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Are At Home Chlamydia Tests Accurate

Should I Let My Previous Partners Know If I Have An Sti

Startup delivers STD tests to your home

If you have an infection you should tell all of your current partners and anyone else that you have had sex with in the last 6 months. They may have an STI without knowing it, and may be passing it on to other people, so it is important for them to be tested. We know that you might find this difficult, so if you have an infection an NHS clinician will discuss notifying your partners with you.

How Can You Test For Stds At Home

Our roundup of nine home STD tests is a good starting point if you want to get tested without visiting a doctor.

Depending on the test, you may need to visit a lab in person for collection. Every other part of the process, including lab order, payment, and results, is done online.

If you receive a positive test result, the testing kit company may offer a consultation with one of their physicians about the next steps, such as further testing or treatment.

At this point, its also a good idea to contact your primary care doctor to share your results.

Why Do I Need A Chlamydia Test

Chlamydia is a very common STD, especially in sexually active people ages 15 to 24. But chlamydia usually doesn’t cause symptoms, so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health organizations recommend regular screening tests if your risk of getting chlamydia is high.

If you are a woman or a transgender or gender diverse person with a cervix , you should:

  • Get tested for chlamydia at least once a year if you are:
  • Younger than 25 and having sex
  • Age 25 or older and have a higher risk of getting chlamydia because you:
  • Have a new sex partner or more than one partner
  • Have a sex partner who is having sex with others
  • Have a sex partner with an STD
  • Don’t use condoms correctly every time
  • Get tested for chlamydia if you are pregnant.
  • Regular chlamydia testing at least once a year is also recommended if you:

    The best testing schedule for you may be different than the recommendations. Ask your provider how often you should get tested.

    Your provider will order a test if your sex partner has been diagnosed with chlamydia or if you have symptoms. Symptoms of chlamydia may include:

    • An unusual discharge from your genitals or rectum
    • Irritation or itching around your genitals
    • Pain or burning when you urinate
    • Rectal pain or bleeding if chlamydia infects the rectum

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    How Does An At

    Companies that offer at-home STD testing for common sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia make the process simple, discreet, and convenient. All you have to do is order your test online or by calling the company.

    You will receive the home collection kit by mail in a plain envelope for privacy. Youll activate the test and collect a sample , and use a prepaid shipping label to return the sample to the lab. After the lab analyzes your sample, you will receive confidential results, usually via a secure online account you set up when you order the kit. If tests are positive, some companies offer support like follow-up consultation with a medical professional.

    Before taking a chlamydia test, you should avoid urinating a couple hours in advance, avoid douching or vaginal creams, and stop taking medications like antibiotics .

    Which at-home chlamydia test should you choose?

    You can get an at-home test for just chlamydia or select panel kits that screen for multiple STDs. A standard STD panel might include testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Kits that test for chlamydia and gonorrhea are common. And a complete panel of STD tests may include a standard panel, plus testing for herpes, and three types of bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis .

    How Accurate Are Home Chlamydia Tests

    Chlamydia Test

    Chlamydia is an usual STD that can contaminate both males and females. It can trigger major, permanent damage to a womans reproductive system. How Accurate Are Home Chlamydia Tests

    We may receive a commission if you purchase via our affiliate links

    This can make it challenging or difficult for her to obtain expecting later. Chlamydia can also trigger a possibly deadly ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb.

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    How Accurate Is The Hiv Test

    Blood tests for HIV are reliable when done at the right time. We offer 2 types of HIV tests which have different window periods.

    • Lab test – results are most accurate at least 7 weeks after potential exposure to the infection.

    • Insti HIV test – results are most accurate 12 weeks after exposure.

    If youre not sure when you might have been exposed, test now and then take another test after 4 or 12 weeks, depending on the type of test.

    Both types of HIV tests will give you either a negative result or a reactive result.

    A negative result is highly accurate as long as you waited for the correct window period after your risk of infection. So, if you have a negative result after the window period then you can be confident that you do not have HIV.

    A reactive result means that the test has reacted with something in your blood. It could be a sign of HIV infection, but its not the same as a positive result. Read more about reactive results.

    What Is A Home Std Test And How Does It Work

    Sexually transmitted diseases are infections contracted during sexual contact. Testing for STDs can be stigmatizing, as people might be afraid to disclose their symptoms to their doctor. However, thanks to home STD tests, people can now check their health status conveniently and privately.

    A home STD test is a testing kit that you can take in the privacy of your home for a range of STDs that may include chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis and HIV, says Dr. Apea.

    Although most testing kits work for a range of STDs, the testing kits you are given depends on the symptoms or answers you give to questions when completing a home test kit, says Dr. Ross Perry, G.P., at Cosmedics in the United Kingdom.

    Home STD tests work by collecting a sample from a specified site. Depending on the tests you request, you may be directed to take a swab , give a urine sample, or give a finger-prick blood sample, says Dr. Apea.

    Most test kits will include all the equipment you need, plus instructions on how to test safely and accurately. After taking the test, the samples are mailed straight to the lab for analysis. The results are often delivered privately via text or email in a few days.

    Home STD Testing

    A comprehensive at-home STD test that can be taken in the privacy of your own home. The test covers various sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and more.

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    Where Can I Get Free Sti Testing

    Free or heavily discounted STI testing may be available. People in the U.S. can search in this CDC database to find free tests nearby.

    Certain foundations and nonprofit organizations also provide free testing. For example, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation offers this in more than 28 locations nationwide.

    What Does A Positive Chlamydia Test Result Mean

    Sneaky Chlamydia | Do You Have It & Not Know It?

    If the test is positive, the lab detected the bacteria that cause chlamydia. This means you have a chlamydia infection and will need treatment . You will also need to notify your sexual partners, so they can get tested, too.

    After finishing treatment, you will need additional follow-up chlamydia tests. You may need another test three weeks after treatment and possibly another test three months later. Ask your provider when you should get a follow-up test.

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    Anything Else I Should Know

    Chlamydia is spread through any form of unsafe sex. So if your test shows that you have chlamydia, its really important that you let your sexual partners know that you have it, as they may have it too. Your current sexual partner and any recent partners should all get tested and treated.

    The staff at the clinic can get in touch with your partners confidentially if youre not up to it.

    To make sure that you dont re-infect each other, you must not have any sex or share sex toys with your partner until seven days after you have both completed your treatment.

    Re-test after six weeks to confirm that treatment has been successful and that the test result was accurate.

    If your original test was positive its also important to get a repeat test after three months. We will contact you to remind you.

    Chlamydia Test: Chlamydia Blood & Urine Testing

    The incubation times vary from person-to-person for the most accurate results, If you have specific concerns regarding the testing, However, such as rapid point-of-care (tests at the time and place What Is the Accuracy of Urine Test for Chlamydia?5 rows · After determining the chlamydia urine test accuracy, & Accurate

    That being said, It comes with the advantage that it can be done on a urine sample.

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    Benefits Of Early Detection And Treatment

    If you think you may have an STD, its important to stop engaging in sexual activity and seek treatment. Early detection and treatment of STDs plays an important role in stopping the transmission of STDs between yourself, your sexual partners, and their sexual partners. In some cases, it can even save your life.

    Some of the potential risks of untreated STDs include:

    Taking care of your sexual health is important. Not everyone will voluntarily disclose their STD status to you. You can take control of your sexual health by asking questions, screening new sexual partners, and having open and honest discussions about sexually transmitted diseases.

    What Happens If The Result Comes Back Positive

    Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea (Rectal Swab)

    The next step is to receive medical advice. A doctor can suggest a treatment plan to alleviate any symptoms, for example, and prevent the infection from passing to others.

    A healthcare professional can also provide guidance about any other sexual health concerns and describe ways of reducing the risk of contracting STIs.

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    How Often Should I Get Tested

    The CDC recommends that sexually active women younger than 25 years old get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia every year. Women 25 years and older with a new partner, multiple partners, or a partner who has an STI should also get tested annually.

    Sexually active gay and bisexual men should be tested for syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea annually. In cases of frequent sexual encounters with multiple partners, the CDC recommends testing every 3 to 6 months.

    If youre experiencing any symptoms of an STI, you should get tested immediately.

    Choosing The Right Test

    Most of our test kits look for more than one infection, making them ideal if you just want a check-up This might be a good idea if youve been having casual sex, particularly with more than one partner, or you havent been tested in a while.

    We categorise our tests depending on who will be using them, and which samples are required:

    If you arent sure what kind of kit you need this may be the case if youre a trans man or trans woman the clinician who looks at your questionnaire will be able to advise you.

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    What Are Rapid At

    There are some rapid, at-home STD tests available they are designed to function like a home pregnancy test, with self-collection and results within 30 minutes or so. However, these are not approved by the FDA to be sold directly to consumers. There is one FDA-approved rapid, at-home test for HIV.

    Diagnostic tests that are sold for direct use entirely by consumers require FDA approval. But STD tests done in a lab dont have to be approved by the FDA. Those testing providers simply have to show that their laboratories are compliant with CLIA certification, which means the laboratories and their processes are up to the standards required by federal law.

    Best For Couples: Mylab Box

    Home STI Testing | How Does It Work?


    Type of Testing:Self-collected samples

    STI Tests Available: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, HPV, herpes, HIV, mycoplasma. PreP and vaginal discharge options are available.

    Time to Receive Results:2 to 5 days

    Cost: $79 to $369, $499 for a couples kit, coupons available

    Like NURX, My Lab Box offers kits that allow you to self swab the mouth and rectum, not just test for genital STIs. They also have several additional test options, such as a kit that provides tests for both parts of a couple, and tests to diagnose different causes of vaginal discharge. It has some information about each STI, but no good information about testing windows. Physician consults are available if you test positive, and it may be possible to get a prescription for treatment. Otherwise, a certified STI counselor is available, but not a physician.

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    How Do Home Chlamydia Tests Work

    Taking a home chlamydia test typically involves collecting a urine or genital swab sample while at home and then sending it to a lab for analysis. Lab technicians then determine whether the bacterium responsible for chlamydia is present in the sample.

    Some home testing companies allow a person to discreetly order testing kits while at home but then require the person to take the kit to a specified laboratory where a technician will collect a sample. The lab that analyzed the sample then sends the results directly to the person who ordered the test.

    Some home-testing companies have doctors on staff who can write a prescription and send it to a pharmacy if required.

    Before the chlamydia test, a person should:

    • avoid douching or using vaginal creams for 24 hours before the test
    • avoid taking antibiotics for 24 hours before the test
    • refrain from urinating for 12 hours before taking the sample

    If a test indicates that a person has chlamydia and the company does not offer a follow-up consultation service, they should contact a doctor or healthcare professional. Without treatment, chlamydia can cause serious

    gynecological exam or regular health checkup, but this is not always the case. With this in mind, anyone who believes they may have chlamydia should consider a test.

    One symptom of chlamydia is a burning sensation when urinating. A person experiencing this issue should contact a doctor, even if a home chlamydia test has returned a negative result.

    Testing Before The Incubation Period

    Every STD test has an advised date from which a test becomes accurate. This is because the bacteria needs enough time to multiply within your body in order for it to reach a detectable level when taking a chlamydia test. For chlamydia this is often 14 days. If you test before that 14 days is over, you may test negative, but you could still pass the bacteria on following your test.

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    Can I Accurately Do A Chlamydia Swab Test At Home

    Of course yes! Technology and innovations have made whole lots of things easier and faster for us, provided the fact that you follow the instructions on the at home chlamydia swab kit meticulously, you should get a very accurate result. Moreover, you can also read the Chlamydia test result as it contain all the information with full report.

    What We Look For In The Best At

    Std Self Use High Accuracy Rapid Kit Chlamydia Home Test

    We looked for several factors when researching the best at-home chlamydia tests. We made sure tests met the following criteria:

    • Fast results To prevent a long anxious wait, we ensured each test provides fast chlamydia test results.
    • Reliable results When it comes to your health, you want to know that you can trust the results of a test.
    • Discreet testing Test kits should be delivered in nondescript packaging and your results should be secure and confidential.
    • Medical support Consultations for positive results to discuss the next steps and prescribe or recommend treatment if necessary.
    • Test variety Companies that offered both individual chlamydia tests and STD panels that include testing for the infection, scored highly.
    • Value-for-money At-home chlamydia testing for a fair price, with no costly add-ons.

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    Can Chlamydia Cause Complications

    If you have chlamydia, you want it diagnosed because untreated chlamydia can lead to health problems in men and women.

    In some men, untreated chlamydia can lead to urethritis , epididymitis , and prostatitis .

    Untreated chlamydia in women can lead to serious complications like pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. In pelvic inflammatory disease, the female reproductive organs become inflamed. The fallopian tubes can become scarred or blocked, which can lead to infertility. PID also increases the risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal in some cases.

    Chlamydia can also be passed from infected pregnant women to their infants during childbirth, leading to conjunctivitis or pneumonia in newborns.

    Lastly, untreated chlamydial infection is a risk factor for contracting the human immunodeficiency virus .


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