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Can You Get Tested For Chlamydia While On Your Period

Can You Test For An Std Whilst On Your Period

What are the most common STIs? | How can you get tested?

Yes, you can get tested for an STD whilst on your period. Most private STD clinics offer STD testing that can be completed using a urine sample or a blood sample from your arm, neither of which will be affected by your period.

Examples of STDs you can be tested for via blood or urine samples include:

Your Sexual Health also provides at home STI tests which can be done whilst you are on your period as, again, they only require samples of urine or blood.

This can be beneficial if you are too embarrassed to go to a clinic or if you are simply feeling too under the weather and want to take the test in the comfort of your own home.

For more information on these tests

Can I Get An Sti Without Intercourse If We Are Just Fooling Around

Yes, you can get some STI just by intimate skin-to-skin touching or kissing of an infected area.

All kinds of sex, including oral, vaginal and anal intercourse, can transmit infections. They’re also contracted through body fluids like blood, semen, saliva, vaginal secretions and breast milk.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re heterosexual, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit or questioning. STI can be transmitted by anyone.

Drugs and/or alcohol can impair judgement and lead to risky behaviour. When you or your partner are impaired and ‘caught up in the moment’, you may be more likely to have sex without a condom and take other risks that can increase your exposure to STI and unplanned pregnancy.

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Most STI have no obvious symptoms , so you may not know if you or your sexual partner has an infection. That’s why practising safer sex and getting tested regularly is so important.

How Is Trich Diagnosed

It isnt possible to diagnose trichomoniasis based on symptoms alone . A healthcare provider must perform a test to diagnose trich.

The parasite is harder to detect in men than in women. General tips for women to help their provider find out what they may have include:

  • Schedule the exam when youre not having your monthly period.
  • If you have sex less than 24 hours before the exam, use condoms.

Healthcare providers often diagnose trich in women by putting a sample of vaginal fluid or discharge on a slide and viewing the parasite under a microscope. This test is not always reliable.

A culture test is another method to detect trich, and can be used with males and females. Culture tests use urine, or a swab from the vagina or urethra, and make the trich parasite easier to find by growing it in a lab.

Recently, tests that are much more accurate have become available, including DNA tests that are reliable in men and women. These tests can be done with vaginal swabs or urine.

Women may have a trich test done along with a pelvic exam. One of these tests even allows healthcare providers to check for trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea using the same sample.

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Get A Pap Smear Today

Because symptoms of cervical cancer can be mistaken for other common conditions, its crucial to get regular Pap smears to detect it as early as possible. It just might save your life.

Remind your mom, sisters, friends every woman in your life today! Our womens health team is standing by, ready to help you live a long, healthy life.

Can You Be On Your Period During Std Testing

Blood Clots in Pregnancy

Yes! Its totally okay and normal to get tested for STDs at any point during your menstrual cycle, even on your heaviest days. Your period wont affect the results.

STD testing can be quick, easy, and painless. Your nurse or doctor may ask you to take a urine test, cheek swab, blood test, or a physical exam. Make an appointment to get tested for STDs with your nearest Planned Parenthood health center.

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How Is Trich Treated

Trichomoniasis is curable with antibiotics, typically metronidazole or Tinidazole . If you are being treated for trichomoniosis, keep these facts in mind:

  • Use all the medicine prescribed, even if your symptoms go away
  • Sex partners must also be treated, or you will get trich again
  • Do not have sex until all partners have finished the medication

Chlamydia In Women: A Complete Guide

To help women protect themselves against this common type of sexually transmitted disease , Flo has prepared a guide that explains the basics of chlamydia.

STDs are infections that are transmitted from one person to another via sexual contact. Today, there are over 20 types of STDs and chlamydia is one of them.

Whether you suspect that you might have it or want to educate yourself, let this guide help you find all the answers you were looking for.

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Why Wait Seven Days After Chlamydia Treatment

If youre getting treatment for chlamydia, avoid oral, anal, or vaginal sex until seven days after the treatment is over. As chlamydia is a bacteria, your health care provider will most likely prescribe you antibiotics that need time to be effective.

If your partner is getting treatment, you should wait seven days after they take all of their medicine. If you dont wait for the treatment to be effective and have sex earlier, you can get the infection again.

What Does A Chlamydia Infection Look Like

How to Test for STD (Chlamydia & Gonorrhea) DNA Rapidly?

Although few, some of the visible signs of chlamydia in females include:

  • Cervical inflammation and bleeding: the infection can cause inflammation at the cervix and make the outer portion of the cervix look red, a condition called cervicitis. This would only be visible if a health care provider examines you.
  • Discharge: some of the signs you have chlamydia also includes a change in vaginal discharge. Youll notice more discharge than usual, and it may be yellowish or even bloodstained, that may have an odor.
  • Swelling during a pelvic exam: sometimes, during your pelvic exam, your doctor might discover tenderness within the pelvis, especially on touching the cervix. They may also detect swelling of the tubes and ovaries.

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When Should I Get Tested For Stds

If youre sexually active, you should be tested for STDs. After potential exposures, you may think it is best to get tested right away. But, there is actually a window period for STD testing. You can think of this window period as a waiting period, because once youve been exposed to or even infected with a STD, you wont test positive right away.

Here at Infectious Diseases Tropical Medicine and Travel Clinic, we understand that this will be a difficult time for you. We want to help you determine the best time to make an appointment to see Dr. Choudhary for more information about STDs. Here are a few things you should know about STD testing.

How Important Is It To Get Tested

Yes, don’t avoid it you shouldnt avoid testing just because its a hassle or you dont want to pay for a home test kit. A lot of people who have a chlamydia infection dont get any symptoms at all. However, if this is left untreated, you can develop long-term complications. These complications include:

  • Spread of chlamydia to other parts of the body
  • Infertility because of damage to the reproductive system
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease , a condition that causes pain and inflammation around the pelvis
  • Reactive arthritis, which is painful and swollen joints as a direct result of chlamydia

Going to a clinic is still a good option staff at GP practices and sexual health clinics are discreet and professional. Some sexual health clinics even say that you can use a false name if you are very worried about confidentiality they would rather you give a false name than not go at all! Also, sexual health clinics cannot share your medical records with your GP without your permission.

If you are worried about testing you can make an appointment to speak to a GP about it. They can advise you on the best course of action, answer any questions you might have, or provide some reassurance.

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How Do I Test For Chlamydia

You can get tested for chlamydia even if you dont have any symptoms.

Getting tested for chlamydia is easy and doesnt hurt. A healthcare professional will ask for a urine sample and/or take a swab from the area that might be infected. This is usually the lower part of the womb or the vagina for women, and the tip of the penis for men. If youve had anal or oral sex, you may have a swab taken from your anus or throat.

In some countries you can get a self-testing kit to do at home.

If you test positive for chlamydia, its important to tell any recent sexual partner/s so they can also get tested, and treated if necessary. If you need advice about how to do this, speak to your healthcare professional. You should also test for other STIs.

Is Chlamydia Serious

Know When to Delay your Travel to Avoid Spreading COVID

Although chlamydia does not usually cause any symptoms and can normally be treated with a short course of antibiotics, it can be serious if it’s not treated early on.

If left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of your body and lead to long-term health problems, especially in women.

In women, untreated chlamydia can cause pelvic inflammatory disease , ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

In men, in rare cases, chlamydia can spread to the testicles and epididymis , causing them to become painful and swollen. This is known as epididymitis or epididymo-orchitis .

It can also sometimes cause reactive arthritis in men and women.

This is why it’s important to get tested and treated as soon as possible if you think you might have chlamydia.

Testing for chlamydia is done with a urine test or a swab test.

You do not always need a physical examination by a nurse or doctor.

Anyone can get a free and confidential chlamydia test at a sexual health clinic, a genitourinary medicine clinic or a GP surgery.

In England, if you’re a woman under 25 years old, you may be offered a chlamydia test when you visit some health services, for example a pharmacy or GP. This offer is part of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme .

If you’re offered a chlamydia test you should consider taking it.

If you’re a woman, sexually active and under 25 in England, it’s recommended that you have a chlamydia test once a year, and when you have sex with new or casual partners.

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Can Stis Be Treated

Most STIs are easily treated. Lots of STIs are treated with antibiotics. Other STIs need creams and other tablets.

Some STIs remain in your system for a long time or forever, and their symptoms are managed, for example, herpes.

HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, cannot be cured but it can be controlled by medication.

Family Planning has clinics located throughout New Zealand. Use the clinic finder to find your nearest clinic.

How Long Does It Take To Show Up In The Throat

Symptoms of chlamydia in your throat are typically caused by having oral sex with someone whos contracted the infection.

Its much less common to notice throat symptoms, but they may still appear after a week or so, up to a few months or longer.

STI tests that look for chlamydia arent always done on the throat since its an area that does not carry the infection often. Ask your doctor for a throat swab or other chlamydia test if you think youve been exposed through oral sex.

Here are the most common symptoms of chlamydia in both people with penises and people with vulvas.

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Can Chlamydia Be Cured

Yes, chlamydia can be cured with the right treatment. It is important that you take all of the medication your doctor prescribes to cure your infection. When taken properly it will stop the infection and could decrease your chances of having complications later on. You should not share medication for chlamydia with anyone.

Repeat infection with chlamydia is common. You should be tested again about three months after you are treated, even if your sex partner was treated.

How Do I Tell My Partner I Have An Sti

At Home STD Testing | Should You Get Tested?

If you have an STI, it’s important that your sexual partner be tested as well to make sure the infection doesn’t spread further. There are many ways to tell your partner that they need to get tested for STI.

There are programs and tools to help you tell your partner anonymously that they need to get tested.

Contact your local public health department for more information.

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What Does Chlamydia Infection Mean For My Health

Chlamydia can be treated and cured easily, but that doesnt mean that chlamydia infection isnt potentially dangerous. If chlamydia isnt diagnosed and left untreated, it can cause serious complications.

Untreated chlamydia infections in women may lead to:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease , a serious infection of the reproductive organs . Left untreated, PID can cause infertility , chronic pelvic pain, or ectopic pregnancy.
  • Cystitis
  • A condition called mucopurulent cervicitis, characterized by a yellow discharge from the cervix

Untreated chlamydia in men may lead to:

  • Prostatitis
  • Scarring of the urethra
  • Infertility
  • Epididymitis

How To Use An External Condom

External condoms are also known as “male” condoms because they cover the penis during sex. There are 3 kinds of external condoms: natural, latex and synthetic. Natural condoms help prevent pregnancy but don’t protect against STI. To protect against STI, make sure to use a latex or synthetic condom.

1. Open carefully

Don’t use teeth, scissors or a knife to open the condom. Roughly tearing or handling the condom can damage it. If the person handling the condom has long fingernails, be extra careful as they can nick the condom, making it ineffective, putting you at risk of STI or unplanned pregnancy.

2. Place and pinch

Put the condom at the tip of the erect penis and pinch out the air at the top. You can also put condoms on sex toys to make sure they won’t transmit STI. If the sex toy is inserted in different partners or openings, the condom should be changed.

3. Roll it on

Unroll the condom right down to the base of the erect penis or sex toy.

4. Afterwards

The condom user should pull out right after ejaculation and while the penis is still hard. Remember to hold the base of the condom when pulling out so that it doesn’t come off. Throw the used condom in the garbage and don’t reuse it.


It’s recommended to use lubricated condoms and, if needed, add a personal lubricant to the outside of the condom to decrease the risk of breaking and to decrease discomfort.

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What Are The Treatments For Chlamydia

Antibiotics will cure the infection. You may get a one-time dose of the antibiotics, or you may need to take medicine every day for 7 days. Antibiotics cannot repair any permanent damage that the disease has caused.

To prevent spreading the disease to your partner, you should not have sex until the infection has cleared up. If you got a one-time dose of antibiotics, you should wait 7 days after taking the medicine to have sex again. If you have to take medicine every day for 7 days, you should not have sex again until you have finished taking all of the doses of your medicine.

It is common to get a repeat infection, so you should get tested again about three months after treatment.

Other Less Common Sti

Can you get your period while you

Mycoplasma genitalium

Mycoplasma genitalium is a bacterial infection that’s passed through sex and genital contact, and can be responsible for inflammation of the urethra , inflammation of the cervix, pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility.

Usually, a urine sample or swab is taken to test for mycoplasma genitalium if inflammation is detected. The best current treatment is with antibiotics, but mycoplasma genitalium is developing a resistance to some of these drugs, meaning you might need a combination of antibiotics.

It’s important that you take your medication as prescribed, even if you start to feel better. If you’ve finished your treatment for mycoplasma genitalium and still have symptoms, you should go back to your health care provider as soon as possible. Re-testing may be necessary to determine whether the infection is gone, or if you need additional or alternate treatment.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin rash that’s transmitted during oral, anal and/or vaginal sex, or from towels or clothing from someone who has the infection.

The rash can appear on the genitals, or eyes, nose and mouth, and will often go away without treatment, although it can cause scarring.

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The Health Risks Of Chlamydia

For up to 40 percent of infected women, untreated chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease . PID effects include abdominal pain, fever, internal abscesses and long-lasting pelvic pain effects also include scarring of the fallopian tubes, which can cause infertility and increase the chance of potentially life-threatening ectopic or tubal pregnancies.

Men can develop scarring of the urethra, making urination difficult and occasionally causing infertility. Although rare, both sexes are at risk of a type of arthritis known as Reiter’s Syndrome that causes inflammation and swelling of the joints.

If a pregnant woman has chlamydia, her baby may be born prematurely, have eye infections or develop pneumonia.

Can Chlamydia Be Prevented

The only sure way to prevent chlamydia is to not have vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

Correct usage of latex condoms greatly reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of catching or spreading chlamydia. If your or your partner is allergic to latex, you can use polyurethane condoms.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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