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What Can Happen If Chlamydia Is Not Treated

Chlamydia Complications: What Can Happen If It Is Not Treated

5 Things Your Doctor Needs You To Know About Chlamydia

With more than 200.000 new cases diagnosed every year, chlamydia is without doubt the single most common sexually transmitted infection within the UK. This condition is often asymptomatic in a significant portion of those affected around 50% of men and up to 80% of women can have chlamydia without even knowing it, which makes STI testing all the more important if you are sexually active and practice unprotected sex.

If the condition is diagnosed early and treated properly on time, the infection can be easily cured without any long-term adverse effects on an individuals health and wellbeing. However, if the condition is left untreated, chlamydia can cause serious health issues and complications. In this article, we will explore various complications that can arise from untreated chlamydia.

In women, these include:

  • General malaise
  • Nausea and vomiting

According to numerous studies, around 10 to 15% of women affected by chlamydia will develop PID within 12 months if they dont seek timely treatment for their condition. Some scientists also speculate that untreated STIs that result in PID can also cause various fertility problems.

Chlamydia Signs And Symptoms In Guy

Many guys do not see the signs of chlamydia. Most guys have no signs and symptoms in all.

If signs do show up, its typically 1 to 3 weeks after transmission.

A few of the most common signs and symptoms of chlamydia in males include:

  • burning sensation during urination
  • yellow or green discharge from the penis
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen
  • pain in the testicles

Its additionally possible to obtain a chlamydia infection in the anus. In this case, the major signs are typically discharge, pain, as well as bleeding from this area.

Having foreplay with a person that has the infection elevates the danger of obtaining chlamydia in the throat. Signs can include an aching throat, coughing, or fever. Its likewise feasible to bring microorganisms in the throat and also not know it. If Chlamydia Is Not Treated What Happens

Chlamydia Signs In Guy

Lots of males do not notice the signs and symptoms of chlamydia. The majority of guys have no signs whatsoever.

If symptoms do show up, its normally 1 to 3 weeks after transmission.

Some of the most usual symptoms of chlamydia in males include:

  • melting experience during peeing
  • yellow or green discharge from the penis
  • discomfort in the lower abdominal area
  • pain in the testicles

Its additionally possible to obtain a chlamydia infection in the rectum. In this instance, the main signs and symptoms are usually discharge, pain, and bleeding from this area.

Having foreplay with someone that has the infection raises the threat of obtaining chlamydia in the throat. Symptoms can include an aching throat, cough, or high temperature. Its also feasible to carry microorganisms in the throat and also not know it. What Can Happen If Chlamydia Is Not Treated

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Male Problems Of Without Treatment Chlamydia

What you need to know about chlamydia: Sam Thompson ...

Male can also experience difficulties when chlamydia is left unattended. The epididymis the tube that holds the testicles in position may become irritated, causing pain. This is known as epididymitis.

The infection can also infect the prostate gland, creating a high temperature, excruciating sexual intercourse, and pain in the reduced back. An additional possible problem is male chlamydial urethritis.

These are simply some of one of the most common difficulties of neglected chlamydia, which is why it is essential to get clinical interest today. Many people that obtain therapy rapidly have no long-term medical problems. What Can Happen If Chlamydia Is Not Treated

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Hi there, Im Melissa and welcome to Genier. Im not ashamed to admit that Ive dealt with an STD before and recovered. It was not a pleasant experience but Im glad I got myself tested. If theres one message that you can take away from my site is get tested today! Stay safe.

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Questions To Ask Your Healthcare Provider

  • What treatment is best for me?
  • How long will my treatment last?
  • Is there any way to avoid giving chlamydia to my boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Im pregnant. Is my baby in any danger?
  • Am I at risk of getting any other sexually transmitted infections?
  • Is there anything I can do at home to help my symptoms until the medicine starts working?
  • Should my partner be tested for chlamydia?

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What Happens If Chlamydia Goes Untreated

If a person is not treated for chlamydia, complications may occur. Women frequently develop pelvic inflammatory disease . PID can cause infertility , chronic pelvic pain, tubal pregnancies, and the continued spread of the disease. In men, untreated chlamydia can cause urethral infection and complications such as swollen and tender testicles. Chlamydia infection during pregnancy may result in premature rupture of membranes, preterm delivery and possible tubal pregnancy in a small percent of women. In addition, chlamydia can cause conjunctival and pneumonic infection in the newborn. Persons with a chlamydia infection have an increased chance of getting other infections such as gonorrhea or HIV.

What Are The Treatments For Chlamydia

Do I Have Chlamydia? Symptoms of Chlamydia

Antibiotics will cure the infection. You may get a one-time dose of the antibiotics, or you may need to take medicine every day for 7 days. Antibiotics cannot repair any permanent damage that the disease has caused.

To prevent spreading the disease to your partner, you should not have sex until the infection has cleared up. If you got a one-time dose of antibiotics, you should wait 7 days after taking the medicine to have sex again. If you have to take medicine every day for 7 days, you should not have sex again until you have finished taking all of the doses of your medicine.

It is common to get a repeat infection, so you should get tested again about three months after treatment.

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What Happens When Chlamydia Is Not Treated

Estimated Reading Time: 50 secsIf treatment is not sought, It can also cause ectopic pregnancies , The most common and serious complications occur in women.Untreated Chlamydia : Can lead to complications, chlamydia can cause: Damage the sex organs.Chlamydia that is not treated can cause serious health problems, which may manifest as conjunctivitis or pneumonia, and C.trachomatis infection is the most common sexually transmitted infection , untreated chlamydia may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease , When left untreated, Chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease , PID can cause: Infertility, ovaries, ectopic pregnancy.

Do Past Infections Mean Im Immune

While some studies have looked into the potential for immunity in animals and in humans, there have been no conclusive signs of immunity.

At this point, it seems you cannot become immune to chlamydia after having it. To avoid future infections, its important to practice safe sex and get tested regularlyespecially if you are sexually active with multiple partners.

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Who Should I Tell About My Sti

You will need to tell your current partner or partners. You should also contact any previous sexual contacts you have had in the previous few months. How far you need to go back will depend on the type of infection, but your doctor or nurse will advise you. If you do not want to contact your partner or a previous partner, the GUM clinics offer a contract tracing service.

Male Issues Of Untreated Chlamydia

Oral and Nose Chlamydia

Male can likewise experience complications when chlamydia is left unattended. The epididymis the tube that holds the testicles in position might come to be irritated, creating pain. This is called epididymitis.

The infection can also spread to the prostate gland, triggering a fever, unpleasant intercourse, as well as discomfort in the reduced back. One more possible complication is male chlamydial urethritis.

These are simply several of one of the most common issues of without treatment chlamydia, which is why it is very important to obtain clinical attention today. Many people who obtain treatment quickly have no lasting medical issues. If Chlamydia Is Not Treated What Happens

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Hi there, Im Melissa and welcome to Genier. Im not ashamed to admit that Ive dealt with an STD before and recovered. It was not a pleasant experience but Im glad I got myself tested. If theres one message that you can take away from my site is get tested today! Stay safe.

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Potential Symptoms For Chlamydia

Although many people may be asymptomatic and not experience any signs of infection, those that do have symptoms typically experience pain or burning when urinating and/or discharge from the penis or vagina.

Only approx. 10% of penis infections show symptoms, while about 5-30% of vaginal infections will develop symptoms.

For an in-depth view of all the potential symptoms associated with chlamydia, please look at our article about chlamydia symptoms.

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How Is Chlamydia Diagnosed

Chlamydia can be diagnosed by several different laboratory tests. They can either use a urine sample to test for the bacteria or a cotton swab from the infected area. The chlamydia test most often uses a swab from the cervix for women and the urethra for men, but can also include a swab of the anus or other potentially infected areas. This swab is used for a culture or antigen for testing, both of which can identify if chlamydia is present. A doctor may also conduct a physical exam to examine symptoms and check for other STDs. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are very similar, so it is important to test for both to ensure you receive the right treatment. A doctor may ask:

  • How often do you have unprotected sex?
  • Do you have a new partner or multiple sexual partners?
  • Do you exhibit any symptoms like discharge, pelvic pain, or pain when urinating?

These questions can be used to determine if you have a STD, and answering yes increases the likelihood that you may have contracted one. Getting tested for a STD can be scary and intimidating, but remember you are taking charge of your health. Seeking help can provide peace of mind knowing if you do or do not have a STD and what you can do about it.

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How Is Chlamydia Treated

If your chlamydia test results come back positive, the next step is to receive treatment for this STD.

In general, oral antibiotics are prescribed to treat the infection. Itâs important to finish the full course of antibioticsâeven if your symptoms go away early on during treatment. Also, your healthcare provider may recommend that your sexual partner receives treatment for chlamydia, as well.

If you have any specific questions about your treatment, be sure to ask your healthcare provider for more information.

How Could I Get This Infection

Chlamydia treatment in 100 seconds

You could get chlamydia through sexual contact with a person who has chlamydia. You are at an increased risk if of catching chlamydia if you have had sex with a new partner, had many sex partners, had a partner who has had many sex partners or if you do not use a condom every time you have sex.

It is also possible for an infected mother to pass chlamydia to her baby during delivery.

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Can A Chlamydia Infection Come Back After Sex

If you did, its likely your new symptoms are due to chlamydia or other sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and trichomonas infection. After chlamydia treatment, boosting your sexual health and minimizing the number of persons you have unprotected intercourse with, is vital to prevent reinfection. 3.

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What Can Happen If Chlamydia Isnt Treated

Untreated chlamydia can put your health at risk. Make an appointment with your provider immediately if you notice any symptoms of chlamydia, and get regular STI screenings to avoid complications later.

Complications of chlamydia for people with vaginas

Untreated chlamydia can cause:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease . PID is a serious condition that requires hospitalization. It can occur when an untreated STI, like chlamydia, damages your reproductive organs. PID can lead to infertility and chronic pelvic pain. It can also cause an ectopic pregnancy,which is life-threatening for the fetus and potentially deadly for the mother or gestational parent, too.
  • Pregnancy complications. An untreated infection can lead to pre-term delivery. Also, if youre pregnant and have chlamydia, you can pass the infection on to your newborn. Babies born with chlamydia may have pneumonia or conjunctivitis that could lead to blindness if not treated.

Complications of chlamydia for people with penises

Untreated chlamydia can cause:

  • Epididymitis. Infection can spread to the testicles and the tube that carries sperm to your testicles , causing symptoms like pain, swelling and tenderness in your testicles.
  • Reduced fertility. Chlamydia can harm your sperm, negatively impacting your ability to conceive.

Complications of chlamydia that can affect all genders

Untreated chlamydia can:

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What Are The Prominent Chlamydia Symptoms In Men

Actually, no one can easily ensure that his body has some trouble due to the silent infection because its symptoms are rarely reflected. But once if they start occurring then they can be easily noticed even within few weeks. Medical doctors say that symptoms of Chlamydia in men can be random and infrequent so most of the time patients are not able to know if they are in contact with the infection.

Some of the most common signs of Chlamydia in men include:

  • Very small cloudy or clear Chlamydia discharge in men from penis tip.
  • It can cause painful urination.
  • Leads to itching and burning sensation around penis openings.
  • Swelling and pain in the area surrounding testicles.

Major symptoms of Chlamydia are observed for genitals but in few cases it can affect rectum, eyes and throat. Note that, the actual effect varies with type of transmission. Few uncommon symptoms of chlamydia in men can include:

  • Throat infections.

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More About Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Can Chlamydia Treatment Cause Yeast infection?

For women, one of the most serious complications from untreated chlamydia is pelvic inflammatory disease . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1020% of women with untreated chlamydia and gonorrhea infections may develop PID. And 1 in 8 women with a history of PID experience difficulties getting pregnant. PID can also cause ectopic pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain.

Like chlamydia, it is possible for a woman to have PID and not have any symptoms, or have symptoms too mild to notice, for an unknown period of time. If symptoms do occur, they could include:

  • Dull pain or tenderness in the lower abdomen
  • Burning or pain when you urinate
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased or changed vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sex

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How Can I Prevent Another Chlamydial Infection

Know the people you have sexual contact with. Limit the number of people you have sexual contact with. Always use a condom. If you are thinking about using a spermicide, be aware that spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 can cause genital irritation and can actually increase your risk of catching an STI. However, using a condom with nonoxynol-9 is better than not using a condom at all.

Women ages 25 and younger who are having or have had any kind of sex should see their healthcare provider on a routine basis to be screened for chlamydia and other STIs. Women should also avoid douching because it reduces the amount of good bacteria in the vagina and may increase the risk of infection.


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