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Is A Urine Test For Chlamydia Accurate

Chlamydia Urine Test Accuracy

Chlamydia Test Results Overview

How Is Chlamydia Test Done?

Direct sample: In direct sample, a body fluid sample is collected from the area affected. In adults, such areas are the urethra, cervix, rectum, eye or vagina.

  • For males. To collect a body fluid sample from your rectum or urethra, your physician will insert a cotton swab in the opening of the rectum or urethra. Chlamydia is more likely to be found in a sample collected from urethra in a male if he has not passed urine for at least two hours before collection of the sample.
  • For females. To collect a body fluid sample from your cervix, you will be asked to remove the clothes below your waist and wrap a cloth around it. You have to lie on a table on the back, your feet raised and stirrups supporting them. In this way, your physician can examine your genital area and vagina. They will insert a speculum in your vagina to spread the walls of the vagina gently so that they can look at the inside of the cervix and vagina. A small brush or swab is used to collect samples from your cervix. A self-test is also there for females to collect a body fluid sample from the vagina and take it to the testing lab.
  • To collect body fluid sample from the eye, your physician will brush gently the insides of the upper and lower eyelids using a cotton swab.
  • A throat culture can be done in some rare cases.

Accuracy Comparison

How To Prepare For The Chlamydia Test

A Chlamydia test is done on either a urine sample or body fluid collected from areas like cervix, urethra, eye, rectum or throat.

The following are few to-dos that a person must keep in mind before doing a test:

Urine Sample: Do not urinate for 2 hours before a urine sample is collected. If the body fluid is to be collected from the cervix, a woman should not douche or use vaginal creams and medications for atleast 24 hours before the test.

It is important to note that using antibiotics before the tests may hamper accuracy of the test results. Presence of stool in the rectal sample is another cause why a test may be ineffective.

How Accurate Is Blood Test For Chlamydia

There are basically 2 tests to diagnosis this disease which is Nucleic acid amplification tests and Chlamydia culture. NAAT accuracy level is almost 100% and it is done through urine sample and body fluid. It gives instantaneous results. Chlamydia culture requires time to give the result. It is also 95% accurate but this should be conducted in lab only. Symptoms of Chlamydia are seen clearly. Chlamydia test need some time to detect the bacteria.

Some of the common symptoms are:-

Following symptoms are seen in men:-

  • Discharge from the penis

Following Major Chlamydia symptoms are seen in women:-

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bleeding between periods

This infection can be so dangerous that it can cause HIV which is a deadly disease. A newborn baby can also get contaminated with this disease if parents are suffering from it. This disease is most common in pregnant women.

It is important that person who is diagnosed with should antibiotics and should refrain from sexual activity week for at least 1 week. It is also possible that this infection can happen again after curing it completely. So a person should avoid the reasons which this disease occurs.

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How To Read Blood Test Results Of Chlamydia

As symptoms of this infection is difficult to figure out. So, if the person feels the even minor chance of having it then he/she go for these tests. Prevention is always better than cure. So, everyone should refrain from those activities which can cause diseases. Men should use a condom during sexual intercourse to avoid any risk. Also, if they are tested they should take medicine. As this disease can happen again after some time so the person should be more watchful. This infection can lead up to HIV which can lead to death so human being should be highly careful for this and should always take preventive action to stop this disease form happening.

If you dont want to go to laboratory then try to use at home chlamydia test kit. It is reliable and accurate too.

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How Much Does The Test Cost

Urine chlamydia test

The cost of chlamydia testing varies based on many factors. Chlamydia testing may be paid for by health insurance when ordered by a doctor. Because health plans vary, its important for patients to discuss the cost of testing, including any copays or deductibles, with their health plan.

For patients without health insurance coverage, the cost of testing may include the cost of the office visit and sample collection as well as technician fees. Testing may also be available for free or at low cost through community-based organizations and local health departments.

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Chlamydia Can Be Treated And Cured With Antibiotics

Individuals diagnosed with chlamydia should abstain from sexual activity for one week after finishing antibiotics. Keep in mind that it is possible to become reinfected with chlamydia after receiving treatment. This is why it is crucial for partners of those who have chlamydia to also get tested and treated if found positive. Chlamydia often occurs along with gonorrhea . If you have one of these STDs, you might have the other because the risk factors and symptoms are very similar. Getting tested for both is important.

Whether or not symptoms are present, testing or screening for chlamydia can be done as early as 24 hours after exposure. The incubation times vary from person-to-person for the most accurate results, get tested two weeks after initial exposure. If you test positive for chlamydia, it is advised to get retested two weeks after completing treatment to be sure that all of the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria is cleared from your system.

Sbus Appraisal Of The Evidence

  • Urine specimens are somewhat less sensitive than vaginal and cervical specimens. Vaginal specimens have the highest sensitivity for diagnosing chlamydia in women.
  • Urine, vaginal, and cervical specimens have similar specificity. In other words, they are equally likely to yield a correct, ie, negative, finding in women who are not infected.
  • The scientific evidence is insufficient to compare the diagnostic accuracy of urine specimens alone versus various combinations of specimens, since only one study in the assessment included such a comparison.
  • The scientific evidence is insufficient to draw conclusions on the cost-effectiveness of using urine specimens as the only test for establishing a chlamydia diagnosis in women. Too few studies of sufficient quality are available. The total cost of chlamydia testing is influenced mainly by how specimens are taken. Vaginal and urine specimens can be collected by the patient herself. This lowers the cost in comparison to taking cervical specimens, where health professionals must collect the specimen.

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How Is Chlamydia Treated

Chlamydia is treated with the use of oral antibiotics like Azithromycin or Doxycycline. It is important that the patient finishes all the antibiotics even if he is starts to feel better. The treatment usually clears up in about a week or so. After recovery, a person must get re-tested after 3 months to be sure that the infection is cured.

In case of severe Chlamydia infection, a person may need hospitalization, intravenous antibiotics, and other pain medicines.

How Accurate Are Urine Gonorrhea And Chlamydia Tests

Can Chlamydia Be Detected In A Urine Test

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

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This Test Will With > 99% Accuracy Tell You Whether Or Not You Have Been Infected With Chlamydia Or Gonorrhea

Like any Everlywell STI test, our at-home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test is delivered in discreet packaging and taken in the privacy of your own home. Once you return your test sample to our lab and your sample is processed, youâll be notified via email when your results are ready. You will then be able to access your results through an easy-to-understand report on our secure online platform.

This at-home gonorrhea and chlamydia test checks whether you test positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia.

In the event that your test results are positive, a board-certified physician in your state will contact you at no additional cost to discuss your particular case, and when appropriate, prescribe medication.

We take customer privacy very seriously, and only you will have access to this information. As is the case with all STD testing – whether through Everlywell at-home tests or your healthcare provider â we may be required by law to report positive test results to certain state health departments. This is only done to track the prevalence of a sexually transmitted disease. In rare cases you may not receive a definitive result because of early infection or inadequate sampling and repeat testing is suggested. Donât take a chance on your sexual health. Know where you stand with our at-home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea test. You can also take our at-home STD Test for men or our STD Test for women.

Bacterial Culture Test For Std

Bacteria culture test involves growing bacteria, this test is applicable to see if the patient has a bacterial infection. This test is more accurate than the Urine test as culture can detect even very low numbers of bacteria, thus the sensitivity of this test is high. Thus asymptomatic Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be detected using this test.

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Who Should Get 3 Site Testing

Anyone who engages in oral and anal sex, male or female, should test at all three sites. Testing only by urinalysis is a very heteronormative approach to managing potential risk for STIs.

MSM in particular are at high risk for exposure to gonorrhea and chlamydia in the throat and anus, and should seek out locations that test through urinalysis as well as throat and anal swabbing.

What Is A Chlamydia Carrier

Chlamydia Test

Whenever we talk about a carrier in medical terms, we are effectively talking about someone who can infect others with an infectious condition. Anyone with chlamydia is carrying the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria in their body. This bacteria is easily passed on through unprotected sex whether the person has physical symptoms or not.

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What Is The Accuracy Of Urine Test For Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a type of sexually transmitted disease, which is caused by a bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. Being very common, it is transmitted via vaginal, oral or anal sex. It may also be transmitted by sharing sex toys that are not cleaned properly. Any symptoms or signs of infection are not seen in people suffering from Chlamydia quite often leading to its spread more easily. In case symptoms appear, they occur typically within 3-21 days after being exposed to the bacteria. This makes testing for Chlamydia very important. However, what is the accuracy of urine test?

More Information About Chlamydia And Gonorrhea Testing

What are Chlamydia and Gonorrhea?

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are sexually transmitted diseases caused by bacteria. Chlamydia is caused byChlamydia trachomatis bacterium it is a common STD in the United States with more than 3 million new infectionscontracted annually. Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which thrives in themoist areas of the reproductive tract including the cervix, uterus and Fallopian tubes in women, and the urethrain both men and women. Gonorrhea can also grow in the mouth, throat, anus and eyes. The Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention reports over 700,000 gonorrhea infections in the U.S. annually. Both infections areoften considered “silent” or asymptomatic infections, meaning they do not always show symptoms. The only way toknow for sure if you are positive for either of these sexually transmitted infections is to take an STD test forthem. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are curable and can be treated with antibiotics.

How do you test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea?

STDcheck.com offers the FDA-cleared Nucleic Acid Amplification test, the medical goldstandard in chlamydia and gonorrhea testing. Our NAA test looks for traces of the infection in a small urinesample.

How are Chlamydia and Gonorrhea transmitted?

Who needs Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing?

Why do I need to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea together?

How soon can I get tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea after exposure?

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Specimen Collection And Handling

Urine specimens are the specimen of choice for males and post-hysterectomy female patients.

For females in general, urine is a second-line option, because it is less sensitive than cervical swabs for CT/GC NAAT. For testing non-post-hysterectomy female patients, please refer to the test information sheet for specimen collection and testing information.

Can Chlamydia Affect My Fertility

“Chlamydia Information: Testing, Symptoms and Treatment” by getSTDtested.com

A chlamydia or gonorrhea infection may cause inflammation or scarring of the reproductive organs. Sometimes, this may lead to infertility . Both men and women can experience fertility problems after a chlamydia infection. Your risk of infertility increases if you delay treatment.

Women with untreated gonorrhea or chlamydia can also develop a condition known as pelvic inflammatory disease . PID sometimes causes your reproductive organs to swell, triggering chronic pelvic pain and making it difficult to conceive.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea can also trigger early laborâand pregnant women with chlamydia can spread the infection to their babies during delivery .

Prompt treatment reduces your risk of complications, as undiagnosed chlamydia may put your health at risk. Regular STI testing can help with early diagnosis of the infection, and most people who receive treatment for chlamydia make a full recovery.

Learning more about the different types of STDs someone can getâlike chlamydiaâcan help you care for your sexual health. To easily check for chlamydia from the comfort of home, simply collect a urine sample and send it to a lab with prepaid shipping using the Everlywell at-home Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test kit.

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What Are Chlamydia And Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are common sexually transmitted diseases . Both are typically asymptomatic , caused by bacteria, and have high prevalence across the United States. Chlamydia is one of the most widespread STDs in the United States, with the CDC estimating that 3 million cases occur annually. Rates of gonorrhea have been increasing sharply over the past 5 years, and certain strains are becoming antibiotic resistant.

Testing Before The Incubation Period

Every STD test has an advised date from which a test becomes accurate. This is because the bacteria needs enough time to multiply within your body in order for it to reach a detectable level when taking a chlamydia test. For chlamydia this is often 14 days. If you test before that 14 days is over, you may test negative, but you could still pass the bacteria on following your test.

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Technology And Target Group

Chlamydia often affects young people. In women, untreated chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause permanent damage to the fallopian tubes and create risks for sterility and ectopic pregnancy. The infection can be transmitted from mother to child through childbirth, leading to eye infection or pneumonia in the child.

In Sweden, chlamydia testing is offered in suspected cases, but sexually active individuals not directly suspected of infection are also offered screening tests when they are in contact with health services . In women, chlamydia has been diagnosed primarily by using a combination of specimens from the urethra and cervix, or a combination of urine specimens and cervical specimens. This requires a gynecological examination.

Diagnostic advancements in chlamydia have progressed rapidly in recent years, and it has become increasingly common to use vaginal specimens alone, or urine samples alone. Both of these methods offer the option of self-collection of specimens. This could be a way to increase chlamydia testing, particularly among younger women who might otherwise fail to provide specimens. However, it is uncertain whether urine samples alone yield sufficiently high diagnostic accuracy in diagnosing chlamydia in women.

How Do You Test For Gonorrhea And Chlamydia

Chlamydia and Genital Discharge

HealthLabs.com uses the FDA-approved / cleared nucleic acid amplification test . This test is recommended as the most accurate test for detecting both chlamydia and gonorrhea infections. Chlamydia trachomatis is the bacterium that causes chlamydia. Our NAAT chlamydia test looks for the presence of the bacteria in your urine. If it is found, this means that you have an active chlamydia infection. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the bacterium that causes gonorrhea. Our NAAT gonorrhea test can detect the presence of this bacteria in your urine. If the bacteria is found, you have an active gonorrhea infection.

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Purpose Of Urine Testing For Stds

It used to be that STD testing, particularly for bacterial STDs, was very uncomfortable.

Men who thought they might have a bacterial STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea got tested by having a swab inserted into their urethra. Women had to undergo a pelvic exam, during which a cervical swab would be taken and tested for bacteria.

The fact that STD testing was uncomfortable and invasive made it less likely that people would undergo regular STD screening.

That probably contributed to what is sometimes known as the hidden epidemic of asymptomatic STDs. Because many STDs have no symptoms, the only way to detect them is through testing. When people aren’t tested regularly, they can spread STDs to their partners without even knowing it.

Urine testing makes it easier for people to undergo STD testing as part of their regular medical care. Note, however, that STD testing is still not a standard part of most annual exams.


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