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Can You Test Chlamydia At Home

At Home Chlamydia Test

At Home Chlamydia Test| Home STD Testing Kits

Chlamydia is a very common STD that is found in both men and women. While less serious for men, this sexually-transmitted disease can be cured, but can cause permanent damage to a woman.

The disease will attack a womans reproductive system, causing difficulty getting pregnant, or making it impossible for a woman to get pregnant. Chlamydia has also been shown to cause ectopic pregnancies where the fetus is actually outside of the womb.

An at home Chlamydia test is essential to limit these risks, and to seek treatment.

Why Get Tested For Stis At Home

  • Convenient. Thereâs no trip to the doctorâs office required. You can complete your sample at a time that works best for you.
  • Confidential. You can take your test from the privacy of your own home. The shipping package does not say Planned Parenthood.
  • Safe. Taking your test at home keeps you and our staff safe by reducing the number of people in our health centers.
  • Accurate. The test results are just as reliable as getting tested in-person.
  • Affordable. It costs the same as getting tested in person. STI testing is covered under most health insurance plans. Uninsured? We have a sliding fee scale and other special programs that could make your testing cost less.

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Thankfully, most STIs can be very easily treated but it all hinges on you taking the test first. You should never feel embarrassed about taking care of yourself, but if the idea of taking a trip to the clinic makes you flush, you can test yourself at home.

If you have unprotected sex, youâll probably want to get tested ASAP to find out about any infections early. But while this is obviously a good attitude to have, youâre actually better off waiting a couple of days before first getting tested.

It can take a while for STIs to show up on test results as they all have different window periods .

How long you should wait to get tested for STIs and STDs?

Hereâs a list of the main STIs and how long it can take each one to show up on a test:

Important Changes To The Home Screening Service

Please note when ordering a kit it is very important samples are taken and returned to us at the clinic, and if kits are not returned, a reminder to return this will be sent via e-mail approximately 3-4 weeks after the kit was requested. If a sample is still not returned after this reminder then any further requests will not be fulfilled and you will need to ring Broad Street Health Centre and arrange a clinic visit to access STI testing.

Please note we will, on occasion, need to be in touch to complete information if forms are incomplete.

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Ethnobotanical & Traditional Medicine As Drug Leads

The World Health Organization has indicated that approximately 80% of the worlds population still relies primarily on plant-based traditional medicines for their primary healthcare needs . It has also been estimated that 74% of pharmaceutically active plant derived compounds were discovered after investigations based on ethnobotanical traditions , and plant materials are now present in, or have provided models for approximately 50% of all modern pharmaceuticals . Both trachoma and chlamydial infections have been commonplace throughout history and found in many parts of the world. In response to this, a wide range of botanical treatments have been developed to treat these conditions. By investigating traditional therapies, sources of potentially active compounds can be identified from ingredients, and in some cases, insight into basic chemical composition can be obtained through consideration of traditional extraction means and modes of delivery.

This Test Will With > 99% Accuracy Tell You Whether Or Not You Have Been Infected With Chlamydia Or Gonorrhea

iCare Rapid Chlamydia Test Kit

Like any Everlywell STI test, our at-home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test is delivered in discreet packaging and taken in the privacy of your own home. Once you return your test sample to our lab and your sample is processed, youâll be notified via email when your results are ready. You will then be able to access your results through an easy-to-understand report on our secure online platform.

This at-home gonorrhea and chlamydia test checks whether you test positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia.

In the event that your test results are positive, a board-certified physician in your state will contact you at no additional cost to discuss your particular case, and when appropriate, prescribe medication.

We take customer privacy very seriously, and only you will have access to this information. As is the case with all STD testing – whether through Everlywell at-home tests or your healthcare provider â we may be required by law to report positive test results to certain state health departments. This is only done to track the prevalence of a sexually transmitted disease. In rare cases you may not receive a definitive result because of early infection or inadequate sampling and repeat testing is suggested. Donât take a chance on your sexual health. Know where you stand with our at-home Chlamydia & Gonorrhea test. You can also take our at-home STD Test for men or our STD Test for women.

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If You Want To Test Yourself For Chlamydia At Home Or Get Chlamydia Treatment And You Live In Bexley Bromley City & Hackney Croydon Greenwich Hackney Haringey Hillingdon

In order to get tested for chlamydia, you will have to provide a urine sample and, for women, vaginal swab. Many home chlamydia tests are available, and some involve going to a lab to give samples. If so would you recommend this or doing a follo wup with my dr? Taking a chlamydia test at home is a great way to skip the trip to your doctors office âand, instead, check for chlamydial infections from the comfort and privacy of your home. Unfortunately, there isnt a home test you can use to detect it, and the symptoms of chlamydia arent considered proof of infection. Get a professional opinion at the touch of a button with instant consult! There are several places that offer testing for chlamydia and other stis, including you can locate nearby services on the nhs website. Private and simple online pathology requests. A bacterium responsible for causing chlamydia can be identified. Through chlamydia testing, chlamydia trachomatis The recommended tests for chlamydia are simple, painless and find sexual health clinic contact details. She didnt get anything, i was diagnosed with chlamydia. I cry myself to sleep every night.

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Are At Home Std Tests Accurate

Yes, theyre highly accurate. At-home testing technology is as accurate as the tests ordered by doctors during a traditional visit, which isnt a surprise since the tests are designed and analyzed by certified diagnostic labs. In fact, as long as you follow the instructions properly, some at-home testing can actually produce more accurate results.

  • At-home tests use the same collection methodologies.
  • At-home test samples are processed in the same kind of labs as in-lab tests and held to the same rigid quality standards.
  • The best at-home test kits are very trustworthy. They and their components are either FDA-approved or considered by the FDA to not require redundant approval because the tests and components were designed by certified medical labs for accuracy.
  • Whether testing at home or in the lab, the accuracy of results depends on proper administration of the test.
  • Reliable results also require that we understand window periods of different STDs. If we dont understand window periods, its more likely for us to be misled even by highly accurate tests. See the testing FAQ section in this guide for more information about testing windows.

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Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit

STI Test Kit for Chlamydia. Results Within Minutes!

Chlamydia infection is an extremely common sexually transmitted infection within Australia caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Chlamydia infection is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections worldwide. Many Australians who have a Chlamydial infection are without symptoms and may not realize they are infected. In men, infection of this STI can cause a white discharge from the penis with or without a burning sensation during urination. Whilst easily treated, if left untreated, chlamydia infections can cause serious reproductive and other health problems with both short-term and long-term consequences. Home test kits for Chlamydia allow for easy detection of the bacterium.

STI Rapid Test Kit for Chlamydia includes all you need for results at home within minutes.


Are Std Tests Accurate

STD Chlamydia home test

Most modern STD tests are very accurate. However, test accuracy varies depending on the type of sample collected and the test detection method.

Traditional in-office tests are more accurate than online-only tests, and home-to-lab tests are more accurate than self-collected ones. However, both are highly efficient.

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How Do I Know If I Should Get Tested

If you are sexually active or engaging in activities that have the potential to increase your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease like sharing needles, you should get tested.

In fact, according to the , Getting tested for STDs is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health.

How To Get Tested For Chlamydia

If you’re wondering how to test for chlamydia safely, here are several ways you can do so. Depending on your medical history and health concerns, your healthcare provider may suggest more than one test to see if you have a sexually transmitted infection. A panel might require a blood sample, genital swab, or urine sample.

While chlamydia isn’t a bloodborne disease, blood tests can determine whether you have chlamydia antibodies, which can reveal current or past chlamydia infections.

A penile or vaginal swab is another method your healthcare provider may use to test for STIs. For this type of test, your doctor uses a cotton swab for specimen collection.

Can you test for chlamydia through urine? The answer to this question is âyes,â and itâs quite a common testing method. In fact, you can use a urine sample to test for chlamydia at home. With the Everlywell Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test, you simply urinate in a collection cup and place your urine specimen in the mail. Your sample is then tested in a CLIA-certified laboratory. The lab that tests your sample uses molecular testing techniquesâknown as nucleic acid amplification testsâwhich identify the DNA of gonorrhea and chlamydia in your sample.

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What Happens If An Std Goes Untreated

Infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia that are left untreated or treated inappropriately can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, chronic pain, heart disease and arthritis. During pregnancy, STI transmission to the fetus can cause stillbirth, pneumonia or blindness to name but a few potential problems.

Michael Cackovic is a maternal fetal medicine physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and director of the Heart Disease in Pregnancy Program. He’s also an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Ohio State College of Medicine.

Anything Else I Should Know

Buy Chlamydia Home Test Kit Online

Chlamydia is spread through any form of unsafe sex. So if your test shows that you have chlamydia, its really important that you let your sexual partners know that you have it, as they may have it too. Your current sexual partner and any recent partners should all get tested and treated.

The staff at the clinic can get in touch with your partners confidentially if youre not up to it.

To make sure that you don’t re-infect each other, you must not have any sex or share sex toys with your partner until seven days after you have both completed your treatment.

Re-test after six weeks to confirm that treatment has been successful and that the test result was accurate.

If your original test was positive its also important to get a repeat test after three months. We will contact you to remind you.

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What Is An Std And An Sti

STIs are infections that are spread from one person to another during vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

An STI is only considered an STD a disease when it causes symptoms. Usually, an infection is the first step on the road to a disease, but hasnt yet turned into disease and often doesnt cause any symptoms.

Not all diseases start out as infections. But in the case of STDs, they do.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , one in five people in the United States had an STD or STI on any given day in 2018.

Although common, most people dont realize they have an STI because the majority of STIs cause no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

Common symptoms of STDs include pain during sex, urethral discharge or burning for those with penises, genital ulcers, sores or bumps, itching and abdominal pain. Vaginal discharge can also signify something is wrong.

It is important to note that, while most STDs are contracted through vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse, some can be transmitted through non-sexual means, such as blood transfusions and shared intravenous products, like needles and syringes.

As such, it is important you are tested frequently and regularly.

Why Sti Testing Is So Important

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are often symptomless, but if left untreated can cause inflammation in the female reproductive system. This can increase the risk of fertility problems and ectopic pregnancy in some people. In men, chlamydia and gonorrhoea can cause the testicles and epididymis to become inflamed and painful.

If syphilis is left untreated for many years it can affect vital organs including the brain and heart.

Untreated HIV will affect your immune system, making you more prone to potentially life-threatening infections such as pneumonia.

Hepatitis affects your liver and if left untreated can cause scarring of the liver and liver failure in some people.

Testing for and treating infections helps prevent the spread of STIs. If you change sexual partners, it is a good idea to do an STI test. If you are starting a new relationship, you should both get tested to ensure that you are not passing on an infection to each other without knowing it.

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Why Is It Important To Undergo A Chlamydia Test

A chlamydia test is the best way to detect if you have a chlamydia infection or not. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly three million Americans are infected with chlamydia every year.

It is a must to undergo a chlamydia test because the disease can go on without symptoms and someone who has it may unknowingly transfer the infection to other people.

A regular screening is a must for people who are:

  • Sexually active and aged 15 to 24 years old
  • Those who have multiple sex partners
  • Those who have previous chlamydia infections
  • Those people whose sex partner has an active sexually transmitted disease
  • Men who have sex with the same gender
  • Those people who are HIV positive
  • Pregnant women below 25 years old
  • Picture 3: A urine test is one of the procedures used to detect the presence of infection such as chlamydia.

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    Picture 4: Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

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    Gonorrhoea Rapid Test Kit

    At-Home STD Testing Q& A with Dr. Heller | binx health

    STI Rapid Self Test Kit For Gonorrhea – Fast, Accurate, Private.

    Gonorrhoea, is one of the two most common sexually transmitted infections along with chlamydia within Australia. This infection is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoea and is very easily spread. The usual symptoms in men are a burning sensation with urination and penile discharge. Women may show no symptoms at all or may have vaginal discharge and pelvic pain. In both men and women, left untreated, Gonorrhea may spread locally leading to inflammation of the epididymis or pelvic inflammatory disease or spread through the body affecting joints and heart valves. Testing is easily carried out using a home test kit or a rapid test kit.

    Test Now for Gohorrhoea using our rapid self-test kit.


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    What Is A Chlamydia And Gonorrhoea Test

    Our chlamydia and gonorrhoea test is a highly accurate home test kit that checks for genital chlamydia and gonorrhoea. This test does not detect the presence of these infections in your throat or anus. For men this involves taking a urine sample, while for women it is a swab test to take a sample from the vagina.

    Is Every Home Testing Kit The Right Pick

    There is no guarantee that one particular test kit is most suited for you it depends on every individual. Whether you have a history of STIs or you want to purchase a specific kit based on your needs, you should consult with a health professional first. If you have any doubts about picking the ideal kit for you, a professional can advise you on what test kit would be a better fit for your sexual health.

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    What Are Chlamydia And Gonorrhea

    Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are sexually transmitted diseases affecting men and women of all ages. You can contract them by having vaginal, anal and oral sex with an infected person. Both bacterial infections involve the genitals, mouth and rectum. If the infected person is a male, he does not need to ejaculate to pass on the infection. Pregnant women who are infected with chlamydia and gonorrhea can pass the infection to their baby at birth. Most infected individuals do not show any symptoms but, some report numerous warning signs. Chlamydia, for example, will not show any sign not until several weeks after exposure.

    Both men and women can have the infection in their rectum. This could be caused by having receptive anal sex or the result of another infected site that spread to the rectum. When the infection is in the rectum, an individual will experience rectal pain, diarrhea, swelling from the anus, discharge and bleeding. While not very well known, anal chlamydia is common. If left untreated, it could lead to a higher risk of contracting other sexual infections like HIV.

    The best way to prevent anal gonorrhea and chlamydia is abstinence. Sexually active individuals need to practice proper latex condoms usage, monogamy. They also need to know if their partner is infected. An infected person needs to stop any sexual activity until the doctor clears him or her.


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