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How Much Is Chlamydia Treatment At Planned Parenthood

Comparison With Previous Research

How To Talk About STD Testing & Screening | Planned Parenthood Video

The most effective and cost effective approach to partner notification within primary care has not yet been established. A study in Sweden that contacted partners in the past 18 months achieved partner notification rates of up to 1.5 partners per index case.8 A randomised controlled trial evaluating different models of partner notification is currently under way . Individuals who were found to be positive through primary screening through the National Chlamydia Screening Programme reported on average 1.4 partners. This is consistent with other studies of chlamydia screening, implying that there is considerable scope to increase the number of infected partners who receive appropriate care.91112152122

Individuals diagnosed with chlamydia are at high risk of reinfection: 14% of index cases were reinfected within a year in 38 studies.11 Successful partner notification is associated with a reduced risk of reinfection.112324 We did not include the indirect benefits of partner notification on reinfection or on complications, which would further improve the relative cost effectiveness of partner notification in our model.

Planned Parenthood Vs In

Getting an STD test at home is the most discreet and convenient way to get tested. It will save you time and money because you will not need to go anywhere for the test, and you do not need to wait your turn for a test.

Concierge MD STD tests are performed by trained nurses. The STD test is done in the form of a blood test, and we test for the seven most common STDs that could harm you if you do not get them treated. We test for:

We will send someone to your home for your appointment to give you the test, and then we will send the sample directly to our lab. Once your results have come in, we will provide you with a copy of your results. We will also give you a consultation to talk about your results with you and go over any treatment that may be necessary.

In conclusion, the type of test that you need will depend on what STDs you want to be tested for. In-home testing service is the most private and convenient way to go, including follow-up care.


Chlamydia Is Really Common

Chlamydia is a SUPER common bacterial infection that you can get from sexual contact with another person. Close to 3 million Americans get it every year, most commonly among 14-24-year-olds.

Chlamydia can be easily cleared up with antibiotics. But if you dont treat chlamydia, it may lead to major health problems in the future. Thats why STD testing is so important the sooner you know you have chlamydia, the faster you can cure it. You can prevent chlamydia by using condoms every time you have sex.

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Whats The Treatment For Chlamydia

Chlamydia is usually easy to get rid of. Your nurse or doctor will get you antibiotics to treat the infection. Sometimes you only have to take one dose of medication. Another chlamydia treatment lasts for 7 days. Your doctor will help you figure out which treatment is best for you.

If youre treated for chlamydia, its really important for your sexual partners to get treated also. Otherwise, you can keep passing the infection back and forth, or to other people. Sometimes your doctor will give you medicine for both you and your partner.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Std Testing At Home Without A Doctor

5 Reasons to Get Yourself Tested for STDs

Not visiting a doctors office and heading directly into STD testing could save you time and money, especially if you dont have health insurance. In addition, during the pandemic routine, in-person medical visits are discouraged to protect patients from potential contagion and to allow hospitals to devote resources to the most urgent needs.

However, deciding on the best STD test for you can be difficult theres a large number of available options, and it can be tough to identify precisely what tests you may need . The most common STDs that physicians screen for are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV.

The CDC recommends that all sexually active women who are younger than 25 years old be tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea every year. Women who are 25 years or older who have new or multiple sex partners or a sex partner with an STD should also be tested every year.

HIV testing often falls into its own category. Testing and care on that front is more likely to be available in clinics but there are also newer tests that can enable sample collection and results at home from start to finish.

Poor sample collection is always a risk in diagnostic testing, but it can be even more of an issue when it comes to collecting a sample by yourself. So be sure to follow the instructions precisely.

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Planned Parenthood Launches App So Californians Can Order Std Tests

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California launched an app, called Planned Parenthood Direct, that helps people order confidential STD testing kits, which arrive through the mail. This feature was also added to another Planned Parenthood app that serves Minnesota and Washington.

The new app will alert users via secure message with their results and if they test positive, the app will also help them order a treatment. Tests are available for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Users who order tests from Planned Parenthood Direct, which is only available in California, can get the STD test and treatment for $149. Planned Parenthood Direct does not take insurance for the tests.

This is the second app Planned Parenthood has launched in the last year. In September 2014, Planned Parenthood launched a pilot program for an app, called Planned Parenthood Care, that prescribes birth control to women via video visits, powered by American Well, and then sends them either the pill, the patch, or the ring through the mail. That app is available in Minnesota and Washington.

At the time, the Planned Parenthood Care app didn’t include an STD testing service, but the company has since added functionality very similar to that of California’s Planned Parenthood Direct app. If Planned Parenthood Care users have insurance, they can get a portion of the video visits covered. Plans accepted include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Health Partners, Preferred One, and Medica.

Cost Of Sti And Std Testing Without Insurance

There are a variety of ways to get STD testing without insurance, from labs to at-home tests.

The options vary in price depending on the source and the specific test.

Below is a breakdown of common sources for STD testing and the average cost of the service.

Test Source:
$149 Measures Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, HSV-2 & Trichomoniasis

Free and low-cost testing options are also available, depending on where you live. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a database of locations that you can search by your zip code at the GetTested site.

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Planned Parenthood Std Test Cost

Though Planned Parenthood STD testing offers a low-cost structure, for low or no-income groups, yet, it may be difficult to get the most economical STD testing cost there for everyone.

It is quite hard to get an estimate of the Planned Parenthood STD testing cost on the internet.

The cost usually depends on the location where you reach out to your individual center and the subsidies are based on the income level of the person getting tested. The STD testing at a Planned Parenthood center tends to have hidden costs like an exam fee and various lab fees that can abruptly increase your testing cost. It may involve some hassle and in the end, you may end up paying a significant sum for testing. Our assessment concludes that:

On average Planned Parenthood STD costs about $180 to test for the top four STD infections.

All Info Shared With A Doctor Or Other Hcp Is Confidential

How To Tell Someone You Have An STD | Planned Parenthood Video

Any personal information that your clinician asks for is used to give you the best possible care and to contact you about your results.

The that labs and HCPs notify them anytime theyve received a positive STI result for:

But your name and other identifying info arent attached to this information.

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Std Tests Delivered To A Patient’s Door

The Planned Parenthood Direct app is pretty straightforward, opening with screens that explain what services it offers and how patients can use them. People pay for the service with a debit or credit card just like they would on any other mobile platform.

Planned Parenthood then sends a discreet testing kit to the patient’s address within two to four days after ordering. After patients send back a urine sample, they’ll get a notification from the app about their test results. If they test positive for chlamydia, the app can transmit a prescription directly to a local pharmacy for pickup. If they test positive for gonorrhea, the app prompts them to make an appointment at a local clinic for treatment, which is an injection.

Can You Get An Std Test At Home

Yes. There are a variety of home STD testing kits available on the market.

With this type of test, the individual is responsible for taking the sample themselves, which may be by a genital swab or a finger prick for a blood sample, depending on test type.

Using a special kit, you can collect urine or swab your genitals and then send your sample to a lab for diagnostic testing. Some common at-home STD test vendors include Everlywell, Mylab Box, and LetsGetChecked.

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You Have Options For How You Tell Your Partner

If you test positive for an STI, telling any past or current partners is M-U-S-T so they can get treated and prevent potential spread.

If you suspect that disclosing a positive result to your partner will compromise your safety or you just dont want to do it yourself! your healthcare provider can notify them anonymously.

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Why Its Important To Get Tested For Stis

STD Awareness: Confronting Sky

Going untreated for an STI can cause major health problems down the line. It can increase your risk of other STIs, infertility and cancer, says Krishna Upadhya, MD. Shes vice president of quality care and health equity at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. All STIs are treatable, and many are curable. But you cant get treatment if you dont know your status, Dr. Upadhya says.

And, yes, its possible to have an STI and not know it even for years.

A common misconception is that people will know if they have an infection because theyll have symptoms, says Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD. Shes a professor in the department of general medicine, specializing in womens health, at UC Davis in Sacramento, California. But many times, sexually transmitted diseases have no obvious signs.

Getting screened for STIs is a vital part of taking care of your body, says Dr. Upadhya. How often you should be getting tested depends on different factors. If youre under 25 and are sexually active, the general rule is to get tested every few months to a year. If youre 25 or older, you should be tested yearly if you have a new sex partner, multiple partners or a partner who has an STD. You can learn more about STI screening recommendations on the CDC website.

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Std Testing For Yates County Residents

If you do not have a healthcare provider, lack health insurance or unable to pay for STD testing and treatment, services are available at low or no cost to you. This service is provided by Penn Yan Community Health in conjunction with Yates County Public Health.

Appointments for STD testing and treatment can be made by calling Penn Yan Community Health at 315-536-2752.Penn Yan Community Health is located at:112 Kimball Avenue

How Does The Test Work

In order to receive an STD test from a local Planned Parenthood, you must visit the location and request a test. As noted, these tests are either offered individually or you can purchase a comprehensive package. From our research, a variety of STDs, including chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, trichomoniasis and syphilis, are available upon request.

Inside of any Planned Parenthood, the procedure will be no different than a local doctors office. They will ask you to fill out a comprehensive health history questionnaire, and from there, the samples are collected, either via blood, urine and/or a swab, depending on the STD tested, and will be sent off to the lab. With a urine test, you simple pee in a cup, while a cheek swab will require a simple swipe of the inside of your cheek with a soft swab. Other tests include a blood test, physical exam, testing your sores or using a swab to test a discharge or cells from the affected area.

According to the organization, they will test for gonorrhea and chlamydia using a urine sample, and if your results are positive, then they will provide you with a treatment plan. Many of their STD tests will require a genital exam.

As for HIV testing, this is done via a blood draw and can take up to 21 days for your results to come in, while rapid HIV testing can be done via a finger stick, with results in as little as 10 minutes.

Tests should take no longer than 15 minutes.

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Local Planned Parenthood Health Center

Planned Parenthood health centers also offer STI testing. They receive government reimbursements and grants from public programs, such as Medicaid and Title X, which means people can get STI testing and treatment for free or at a very low cost, depending on their income, demographics, and eligibility.

How Much Is An Std Test

Champaign Planned Parenthood offers in-clinic abortion procedure

The cost of an STD test varies, depending on whether the patient has insurance. FastMed keeps our cost for STD testing as low as possible. In fact, if you choose to test using one of our convenient STD packages below, you can save even more money when you self-pay.* The price is well worth itthe effects of most STDs can be minimized if caught early, and prevented from spreading to others.

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Contact These Local Partners For Friendly In

  • Free HIV and Hepatitis C testing
  • Testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis C and syphilis
  • The Ryan White Program provides medical assistance and case management for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Syringe services program provides syringe exchange, HIV and Hepatitis C testing, and referrals for other needed services.

123 South 27th Street / Billings, Montana 59101 / 406 247-3305

Planned Parenthood Billings Heights

  • Primary care and reproductive services for women and men
  • STD testing and treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis
  • In person and telehealth services offered

Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday, 8 — 5 100 West Wicks Lane / Billings, MT 59105 Call or Planned Parenthood Billings Heights booking

Planned Parenthood Billings West

  • Primary care and reproductive services for women and men
  • STD testing and treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis
  • In person and telehealth services offered

Office Hours: Monday — Friday, 8 — 5 1844 Broadwater #4 / Billings, MT 59102 Call or Planned Parenthood Billings West booking

Std Stats In New York City

Here we will give you basic statistics on major reportable Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Reporting of STDs is done automatically by testing labs within 24 hours. The purpose of reporting is to allocate limited financial resources where they needed the most to stop the spread of disease by notifying and treating sexual partners.

The information below represents only the share of the true sexually transmitted infection cases in New York City that should be reported.

  • Many cases of HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea go undiagnosed.
  • Several very common STDs, such as HPV, genital herpes, mycoplasma, and trichomoniasis, are not reported at all.

The number of newly diagnosed cases of HIV in NYC decreased by 51% from 2011 to 2020. The total number of newly diagnosed HIV cases in NYC in 2020 was 1,091.


Chlamydia became a reportable STI in 2000 and has been the most common STD since then.

The highest rate is among females 15-24 years of age. The number of chlamydia cases increases by about 3% annually.


The number of gonorrhea cases increased by 9.6% in 2020 vs previous year. The rate is highest among males age 20-34 and females age 15-24.


The number of syphilis diagnoses increased by 8% in 2019 versus previous year.

The vast majority-91.9%-of diagnoses were in males, 70.2% of whom were reported to be homosexual.

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Discount Programs For Std Treatment

If you are not eligible for Medicare and do not have prescription drug coverage, you may qualify for patient assistance programs. Additionally, there are clinics and online programs to help you access treatment after a positive test result. Below are a few options to help you get the treatment you need.

Is There Any Preparation Required Before The Test

How Much Is Chlamydia Treatment Without Insurance

For the urine sample, you should abstain from urinating for at least one hour before the test. The sample to be tested must consist of first-catch urine. First-catch urine is about 20-30 ml of the initial urine stream. The sample shouldnt consist of anything more than first-catch urine, as this might dilute the sample.

Women are encouraged to avoid cleansing the labial area before providing a sample. Otherwise, there is no special preparation required for the test.

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What Is The Role Of Free And Low

Free or low-cost clinics play a major role in controlling the spread of STDs:

  • They make it possible for people with any income and any immigration status to get tested and treated for STDs
  • They slow the spread of STDs, reduce health complications from STDs, and greatly lower overall health care costs for the country
  • They educate people in need about sexual and reproductive health


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