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Can Chlamydia Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex

What To Do If You Think You Have Chlamydia

STIs: What you need to know

For many people, chlamydia has no symptoms and can go completely undetected until you take a chlamydia STD test. If youve had unprotected sex with someone for the first time or someone you have had sex with has told you they have chlamydia, you should get tested.

The type of test that you take will depend on the type of exposure that youve had and may involve a simple urine sample or a swab sample. If you suspect that you have chlamydia, you should avoid having sex with anyone until you get your results. If your results are positive, youll be able to receive antibiotics to treat the infection, but should avoid sex until you retake your test and it returns negative.

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The Different Ways Chlamydia Can Be Transmitted

Giving oral sex to a partner with a penile chlamydia infection can transmit the infection to your mouth/throat.

Giving oral sex to a partner with a chlamydia infection in the rectum can result in getting chlamydia in your throat/mouth.

Vaginal sex

Fingering of the rectum may transmit chlamydia if the recipient has a chlamydia infection of the rectum. When infected bodily fluids come into contact with the hand, this can then transmit the chlamydia to mucous membranes the hand comes into contact with .

Sex toys

Sharing sex toys, especially if infected fluids come into contact with the toy, can result in chlamydia transmission.

What Health Problems Can Result From Chlamydia

The initial damage that chlamydia causes is often unnoticed. However, infections can lead to serious health problems with both short- and long-term effects.

If a woman does not receive treatment, chlamydia can spread into the uterus or fallopian tubes, causing PID. Symptomatic PID occurs in about 10-15% of women who do not receive treatment.30,31 However, chlamydia can also cause subclinical inflammation of the upper genital tract . Both acute and subclinical PID can cause long-term damage to the fallopian tubes, uterus, and surrounding tissues. The damage can lead to chronic pelvic pain, tubal factor infertility, and potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy.32,33

Some patients with PID develop perihepatitis, or Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome. This syndrome includes inflammation of the liver capsule and surrounding peritoneum, which can cause right upper quadrant pain.

In pregnant people, untreated chlamydia can lead to pre-term delivery,34 ophthalmia neonatorum , and pneumonia in the newborn.

Reactive arthritis can occur in men and women, following infection with or without symptoms. This is sometimes part of a triad of symptoms formerly referred to as Reiters Syndrome.35

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Transmission Of Herpes Transmission Through Oral Sex: Symptomatic Vs Asymptomatic And With Protection Vs Without It

Since herpes transmission is through the direct skin-to-skin contact the oral to genital acquisition as well as genital to oral transmission follow the same general rule for herpes transmission

There are no statistics available on the probability of herpes transmission via oral sex .

Transmission of oral herpes when symptomatic versus when not symptomatic

The table below summarizes the risk of oral herpes transmission-over time, with multiple sex acts-when the infected person is symptomatic and when they are not.

These percentages are general estimates. They may vary from person to person based on immune system strength , skin condition , and race .

Disease manifestation

How Chlamydia Is Treated

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chlamydia can usually be treated easily with antibiotics.

You may be given a course of doxycycline to take for a week or azithromycin to take once a day for 3 days.

If you have doxycycline, you should not have sex until you and your current sexual partner have finished treatment.

If you have azithromycin, you should wait 7 days after treatment before having sex .

It’s important that your current sexual partner and any other recent sexual partners you have had are also tested and treated to help stop the spread of the infection.

Under-25s who have chlamydia should be offered another test 3 to 6 months after being treated.

This is because young adults who test positive for chlamydia are at increased risk of catching it again.

Sexual health or genitourinary medicine clinics can help you contact your sexual partners.

Either you or the clinic can speak to them, or they can be sent a note advising them to get tested.

The note will not have your name on it, so your confidentiality will be protected.

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Do You Need Protection From Chlamydia During Oral Sex

Yes, to help avoid catching STIs like chlamydia if you want to reduce your risk of getting chlamydia during oral sex, use a barrier method of protection .

Condoms and dental dams can protect you these provide a barrier between you or your partners mouth and genitals, to reduce the risk of any harmful bacteria spreading between. If you have a new partner and are worried about getting chlamydia through oral sex, use a barrier method until you have both been tested for STIs.

Unprotected sex always comes with risks having any kind of unprotected sex with someone you know has chlamydia is a big risk, and will leave you open to infection. Chlamydia is easy to diagnose and even easier to treat, so it’s worth keeping up with testing. Withholding information about STIs when having unprotected sex with another person is a very serious issue.

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Trichomoniasis Is Caused By A Parasitic Infection

Trichomoniasis or “trich” is caused by an infection from a parasite that is typically found in the genital area. Fortenberry said that although it’s a bit rare for this disease to pass from one’s genitals to another’s mouth, it could happen.

“Most people don’t consider trichomoniasis to be having important transmission through oral-genital sex,” he said. “That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened in the history of the world, but most people don’t see it as a commonplace.”

According to the CDC, this infection can typically be cured with a single dose of antibiotics.

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Chlamydia In The Throat: Symptoms Treatment & More

When it comes to avoiding sexually transmitted infections , some people think oral sex is safer than intercourse. But several STIssuch as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphiliscan spread through oral sex.

In this article, Ill focus on chlamydia and oral sex. Like chlamydia in the genital area, chlamydia in the throat may not cause any symptoms, so its important to practice safe oral sex, talk to your sexual partners about their health, and get tested for STIs.

In many cases, chlamydia is curable with antibiotics, however an untreated chlamydia infection can result in serious health problems, including ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

So if you think you may have chlamydia, its important to see a healthcare provider.

Read on to learn how you can get chlamydia from oral sex, what the symptoms are, how to get diagnosed and treated for it, and when to see your doctor.

How Do You Prevent Chlamydia

What You Need to Know About Chlamydia

Using a new male or female condom or dental dam every time you have sex is the best way to protect against chlamydia.

Chlamydia can be passed on by sharing sex toys. Always cover sex toys with a new condom and wash them after use to reduce your risk of getting chlamydia and other STIs.

Its important to regularly test for chlamydia, even if you dont have any symptoms, especially if youve had multiple sexual partners.

The contraceptive pill and other types of contraception wont prevent you getting chlamydia, and neither will PrEP.

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Chances Of Getting An Std: Separating Myths From Facts

Sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that result from sexually transmitted infections . The terms are often used interchangeably, but technically speaking, the virus or condition that is spread from person to person is typically an STI. If the infection leads to symptoms, which doesnt always happen, it becomes an STD.

Although STIs are fairly common and widely discussed, theres also a lot of misinformation out there. Because of that, it can be hard to get the real facts about STIs. This article provides clear answers about the chances of getting an STD from different types of sexual encounters.

Facts About The Risk Of Contracting Hiv Infection Through Giving Oral Sex

Here we will discuss the chance of getting HIV through giving oral sex to an HIV-positive person.

The likelihood of getting HIV through giving a single blow job to an HIV-positive person is no more than 1 in 2,500 acts .

There is no likelihood of getting HIV by engaging in cunnilingus, as no cases of this occurring have been documented and reported in reliable sources.

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Oral Transmission Of Chlamydia

Oral chlamydia is relatively rare, but it can occur if the bacteria come into contact with the mucous membranes in the mouth. This can happen through kissing, sharing sex toys, or contact with infected body fluids. The oral transmission of chlamydia was further evaluated in a case-control study conducted on men attending an STD clinic between 2011 to 2013. The study aimed to assess the ratio of cases of Urethritis that were developed after oral sex. The collected data showed 27.5% of the men to have gonococcal Urethritis, 31.4 % to have Chlamydial Urethritis, and 36.9% to have non-chlamydia Urethritis after urethral exposure to their oropharynx. The study concluded by stating the oral route, including the pharynx, to be an important transmission route for chlamydia and other pathogens.

How Common Is Chlamydia

7 STDs to Avoid

CDC estimates that there were four million chlamydial infections in 2018.3 Chlamydia is also the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the United States.4 It is difficult to account for many cases of chlamydia. Most people with the infection have no symptoms and do not seek testing. Chlamydia is most common among young people. Two-thirds of new chlamydial infections occur among youth aged 15-24 years.3 Estimates show that 1 in 20 sexually active young women aged 14-24 years has chlamydia.5

Disparities persist among racial and ethnic minority groups. In 2020, chlamydia rates for African Americans/Blacks were six times that of Whites.4 Chlamydia is also common among MSM. Among MSM screened for rectal chlamydial infection, positivity ranges from 3.0% to 10.5%.6,7 Among MSM screened for pharyngeal chlamydial infection, positivity has ranges from 0.5% to 2.3%.7.8

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How Can I Protect Myself From Chlamydia

Its not always possible to know if a current or potential partner has chlamydia, though, especially since many people with chlamydia never notice symptoms. With prevention in mind, its a good idea to make safer sex practices a regular part of your sex life:

  • Dont share sex toys, but if you do, wash them after each use and cover toys used for penetration with a condom.
  • Have sex with only one partner, who only has sex with you.

How Does Chlamydia Affect A Pregnant Person And Their Baby

In newborns, untreated chlamydia can cause:

  • ophthalmia neonatorum ,

Prospective studies show that chlamydial conjunctivitis and pneumonia occur in 18-44% and 3-16%, respectively, of infants born to those with chlamydia. 9-12 Neonatal prophylaxis against gonococcal conjunctivitis routinely performed at birth does not effectively prevent chlamydial conjunctivitis.37-39

Screening for and treating chlamydia in pregnant people is the best way to prevent disease in infants. At the first prenatal visit and during the third trimester, screen:

  • All pregnant people under age 25 and
  • All pregnant people 25 years and older at increased risk for chlamydia .

Retest those with infection four weeks and three months after they complete treatment.40

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Reducing The Risk From Oral Sex

The risk from unprotected oral sex with someone with a detectable viral load increases if you have:

  • a throat infection
  • damage to the lining of the mouth or throat
  • had recent dental work or your gums bleed a lot.

Avoid performing oral sex without protection on someone with a detectable viral load while you have any of the above.

Dont floss or brush teeth before oral sex . Regular check-ups for STIs will pick up infections in your throat.

Remember that other STIs can also be passed on through oral sex, including herpes, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis.

Signs And Symptoms Of Oral And Nose Chlamydia

What is chlamydia? | Infectious diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Most medical health reports reveal that Chlamydia lives like a silent infection in most people. In fact, around 50% of men and 75% of women do not show any specific symptom of this disease. However, in other cases, the person may show signs even within one to three weeks after getting infected. Males and females generally have similar kind of symptoms for oral and nose chlamydia, but few gender-specific symptoms can be observed as well.

The major impact of oral chlamydia is seen on cell lining and throat area. Most patients report a sore throat or pharyngitis, and it may last for several days. The level of discomfort may vary person to person when it has a major impact on the throat, a person usually face difficulty in swallowing. A sore throat is generally accompanied by low-grade fever, and people may also have swollen lymph nodes on the neck area. But in general, most people infected with oral chlamydia do not show any recognizable symptom however, nose chlamydia may have few.

Some of the most common symptoms associated with oral and nose chlamydia are listed below:

  • It may cause some painless sores on the mouth area.
  • Can develop cold sores around the mouth.
  • Person can also suffer from tonsillitis like symptoms.
  • Many patients also report redness with some white spots that resemble strep throat.
  • It can also lead to the dry and scratchy throat.
  • Some ladies also experience fever, nausea and eye irritations.
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    Gonorrhea Doesn’t Always Come With Obvious Symptoms

    Fortenberry said that gonorrhea is one of the more common infections you can get from oral sex. But he also said it’s common for this infection to go undetected many people with gonorrhea-related throat infections experience no symptoms at all.

    “Gonorrhea can be transmitted from someone’s genitals to a person’s throat. In some circumstances, it can be transmitted from a person’s throat to another person’s genitals,” he said. “Most often, it would be from someone’s throat to someone’s genitals.”

    If caught early, gonorrhea can be treated and cured using antibiotics, according to The Mayo Clinic.

    What Is The Risk From Oral Sex

    Results from the PARTNER study show that if someone with HIV is taking effective HIV medication and has an undetectable viral load, they cannot pass on HIV.

    According to Public Health England, around 1-3% of sexual HIV transmissions in the UK are because of oral sex. Other studies found that the risk is very low but is not zero.

    The risks are higher if the person giving oral sex has:

    • cuts, sores or abrasions in their mouth or gums
    • a sore throat or infection in the mouth or throat.

    Or if the person receiving oral sex is:

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    Tips For Safe Kissing

    Follow these tips to practice safe kissing and prevent transmission of other conditions:

    • Avoid kissing someone if either of you has open sores.
    • Avoid kissing someone if either of you has cuts in or around the mouth.
    • Avoid kissing someone when youre sick or if theyre sick.
    • Dont bite during kissing.
    • Find other parts of the body to kiss instead of the lips, such as the cheek or hand.

    Kissing doesnt have to be off-limits to prevent the transmission of disease. If you temporarily avoid kissing or change the way you kiss during a bout of illness, you could lower your chances for getting the condition.

    Facts About How When And Why Herpes Is Transmitted In The Absence Of Symptoms

    Chlamydia : DB Clinic

    Most herpes-positive people want to protect their partners from getting the infection, but this is not always possible. This is because the infected person can pass herpes even when they have no symptoms.

    Asymptomatic herpes transmission has been studied, but results to date leave many open questions. Physicians must make many educated assumptions.

    How asymptomatic herpes virus shedding occurs

    It is believed that silent herpes transmission occurs when active herpes virus from a local nerve ganglion migrates to the surface of the skin. Skin-to-skin contact where the virus is active is required for transmission. Still unknown is what concentration of virus on the skin is required for transmission.

    When silent transmission occurs

    It is believed that factors that cause herpes to flare up, such as stress, exhaustion, and other disease, make silent transmission of herpes likelier, but this hasn’t been proven. A strong immune system probably suppresses the virus quickly enough to prevent a visible skin flare-up, though transmission can still occur. This too hasn’t been proven.

    When silent transmission is likeliest

    • The risk of transmission is highest in the first year after the patient contracts herpes.
    • The period from a few days before an outbreak to a few days after it is when the risk of transmission is greatest.

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    Female Complications Of Untreated Chlamydia

    Some women develop PID, an infection that can damage the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. PID is a painful disease that often requires hospital treatment.

    Women can also become infertile if chlamydia is left untreated because the fallopian tubes may become scarred.

    Pregnant women with the infection can pass the bacteria to their babies during birth, which can cause eye infections and pneumonia in newborns.

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