cause Chlamydia. Chlamydia does not show any symptoms early on.

If you dont feel comfortable visiting your doctor for consultation or nearby testing center for the medical test, you can get an at-home chlamydia test kit and send back the sample to the lab, and get results for chlamydia testing just sitting in your home.

The article below covers the at home chlamydia test kit cost, chlamydia home test kit providers in the U.S, how accurate are they, treatment, and how to get tested for chlamydia sitting at home.

  • At home Chlamydia test kit
  • Chlamydia home test kit cost
  • At home chlamydia test Walgreens
  • At home chlamydia test CVS
  • How accurate are they?
  • CVS, Walgreens Vs. Other health providers in the U.S.
  • How to get an at-home chlamydia test kit
  • Advantages of myLAB box chlamydia home-test kit
  • Why should you choose our partner over Walgreens, CVS
  • Provider Locations
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    How To Interpret Chlamydia Test Results

    Lab test results may be positive, negative or in some case inconclusive. A positive test result means the infection is there and the person is suffering from Chlamydia infections. So the person should go for treatment as advised by the doctor. Negative test interprets bacteria is not found and he/she is normal. Sometimes it also means that bacteria are at a very low amount and impact of it is not seen. But if there will be an increment in that then only it will start impacting. Sometimes test result gives inconclusive results. It happens when test result does not clearly indicate whether it is positive or negative.

    How to Conclude Chlamydia Test Result?

    There is a very slight chance of false test result. NAAT accuracy result is almost 100% whereas for Chlamydia culture it is 80%. This test is very necessary to be conducted because it gives accurate results. A person should conduct this test in identified lab only and certified person should see the result. An impact of this infection is huge at later stages. So, diagnosis of this is necessary so that person does not suffer from this infection later and it is easy to curb it at earlier stages later on it becomes difficult to curb its impact.

    This is how, you can read your Chlamydia Test result without any doctor guideline. However, I would suggest you to consult doctor to get proper guideline.

    Originally posted 2016-08-21 15:57:40.

    How Accurate Are At Home Chlamydia Tests

    Chlamydia Test

    At home chlamydia tests are as accurate as those you would take in a clinical setting, provided that samples are collected correctly. Within a lab setting and at home, urine tests for chlamydia correctly identify a positive result 87% of the time, and correctly identify a negative result 99% of the time.

    Self collected vaginal swabs identify a correct positive result 92% of the time and a correct negative result 98% of the time.

    The most important factor that will determine the accuracy of your at-home chlamydia test is the quality of your sample. A good at-home STD test kit will include everything you need to take the sample correctly, but its still very important to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to prevent a false result.

    If youre taking a urine sample, most tests require that you collect first pass or first catch urine, which means that you must make sure to collect the first milliliters of urine that you pass. If your test includes a pouch for collection, you shouldnt overfill it, since it could dilute the sample and reduce the tests sensitivity. Some tests will also recommend that you use the first urine in the morning, or that you havent urinated 1-2 hours prior to taking the sample.

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    Why Should I Get Tested

    Almost all STIs go undetected. Even though chlamydia can be easily treated, due to the lack of visible symptoms, the younger population often ignore it or have no idea they have it. Individuals who often change partners are exposed to chlamydia and other STIs as well, such as gonorrhea and syphilis.

    If left untreated, its incredibly easy to transmit this infection onto your partner and cause numerous problems that can later affect your health.

    Each Year There Are Approximately 15 Million Cases Of Chlamydia And 350000 Cases Of Gonorrhea Reported To The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

    However this may not accurately reflect the total number of infected individuals, as most people with these infections have no symptoms and go untested. These bacterial infections are spread through sexual intercourse . This test will not be able to tell you the specific site of the infection, but will detect the infection if present.

    Pregnant women with an active gonorrhea or chlamydia infection at the time of vaginal delivery can spread the infection directly to their children during birth. All sexually active women under age 25 and women over age 25 with risk factors for contracting chlamydia or gonorrhea should get tested every year: risk factors include unprotected sex, new sexual partners, or multiple sexual partners. Men at risk for chlamydia or gonorrhea should get tested each year, and more often as needed: risk factors include having sex with a partner who has chlamydia or gonorrhea, men who have sex with men, unprotected sexual intercourse, and multiple sex partners.

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    How Does Chlamydia Show Up In A Urine Test

    Youll pee in a cup thats sent off to a laboratory testing facility to see if any chlamydia bacteria are present in your urine. Blood test. Your doctor will use a sterile needle to draw some of your blood and send it to a lab to see if antibodies to the chlamydia bacteria are present in your bloodstream. Swab.

    Can Trichomoniasis Go Away On Its Own

    Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Home Testing Guide

    Trichomoniasis should not be left untreated. It does not go away on its own.

    Without treatment, trichomoniasis can lead to severe health problems, especially in people with a vulva. It can also contribute to the transmission of STIs to other partners.

    Usually, trichomoniasis is treatable with a single round of antibiotics.

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    At Home Chlamydia Test

    Chlamydia is a very common STD that is found in both men and women. While less serious for men, this sexually-transmitted disease can be cured, but can cause permanent damage to a woman.

    The disease will attack a womans reproductive system, causing difficulty getting pregnant, or making it impossible for a woman to get pregnant. Chlamydia has also been shown to cause ectopic pregnancies where the fetus is actually outside of the womb.

    An at home Chlamydia test is essential to limit these risks, and to seek treatment.

    Preparing For The Test At Home

    • Avoid having sex before taking the test. If you have symptoms or think you might have an STD, its best to stay abstinent until after getting your results.
    • Dont use any washes, deodorant sprays, or other powders on your genitals. They could irritate the area.
    • Try to take your test when you dont have your period. If youre having any unusual bleeding, make an appointment with your doctor right away.
    • Dont douche for at least 24 hours prior to taking your test. Douching washes away the vaginal fluids that are needed for the test. Its best not to douche at all, actually.

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    How Accurate Are At

    The accuracy of STI testing depends on the quality of the sample that you send for testing. Some people are concerned that at-home chlamydia screening may not be as accurate as those done in a healthcare facility because healthcare providers do not take the samples. One study that looked at people who collected their own samples for STI testing had test results of equal or better accuracy than clinical providers .

    However, another trial showed that the samples collected by the providers were slightly more accurate. Still, the researchers felt that at-home testing is a reasonable option for those with a barrier to getting sexual health care .

    Another problem is that many at-home testing chlamydia testing kits only provide the option to send a urine sample. For women, a vaginal/cervical swab is better at diagnosing chlamydia than urine tests. Data suggests that self-collected vaginal swabs may be as accurate as those collected by the providers .

    What Is An At


    There are currently no FDA-approved at-home tests for chlamydia or gonorrhea. However, there may be a role for this kind of testing, especially if it helps someone who otherwise would not get tested.

    Some people find sexual health clinics inconvenient or stigmatizing, preventing them from getting the care they need. Unfortunately, this leads to many STIs going undiagnosed, easing their spread through the population. Home testing can help remove this barrier.

    In a recent study, researchers found that people who were invited to use a take-home STI test were nearly twice as likely to get tested than the group of people who had to get STI testing by reporting to a clinic or doctors office .

    Online only at-home testing means that you are the one who orders the test, collects the sample, and sends it back to the lab. You do not need to go to a clinic or laboratory to have the samples taken and processed, which some people find appealing. Check to make certain that the laboratory your at-home test will go to is CLIA certifiedthis means that it follows the regulations set down by the FDA, CMS, and CDC regarding testing human samples.

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    What To Think About

    • If a chlamydia infection is suspected, do not have sexual intercourse until the test results have come back. If you have a chlamydia infection, do not have sexual intercourse for 7 days after the start of treatment. Your sex partner should also be treated for a chlamydia infection so that you don’t get reinfected and so that others don’t get infected.
    • Only one laboratory test is needed to diagnose chlamydia. Your doctor can choose which test to use.
    • Screening for and treating chlamydia can help prevent pelvic inflammatory disease . To learn more about the treatment of a chlamydia infection, see the topic Chlamydia.
    • Other sexually transmitted infections may be present at the same time as chlamydia. So it is important to be tested and treated for all STIs. Chlamydia as well as other STIs can also increase the chance of getting human immunodeficiency virus . An HIV test may be offered at the same time as a test for chlamydia or other STIs.


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