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Can I Get A Chlamydia Test At A Pharmacy

How Do You Get Chlamydia

Gonorrhea and Super #Gonorrhea: Is This Common STI Becoming Resistant to #Antibiotics?

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that anyone can catch via any kind of sexual contact. This includes:

  • Sharing sex toys that arent washed or covered with a new condom when a new person uses them
  • It can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during childbirth

Chlamydia cant be passed via casual contact, such as kissing and hugging, or via baths, toilet seats, cutlery, towels, swimming pools, etc. You can avoid catching chlamydia by using condoms, having sex with a single partner who isnt infected, or not having sex.

If you are infected, it is important to reduce the likelihood of transmitting it to other people and causing further infections. Get tested, get treated, and avoid sex of any kind for one week after taking the medicine.

Another way to reduce causing further cases of chlamydia isnt fun, but it is important: by contacting anyone you have had sex with in the past 3 months and letting them know, so that they can be treated too.

Are There Any Tests That Can Only A Doctor Can Conduct

Most STI tests only require a urine, blood, or swab sample and do not typically require the assistance of a health professional. However, a healthcare professional will need to carry out a Pap smear, which checks for human papillomavirus , to ensure the safety and accuracy of the test. If a person is experiencing symptoms, such as warts, sores, or lesions, it is advisable to talk with a doctor.

Also, while individuals can order most tests online or buy them in stores, some states require a doctors order to authorize a lab test.

Below we look at some common questions and answers relating to STI testing.

Where Can I Get Tested For Chlamydia

You can get tested for chlamydia and other STDs at your doctors office, a community health clinic, the health department, or your local Planned Parenthood health center. In some states, you can do an online visit and take a chlamydia test at home.

STD testing isnt always part of your regular checkup or gynecologist exam you have to ask for it. Be open and honest with your nurse or doctor so they can help you figure out which tests you may need. Dont be embarrassed: Your doctor is there to help, not to judge.

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Why Do People Choose To Pay For Testing

Some people prefer to pay for a home chlamydia test kit. This has a few advantages:

  • No appointment you dont need to book an appointment in a GP or sexual health clinic. This means that some people find it easier to fit around their schedule
  • No face-to-face you dont need to have a face-to-face consultation if you prefer not to. This means that getting a home kit can be more discreet than going to a sexual health clinic
  • Discreet if you have a home test kit sent to your door it will be in discreet packaging and you won’t need to go into a clinic

Our service at Superdrug Online Doctor, you can buy a range of chlamydia test kits which comes in a discreet packaging and includes a prepaid envelope for you to send to our partner laboratory. These include:

  • Other test kits that include chlamydia tests

The chlamydia test itself is exactly the same whether you buy a home test kit or get tested in a clinic.

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How Will I Get My Results

Buy Female Chlamydia Test Online

If you don’t have chlamydia, we will let you know the result by text.

If you do have chlamydia and need treatment, we will call you to arrange an appointment at a clinic of your choice.

You should return for a repeat test/treatment if:

  • you think you have come into contact with chlamydia again
  • you and your partner had any form of unsafe sex within seven days of taking the chlamydia treatment
  • you didn’t finish taking your treatment or didn’t take it according to the instructions
  • the signs and symptoms dont go away.

You should also get tested at a GUM clinic if your original test was negative but you then develop symptoms of chlamydia.

If your symptoms dont improve, you should contact a clinic or on 0808 802 1221. This includes any pelvic pain that doesn’t improve or any pain when having sex.

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Women Issues Of Without Treatment Chlamydia

Some women establish PID, an infection that can damage the womb, cervix, as well as ovaries. PID is an unpleasant illness that commonly requires medical facility treatment.

Women can also end up being infertile if chlamydia is left untreated because the fallopian tubes might become scarred.

Expecting ladies with the infection can pass the microorganisms to their babies during birth, which can create eye infections and also pneumonia in infants. Can You Get A Chlamydia Test From A Pharmacy

Where To Get A Chlamydia Test

You can get a free chlamydia test at:

  • your GP surgery
  • a sexual health or genitourinary medicine clinic
  • a contraceptive and young people’s clinic

If you go to a clinic, your records will be kept there and the information won’t be shared with your GP unless you give your permission. Your visit is completely confidential.

You can also buy a chlamydia test from a pharmacy to use at home.

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How Important Is It To Get Tested

Yes, don’t avoid it you shouldnt avoid testing just because its a hassle or you dont want to pay for a home test kit. A lot of people who have a chlamydia infection dont get any symptoms at all. However, if this is left untreated, you can develop long-term complications. These complications include:

  • Spread of chlamydia to other parts of the body
  • Infertility because of damage to the reproductive system
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease , a condition that causes pain and inflammation around the pelvis
  • Reactive arthritis, which is painful and swollen joints as a direct result of chlamydia

Going to a clinic is still a good option staff at GP practices and sexual health clinics are discreet and professional. Some sexual health clinics even say that you can use a false name if you are very worried about confidentiality they would rather you give a false name than not go at all! Also, sexual health clinics cannot share your medical records with your GP without your permission.

If you are worried about testing you can make an appointment to speak to a GP about it. They can advise you on the best course of action, answer any questions you might have, or provide some reassurance.

Can You Have Stds And Not Know

NHS – For expert advice on minor illnesses, talk to your pharmacist BSL information

Many STIs have no signs or symptoms . Even with no symptoms, however, you can pass the infection to your sex partners. So its important to use protection, such as a condom, during sex. And visit your doctor regularly for STI screening so you can identify and treat an infection before you can pass it on.

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Local Planned Parenthood Health Center

Planned Parenthood health centers also offer STI testing. They receive government reimbursements and grants from public programs, such as Medicaid and Title X, which means people can get STI testing and treatment for free or at a very low cost, depending on their income, demographics, and eligibility.

How Accurate Are At

The accuracy of STI testing depends on the quality of the sample that you send for testing. Some people are concerned that at-home chlamydia screening may not be as accurate as those done in a healthcare facility because healthcare providers do not take the samples. One study that looked at people who collected their own samples for STI testing had test results of equal or better accuracy than clinical providers .

However, another trial showed that the samples collected by the providers were slightly more accurate. Still, the researchers felt that at-home testing is a reasonable option for those with a barrier to getting sexual health care .

Another problem is that many at-home testing chlamydia testing kits only provide the option to send a urine sample. For women, a vaginal/cervical swab is better at diagnosing chlamydia than urine tests. Data suggests that self-collected vaginal swabs may be as accurate as those collected by the providers .

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How Long Does A Chlamydia Test Take

You will receive the result of your instant Chlamydia test just 10 minutes after providing your sample. After your trained doctor has completed the analysis of your sample, you will be given a signed and completed copy of the Better2Know Rapid Test Results Report. This will detail your confidential results.

Are Sti Tests Covered By Insurance

Full STI (Urine) Test Kit

Many insurance plans cover STI testing through the Affordable Care Act . Theres a high chance you can get STI testing for free or at a reduced price with your health insurance.

Testing for STIs, like HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, are considered preventive health benefits that many plans cover under the ACA.

STI testing can also be free or low-cost with Medicaid, Medicare, and other government programs. Check your state as well they may have free or low-cost STI testing available.

The coverage of at-home STI tests varies, so its best to speak with your doctor or insurance company about your options. Some clinics, like Planned Parenthood health centers, provide free or low-cost STI tests, depending on your income.

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How Do I Know If I Have Chlamydia

You cant tell if you have chlamydia just by the way you feel. The only way to know for sure if you have chlamydia is to get tested whether or not you have symptoms.

If youre showing any signs of chlamydia, you should get tested. Testing is also a good idea if youve had unprotected sex or if a partner has chlamydia . In general, people who are sexually active should get tested for STDs, including chlamydia, about once a year. If youre pregnant, get tested for chlamydia at your first prenatal visit. Want to know if you should be tested for chlamydia? Check out this quiz to find out.

Chlamydia testing is pretty easy and painless. The best part about getting tested for STDs? Once you get it over with, it can really put your mind at ease. And if you DO have chlamydia, its best to know right away so you can take medicine and get better as soon as possible.

How Much Does A Mylab Box At

The cost of an at-home STD test from myLAB Box will vary depending on the type of STD test. If you are testing for one type of STD, such as HIV or genital herpes, the test is only $79. However, if you are testing for more than one STD, the cost of the test kit will increase. For example, the at-home 14 panel STD test, which is $369, detects chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis C, HIV, herpes, syphilis, trichomoniasis, HPV, and mycoplasma genitalium.

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Things To Be Aware Of With Chlamydia Treatment

Side effects occasionally you might get a rash as a side effect from Doxycycline if you are exposed to too much sunlight and therefore should protect yourself from the sun during the treatment. It can also cause nausea and vomiting but the risk of this can be reduced by taking the medication with food or fluids and sitting up for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

For a full list of side effects always read the manufacturers leaflet before starting doxycycline.

Alternative treatments your doctor might suggest a different type of antibiotic if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you seem to have had chlamydia for a long time. Ofloxacin and Erythromycin are other common antibiotics.

Contacting partners if a test shows that youve got chlamydia, you should contact recent sexual partners and let them know. The NHS has specialist sexual health advisors who can help you do this, or who can offer to do it for you if youd prefer not to have the conversation yourself.

Who Should Get Chlamydia Testing

Is This Abnormal or Normal Vaginal Discharge? [Dr. Claudia]

Anyone who has symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease including vaginal discharge, urethral discharge, burning during urination, etc.should see a health care provider about STI testing and avoid having sex in the meantime.

The CDCs current recommendations are that sexually active women younger than 25 and sexually active women 25 and over with new or multiple sexual partners should be screened for chlamydia and gonorrhea once a year. Men who have sex with men should also be tested at 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year intervals .

Getting regular STI panels could be a good idea for everybodytalk to your doctor about whats right for you.

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Can Chlamydia Cause Complications

If you have chlamydia, you want it diagnosed because untreated chlamydia can lead to health problems in men and women.

In some men, untreated chlamydia can lead to urethritis , epididymitis , and prostatitis .

Untreated chlamydia in women can lead to serious complications like pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. In pelvic inflammatory disease, the female reproductive organs become inflamed. The fallopian tubes can become scarred or blocked, which can lead to infertility. PID also increases the risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal in some cases.

Chlamydia can also be passed from infected pregnant women to their infants during childbirth, leading to conjunctivitis or pneumonia in newborns.

Lastly, untreated chlamydial infection is a risk factor for contracting the human immunodeficiency virus .

Can I Get Treatment For Chlamydia Online

If you test positive for chlamydia or have a partner who tests positive, you can obtain treatment online through Virtuwell. Just fill out a short questionnaire detailing your health history and current situation, then a certified nurse practitioner will provide you with a chlamydia treatment plan and send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy. If youre not sure if you were exposed or not, we recommend starting a visit, just to be safe.

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What Does The Chlamydia Test Involve

The recommended tests for chlamydia are simple, painless and generally very reliable.

They involve sending a sample of cells to a laboratory for analysis. You dont necessarily have to be examined by a doctor or nurse first and can often collect the sample yourself.

There are two main ways the sample can be collected:

  • urinating into a container this should ideally be done at least 1 hour after you last urinated

The results will normally be available in 7 to 10 days. If theres a high chance you have chlamydia for example, you have symptoms of the infection or your partner has been diagnosed with it and youve had unprotected sex with them you might start treatment before you get your results.

Read more about treating chlamydia.

Should You Buy The Walgreens At Home Hiv Test

Chlamydia At Home Test Walmart

The stress of not knowing if you have a STD such as HIV is definitely jarring. This is especially true if you are exhibiting early signs of an infection. Just making a decision to test can be daunting. The instant over the counter STD test is very good. Unfortunately, since these rapid results only cover a single infection, youre missing out on critical health information. For total peace of mind, you should test for all of the most common sexually transmitted infections.

Thankfully, myLAB Box offers testing options for anonymous screening other STDs and STIs such as HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, mycoplasma genitalium, and more. These options go far beyond the scope of HIV. Testing more thoroughly makes it more likely that you will catch an STI before it becomes a problem.

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How Does A Mylab Box At Home Std Test Work

You dont have to rely on CVS at-home STD tests to check for STDs. There is another option available: myLAB Box at-home STD test kits. Heres how these tests work:

  • Order an STD test kit from the myLAB Box website. The packaging is discreet, so your neighbors wont know that you are receiving an STD test in the mail.
  • Follow the instructions inside the package to collect your sample. You will need to collect a saliva, blood, or urine sample, depending on the type of test.Everything you need to collect your sample will be included in the test kit. It only takes a few minutes to perform the test.
  • Ship your sample in using the self-addressed stamped envelope in your testing kit.
  • You will receive an email once your results are ready, which typically takes between 2 to 5 days. Click on the link in the email to view your results in a secure portal.
  • You have the option of scheduling a free consultation with a physician to discuss your test results. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your concerns, get your questions answered, and figure out what steps you need to take next.
  • Thats all it takes to get testedno doctors appointments or trips to the pharmacy required.

    Where Can I Buy A Chlamydia Test

    You can buy a SELFCheck Female Chlamydia Test online from Prescription Doctor. These test kits are relatively simple to use and can provide results in minutes.

    When you order your test kit, our UK based pharmacy will send the kit to you via a next-day discreet delivery.

    The kit comes with everything you need to conduct a test from the comfort of your own home. You dont need to send a sample off to a lab and wait for the results to come back.

    Note: The SELFCheck Female Chlamydia Test is only available for women and cannot be used to detect chlamydia infections in men.

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