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Are There Any Home Remedies For Chlamydia

Are There Any Home Remedies To Treat Vaginal Itching

Home Remedies For Chlamydia – Best Home Remedies For Chlamydia

There are home remedies for almost everything that a doctor treats using surgical methods. Likewise, there are certain home remedies that a person can use to treat vaginal itching:

  • Avoid using scented pads, creams, appointments, bubble baths, and other feminine chemical products.
  • Use a bar of unscented or herbal soap to clean the genital area once a day. Make sure you do not do it more than once to prevent vaginal dryness.
  • Always prefer to wear cotton undergarments. Make sure you change them daily in order to avoid any kind of infection in the genital area.
  • Till the time a baby continues to wear a diaper, a mother should make sure that she changes it frequently to avoid any inflammation or infection.
  • During sexual intercourse, always prefer using a condom. This will help females to avoid the development of any kind of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
  • If you are suffering from vaginal dryness, then you must use a water-based lubricant before having sex.
  • If it is unbearable to get along with the itching and irritation, you can try a talcum powder. Make sure that you do not end up scratching the area as it can result in being more irritating and uncomfortable.
  • If you are overweight or having broad thighs, then you must prefer to practice some exercises to burn the fat off your thighs. It will help you avoid sweating and rigorous collision between the thighs.
  • Can You Test For Stds And Treat Them At Home

    If you suspect youve been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease or are experiencing symptoms of what we also refer to as a sexually transmitted infection , you may be reluctant to talk to you doctor.

    Let me reassure you you shouldnt be. Not only are doctors well-experienced in treating STIs, theyre also your best defense against severe and lasting complications that can result from untreated infections.

    That said, if youre searching STI symptoms or treatments online, youll no doubt stumble upon home testing kits along with a variety of natural STI remedies with dubious claims of success.

    Lets pick through what you can trust and whats best left to a medical professional.

    What Measures Can I Take To Prevent These Conditions

    The only way that you can completely prevent yourself from catching chlamydia, gonorrhea, or another STI is by abstaining from sexual activity.

    But there are also plenty of ways you can reduce your risk of contracting or transmitting these infections:

  • Use protection. Both male and female condoms are effective in helping to reduce your risk from infection by either bacteria. Using proper protection during oral or anal sex can also reduce your risk of infection.
  • Limit your sexual partners. The more sex partners you have, the more you risk exposing yourself to an infection. And because these STIs may not cause noticeable symptoms, sex partners may not know they have the condition.
  • Get regularly tested. Whether youre having sex with multiple people or not, regular STI tests can help you remain aware of your sexual health and ensure that youre not unknowingly transmitting an infection to others. Regular testing can also help you identify an infection even if youre not experiencing any symptoms.
  • Dont use products that affect your vaginal bacteria. Healthy bacteria in the vagina helps fight off infections. Using products like douches or scented odor-reduction products can upset the balance of vaginal flora and make you more susceptible to infection.
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    Home Remedies And Lifestyle

    Following a healthy diet, reducing stress, getting moderate exercise, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco can help keep you feeling your best and reduce outbreaks of symptoms from viral STDs.

    Home remedies for STDs depend on symptoms and include:

    • Herpes: Apply a cold compress to the area during an outbreak, do not touch or scratch sores, keep sores clean, and reduce stress to prevent reoccurrences.
    • Hepatitis B: Take care of your liver by avoiding alcohol and being careful about the use of medications that can harm the liver, such as acetaminophen.
    • HIV/AIDS: Because HIV can impact your immune system, it is important to stay up-to-date with vaccinations.

    How To Prevent Chlamydia

    9 Effective Home Remedies for Chlamydia in Men &  Women

    Below are some ways to prevent chlamydia

    • Use condoms every time you have sex
    • Discuss testing for sexually transmitted infections with your doctor or nurse
    • Ask if you are due for your annual chlamydia screening
    • See your doctor or nurse if you have any symptoms of chlamydia or another infection
    • Do not have sex if you or your sexual partner has abnormal discharge, burning with urination, or a genital rash or sore

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    Biomedical Phytochemical Groups And Anti

    There are diverse biochemical compounds which are present in natural materials and which have been shown to have applications in traditional and modern medicine. However, many of the medicinal effects of plants that are commonly discussed in terms of plant based biomedicine are derived from plant secondary metabolites. These can be categorized into the major phytochemical groups of quinones, flavonoids, polyphenols and tannins, coumarins, terpenoids and essential oils, alkaloids, lectins and polypeptides, glycosides, and saponins . Each group is defined by a similar chemical structure and exhibits similar mechanisms of typical anti-infective activity . It is important to note that these diverse secondary metabolites and other bioactive compounds exhibit a wide range of mechanisms for inhibiting microbial growth and that in complex natural materials there exist a plethora of compounds which may work synergistically together. It is these kinds of multi-compound formulations with singular compound synergies that have the potential for potent antimicrobial activity and a reduction in the development of microbial resistance.

    With respect to plant based secondary metabolite compounds with antichlamydial effects the only studies available investigate the activity and properties of phenols and flavonoids. Of the various other bioactive compounds known to exhibit antimicrobial properties, lipids and peptides have also been investigated with respect to antichlamydial activity.

    How Do You Get Chlamydia

    Chlamydia is usually passed on through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex.

    Chlamydia can be passed on through genital contact. This means you can get chlamydia from someone who has the infection if your genitals touch, even if you dont have sex or ejaculate .

    You can also get chlamydia if you come into contact with infected semen or vaginal fluid, or get them in your eye.

    Chlamydia cant be passed on through kissing, hugging, sharing towels or using the same toilet as someone with the infection.

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Chlamydia In Women

    The symptoms of Chlamydia in women are rarely noticeable. Professionals reveal that among a huge number of patients, only 30% females show symptoms related to this disease and rest all suffer from silent infection. In case if symptoms of the disease are present in the body then the person will notice them within 3 weeks right from their occurrence.

    Some of the major symptoms associated with Chlamydia disease are:

    What Is The Treatment For Syphilis

    Cure For Chlamydia – Best Herbal Remedies For Chlamydia

    Unlike the diagnosis, treatment is fairly straightforward. During the primary, secondary, and early latent phases of syphilis, a single injection of penicillin cures the disease. People who are allergic to penicillin may be given oral antibiotics for 2 weeks.

    • People who are diagnosed to be in the late latent stage of syphilis and those with tertiary syphilis will require 3 injections, each 1 week apart. Oral antibiotics are usually given to people in this stage who are allergic to penicillin.
    • If syphilis has advanced to neurosyphilis , treatment with IV penicillin every 4 hours for 10-14 days may be required. An alternative is penicillin injections with oral probenecid for 10-14 days.
    • A pregnant woman with syphilis must have penicillin, even if she is allergic to it. She must tell her doctor of this allergy to allow for desensitization procedures.
    • After treatment with penicillin, a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction may occur 2-12 hours after treatment starts. This reaction is the result of the dying bacteria and may cause previous symptoms to transiently worsen. Alarming as it may be, this reaction usually ends within 24 hours. Bed rest, pain relievers , and liquids can help.

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    Causes Of Chlamydia In Women

    The very first thing that you need to understand about this sexually transmitted disease is the causes that lead to its symptoms. This information is essential not only to avail right treatment rather it also assists in disease prevention. As already discussed, Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that finds its way behind a bacteria Chlamydia Trachomatis. Now, as it is not caused by a virus so the disease can spread from one affected person to another healthy body only when a direct contact is established. This disease can affect both males as well as females.

    Chlamydia trachomatis microscopy magnification 3D illustration

    Chlamydia use to have a direct effect on the reproductive system of teens or adults and its major impact is noticed on people that are sexually active. As per medical professionals, Chlamydia targets mucous membranes inside the human body and it happens only when a person makes a direct contact with an infected partner via oral, anal or vaginal sex.

    Reports reveal that this disease can also be transferred from infected mother to her new born child, where the major symptoms are recognized in form of pneumonia or eye infection in the infant. Some of you might be interested to know that why Chlamydia affects young adults in most of the cases the reason behind is that in their body, the uterus opening is in process of maturity so it is not capable enough to resists against bacterial transmission.

    Address Chlamydia Naturally At Lifeworks

    If you are looking for a more natural approach to treating chlamydia or other sexually transmitted diseases, consider coming to LifeWorks Wellness Center. We offer alternative and complementary approaches to getting well and try to avoid the unnecessary use of antibiotics where possible.

    We look forward to working with you to develop a plan specifically designed to meet your needs and get you on a path to better health, naturally and holistically.

    To discuss your health issue or to schedule an appointment, call us at our Clearwater clinic at or submit an online patient inquiry.


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    Treatments For Gonorrhea Ayurvedic Medicines

    This is one of the best home treatments for gonorrhea in women and men that I want to reveal in this article today. In fact, ayurvedic medicines are one of the best natural alternatives to over-the-counter drugs and medications. Herbal alternatives are commonly-used home treatments for gonorrhea. These herbal treatments for gonorrhea in women and men can help your body fight against the infection from the inside out and clean the urinary tract. Babool leaf is known as one of the recommended herbal treatments for gonorrhea. Besides, VangaBhasm, Awala, Rasakarpooradi Rasa, Vasthya Mayantaka Ghrita, as well as Chandanasava can be helpful for those with chronic gonorrhea to fight their sexual disease effectively at home. While Shata DhoutaGhrita, ShatavariLehya, Saribadyarishta, Chandana Sara Tail, Piyumehantaka Rasa, and ChandanadiVati can help treat gonorrhea in general. However, the best herbal plants that can be used as herbal treatments for gonorrhea are Virddadaru, Beejbanda, Bala, and guduchi.

    In summary, ayurvedics medicines are commonly-used around the world are proven to be effective in treating symptoms of gonorrhea, so you should not skip out them, but try them out!

    Can You Get Chlamydia In Your Throat

    Home Remedy Gonorrhea Chlamydia

    Its possible, but not likely, that you could get chlamydia in your throat. To understand how or why it could happen, its important to consider how chlamydia is transmitted.

    A person can get chlamydia when their mucus membranes, such as those of the vagina, penis, or rectum, come in contact with chlamydia bacteria. These bacteria enter the mucus membranes and multiply.

    Chlamydia doesnt always cause symptoms. However, if not treated, the infection can result in damage that cant be reversed.

    The most common way chlamydia is spread is through unprotected anal or vaginal sex. The bacteria typically infect and cause symptoms in the location they first entered the body.

    Its possible that chlamydia can be transmitted to your throat if you give oral sex to a partner who has contracted a genital chlamydia infection.

    Additionally, getting oral sex from someone who has contracted a chlamydia infection of the throat can potentially transmit the bacteria to your genitals.

    You cant get chlamydia mouth-to-mouth kissing.

    For a reason doctors dont fully understand, chlamydia bacteria more easily infect the groin area, such as the vagina, penis, or rectum, than the mouth.

    • mouth sores that dont heal
    • sores around lips and mouth

    However, you can contract the infection in both the throat and genital area. In addition to a sore throat, you may have chlamydia symptoms in your genitals.

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    What Are The Causes Of Chlamydia

    People become infected with Chlamydia trachomatis through sexual contact during vaginal, anal or oral sex. Any sexually active person can get chlamydia. It can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during vaginal childbirth. Teenage girls and young women are particularly susceptible to infection because the opening to the uterus has not fully matured, making it less resistant to bacterial transmission. In addition, chlamydia may be acquired jointly with other sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis. Women with chlamydia are up to five times more likely to be infected with HIV, if exposed. Individuals with one STD must be tested for others as well.

    Typical screening for chlamydia occurs either by taking a swab from the urethra in males or from the cervix in females, or a urine sample, which can detect the presence of the bacteria. Other STDs are detected by blood tests and viral cultures .

    Top 15 Best Home Remedies For Chlamydia Itching And Infection

    1. Garlic

    Although you may not associate this spice as a home remedy for a sexually transmitted disease, garlic is one of the most trusted and oldest home remedies for Chlamydia. Thanks to the active chemicals in garlic, it has antibiotic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Thus, eating 1-2 garlic cloves consistently each day will help you lessen the symptoms of Chlamydia naturally.

    Another way to take advantage of this pungent spice is to add it to your daily meals or take garlic capsules. Nonetheless, it is best to reap garlics benefits from its unprocessed raw ingredients, so you should eat garlic cloves instead of going to the pharmacy.

    Note: If you have diabetes, do not try to eat much raw garlic without having a consultation with your doctor. It may lead to blood clotting, resulting in further complications.

    2. Sage Tea

    Sage is considered as a cleaning agent for your immune system due to its active ingredients. These ingredients will stop the Chlamydia infection in its track and lessen the symptoms accompanied with it. To prepare your homemade sage tea, take the steps here:

    • Put 50mg of dried sage leaves in a cup of boiling water
    • Wait for 5 minutes to let it steep and strain the content
    • Discard the leaves and have it twice per day for 2-3 weeks

    Note: Do not add sugar or lemon to take its most benefits. Keep repeating this method till you notice Chlamydia symptoms disappear.

    3. Goldenseal
    4. Aromatherapy
    5. Echinacea
    6. Saw Palmetto
    7. Cats Claw
    9. Aloe Vera

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    What Are Risk Factors Of Chlamydia

    Both men and women can get this infection, but women seem to be more prone to be diagnosed. The rates of infection are highest among those younger women, partly as their immature cervical cells are vulnerable to infection. However, older age can still have this disease. Other risk factors such as having an STI previously or currently suffering from an infection may lower your resistance. In unexpected case that you are forced to have sexual activities with someone, including oral sex, you are also at risk of Chlamydia and should be tested.

    Ethnobotanical & Traditional Medicine As Drug Leads

    Chlamydia Treatment – Diagnosis, Treatment And Prevention Of Chalmydia

    The World Health Organization has indicated that approximately 80% of the worlds population still relies primarily on plant-based traditional medicines for their primary healthcare needs . It has also been estimated that 74% of pharmaceutically active plant derived compounds were discovered after investigations based on ethnobotanical traditions , and plant materials are now present in, or have provided models for approximately 50% of all modern pharmaceuticals . Both trachoma and chlamydial infections have been commonplace throughout history and found in many parts of the world. In response to this, a wide range of botanical treatments have been developed to treat these conditions. By investigating traditional therapies, sources of potentially active compounds can be identified from ingredients, and in some cases, insight into basic chemical composition can be obtained through consideration of traditional extraction means and modes of delivery.

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    What Do I Need To Know If I Get Treated For Chlamydia

    If youre getting treated for chlamydia:

    • Take all of your medicine the way your nurse or doctor tells you to, even if any symptoms you may be having go away sooner. The infection stays in your body until you finish the antibiotics.
    • Your partner should also get treated for chlamydia so you dont re-infect each other or anyone else.
    • Dont have sex for 7 days. If you only have 1 dose of medication, wait for 7 days after you take it before having sex. If youre taking medicine for 7 days, dont have sex until youve finished all of your pills.
    • Get tested again in 3-4 months to make sure your infection is gone.
    • Dont share your medicine with anyone. Your nurse or doctor may give you a separate dose of antibiotics for your partner. Make sure you both take all of the medicine you get.
    • Even if you finish your treatment and the chlamydia is totally gone, its possible to get a new chlamydia infection again if youre exposed in the future. Chlamydia isnt a one-time-only deal. So use condoms and get tested regularly.


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