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What Does Chlamydia Smell Like Female

Utis And Other Urinary Issues

Chlamydia Symptoms in Women

Vaginal odour: ammonia

If you experience an ammonia-like vaginal odour, urine might be involved. This can happen if you have a urinary tract infection . This is more likely if a UTI is left untreated and you might be leaking, explains Dr Rosén. An infection thats left untreated will also cause a fever, and the smell will be quite distinct and sickly.

Occasionally, an ammonia-like smell can be a sign of an existing incontinence issue that youre unaware of, says Dr Rosén. These issues are very common. A doctor or gynaecologist can advise on treatment options.

Should I Be Concerned About A Fishy Vaginal Odor During Pregnancy

While pregnant, a fishy odor either in your urine or vaginal discharge is a potential sign of a urinary tract infection or BV. Left untreated, the condition could lead to preterm birth or low birth weight.

Following childbirth, the development of a fishy vaginal odor may be from a postpartum infection. Please make an appointment to see your health care provider to follow up.

Which Stds Can Cause Abnormal Vaginal Odor

Often, the STDs associated with abnormal vaginal odor are the same ones that cause abnormal vaginal discharge.

STDs that can cause an unusual smell include:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis, a common STD caused by a protozoan parasite offers testing for all of the above infections, either individually or in addition to other STDs. You can add on trichomoniasis testing during the checkout process or order it by itself by calling 1-800-456-2323.

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How Can I Protect Myself From Chlamydia

The only way to avoid getting chlamydia is to abstain from having vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who has a chlamydia infection. And be sure that sex toys that carry the bacteria dont come in contact with your genitals.

Its not always possible to know if a current or potential partner has chlamydia, though, especially since many people with chlamydia never notice symptoms. With prevention in mind, its a good idea to make safer sex practices a regular part of your sex life:

  • Use condoms during intercourse, anal sex and oral sex.
  • Use dental dams during oral sex or vagina-to-vagina contact.
  • Dont share sex toys, but if you do, wash them after each use and cover toys used for penetration with a condom.
  • Have sex with only one partner, who only has sex with you.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Uti And Chlamydia


The symptoms

The main symptom that chlamydia does not share with UTIs is penile or vaginal discharge. A chlamydial infection can cause a yellowish, strong-smelling vaginal discharge or a watery, milky penile discharge. Urinary tract infections are not known to cause any sort of abnormal genital discharge.

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Do All Stds Have Smelly Discharge

There could be an odd smell, too. These are all signs of an STD discharge. These changes can cause orange vaginal discharge, chunky yellow discharge, and other abnormal discharges. A change in how your discharge smellssuch as having a foul odoris another sign your abnormal discharge might be due to an STD.

Why Would Dogs Pee Smell Like A Skunk

Urinary tract infection. However you describe it, a dog with a urinary tract infection may pass urine that has a very foul smell. Or at least a very unusual one. The urine will suddenly take on a much stronger odor, or a much different odor, than it has in the past, says Your Dog editor-in-chief John Berg, DVM.

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Can Other People Smell My Discharge

Yes. Its totally normal for healthy girls and women to have a unique odor. Many women become concerned that other people can detect the odor around their vulva and vagina. In reality, women are most sensitive to their own odor, and its very unlikely that others who dont have intimate contact with them can smell it.

Is It Normal To Have Bloody Vaginal Discharge

Chlamydia pictures – Causes Signs Symptoms Treatment images and Photos of chlamydia

But bloody vaginal discharge outside your period can seem alarming. It can sometimes signal a major problem. Often, however, minor concerns are behind bloody vaginal discharge. You should call your doctor whenever you have unusual vaginal bleeding. There are many causes, and these are some of the most likely.

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What Causes Bacterial Vaginosis

A lot of good, healthy bacteria live in the vagina. They help protect the vagina from bad bacteria that can cause symptoms such as smelly discharge. Girls with BV have fewer good bacteria than usual, which lets more bad bacteria grow. When the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina changes, a girl can start to have symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

Although doctors don’t know for sure what causes BV, some things can make it more likely, such as:

Rarely, even girls who have never had sex can get BV. You can’t get BV from things like toilet seats, sheets and towels, or swimming pools.

What Is Atrophic Vaginitis

Atrophic vaginitis, also referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause and vulvovaginal atrophy, is a non-infectious form of vaginitis that results from a decrease in your hormones. If you have it, your vagina becomes dry or atrophic. This occurs primarily during perimenopause and postmenopause which occurs either naturally or surgically . Breastfeeding and postpartum states can also contribute to atrophy. Medications such as aromatase inhibitors or Lupron Depot® can drastically lower estrogen levels and cause atrophy.

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What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

Many girls don’t see any signs of BV. But those who do might notice:

  • white or gray thin vaginal discharge
  • a bad, fishy smell that’s more noticeable during a girl’s period or after sex

Itching and burning are not common signs of bacterial vaginosis. If a girl has those symptoms, the doctor will check for other conditions.

When Should I See My Healthcare Provider

Pictures of Chlamydia you might not believe

When it comes to chlamydia, its a good idea to be proactive. Speak with your healthcare provider about your risks of infection. Make a plan to get screened regularly for STIs based on your providers recommendations for how often you should be tested. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider if your partner tests positive for chlamydia or if you notice any signs or symptoms that you may be infected.

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Std Causing Fishy Vaginal Odor

  • Chlamydia
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Herpes

There are many signs and indicators of being contracted by STD. Some common symptoms of STD include rashes, marks on the skin, discharge through genitals, warts, sores, etc. What remains unnoticed are the subtle indicators that confuse us with the common problems we regularly face.

How Long Can You Have Chlamydia Without Knowing

Chlamydia is sometimes called a silent infection because the majority of people who have chlamydia regardless of gender never notice symptoms. People who do notice symptoms often dont recognize the signs that they have chlamydia until a few weeks after theyve been infected. Because chlamydia cases are often asymptomatic, its easy to spread chlamydia to someone else without realizing it. And its easy to miss out on receiving the treatment needed to prevent the serious complications that can result from chlamydia.

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Std Smell/odor In Men

The womens ability to sniff out infected men could be part of an evolutionary mechanism ensuring, unconsciously, avoidance of a risky romantic partner

Chlamydia urine smell: Chlamydia causes Chlamydial urethritis in men. It causes an infection of the urethra. Thus, Chlamydia infection can let pus in the urine, which makes it look cloudy and usually makes urine smell bad.

Gonorrhea body odor in men: In a research study conducted on 34 women found over a third of the samples to be aromatically off-putting, they judged nearly half of the infected mens sweat to be foul-smelling.

What Are The Symptoms Of Vaginitis

Chlamydia | Top 5 Symptoms Experienced by Men and Women

Each of these vaginal infections can have different symptoms or no symptoms at all. In fact, diagnosis can even be tricky for an experienced clinician. Sometimes, more than one type of vaginitis can be present at the same time.

Candida or yeast infections

  • A thick, white vaginal discharge with the consistency of cottage cheese.
  • A discharge that is somewhat watery and generally odorless.
  • A vagina or vulva thats itchy, red and sometimes swollen even before the onset of discharge.
  • Small cuts on your vulva due to friable skin of the area.
  • A burning sensation when you pee .

Bacterial vaginosis

You may not notice any symptoms at all. You may find out that you have vaginitis after your provider discovers it during a routine gynecologic exam. Or, you may notice:

  • An abnormal smelling vaginal discharge thats worse after sex or menstruation.
  • A discharge thats thin and milky and can be described as having a fishy odor. This odor may become more noticeable after intercourse.

A red or itchy vagina isnt common with bacterial vaginosis unless you have a co-infection of BV and yeast.


  • A frothy, greenish-yellow discharge that often has a foul smell.
  • Itching and soreness of your vagina and vulva, as well as burning when you pee.
  • Discomfort in your lower abdomen and vaginal pain with intercourse. These symptoms may feel worse after your menstrual period.


Herpes vaginitis

Human papillomavirus

Non-infectious vaginitis

Atrophic vaginitis

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What Causes Chlamydia In Women

Chlamydia is a bacterium that causes an infection that is very similar to gonorrhea in the way that it is spread and the symptoms it produces. Like gonorrhea, the chlamydia bacterium is found in the cervix and urethra and can live in the throat or rectum. Both infected men and infected women frequently lack symptoms of chlamydia infection. Thus, these individuals can unknowingly spread the infection to others. Another strain of Chlamydia trachomatis, which can be distinguished in specialized laboratories, causes the STD known as lymphogranuloma venereum, which affects the lymph glands.

Chlamydia can be detected on material collected by swabbing the cervix during a traditional examination using a speculum, but noninvasive screening tests done on urine or on self-collected vaginal swabs are less expensive and sometimes more acceptable to patients. While culturing of the organism can confirm the diagnosis, this method is limited to research laboratories and forensic investigations. For routine diagnostic use, newer and inexpensive diagnostic tests that depend upon identification and amplification of the genetic material of the organism have replaced the older, time-consuming culture methods.

What Is Bad Smelling Discharge

Bad odour in the discharge: STDs. Another common reasons why you notice a bad smell in your discharge is due to the presence of a sexually transmitted disease or STD. There are many types of common STDs that affect the appearance and smell of discharge, this is the case of conditions like chlamydia , trichomoniasis or gonorrhea.

admin STD, STI, Womens Health

Vaginal itching, soreness, irritation, or painful urination and sex are some of the symptoms that yeast infections and some STDs have in common. This can cause many to wonder, Do I have a yeast infection or is this an STD? How can I know the difference?

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What Does Chlamydia Smell Like

These secretions combine with dead infected cells to produce discharge. A white discharge may also be caused by vaginal thrush, however, but this is usually curd-like, often odourless, or smells like bread or yeast.

In the same way What are the pink pills for STD?

Azithromycin is an antibiotic . This single-dose form of the medication is used to treat certain infections, including genital infections. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

Subsequently, Does chlamydia usually smell? So, what does a chlamydia discharge look like? A chlamydia discharge is often yellow in color and has a strong odor. A symptom that frequently co-occurs with this discharge is painful urination that often has a burning sensation in the genital area.

What causes fishy smelling sperm?

Fishy, rotten, or foul-smelling semen isnt normal. Eating certain foods like asparagus, meats, and garlic or drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol can make your semen smell pungent. Try limiting these foods to see if your semen smell returns to normal after a few days. If so, theres nothing to be concerned about.

Preventing The Spread Of Infection

What does a bartholin cyst look like when it bursts ...

It is absolutely necessary to inform the partner if you get a positive test for Chlamydia. The sooner the partner is told the more effective and simple the treatment can be. Make sure your partner gets tested and receives the treatment as well and abstain from the intercourse until the treatment of both you and the partner is finished.

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What Is Normal Vaginal Discharge

Typical vaginal discharge does not have an offensive smell and does not cause any irritation. Its quite likely that you wont even know you have any discharge until you see some in your underwear.

It is usually clear or creamy in colour. Sometimes there may be a slight yellow tint to it.

Discharge also increases during pregnancy and when youre sexually aroused. Read about vaginal discharge changes in pregnancy.

Why Does My Vagina Smell 8 Causes Of Vaginal Odour

Wed, Nov 3, 2021

Vaginal odour is something we can feel uncomfortable talking about. But getting to know your body can help you identify whats normal for you, and when to get medical help.

The vagina has a natural bacterial flora thats there to keep a good balance, explains Dr Rosén. Its because of this natural bacteria that the cervical mucus in the vagina always has a smell. You may also experience changes throughout your menstrual cycle as the pH balance in your vagina changes.

So, what does vaginal odour normally smell like?

Dr Rosén says that it usually ranges from a slightly tangy or sour smell to a more metallic smell around or after your period. Generally, if youre feeling well and your vaginal odour or discharge isnt unusual for you, theres no reason to worry.

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What Does Chlamydia Urine Smell Like

Chlamydia is a typical STD that can infect both men and women. It can create significant, permanent damage to a females reproductive system. What Does Chlamydia Urine Smell Like

This can make it challenging or impossible for her to get expectant later. Chlamydia can additionally create a potentially deadly ectopic maternity a maternity that happens outside the womb.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor

Chlamydia – Everything You Need To Know

Good questions to ask include:

  • Should I abstain from sex during treatment?
  • Should my sexual partner be treated at the same time?
  • How will the medication for this vaginitis interact with my other medications?
  • Should I continue the vaginal cream or suppositories during my period?
  • Do I need to be re-examined and if so, when?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Dont be embarrassed to talk to your provider about symptoms youre experiencing that might be vaginitis. Its a common condition thats treatable once you find out whats causing your symptoms. The sooner you and your healthcare provider diagnose whats causing your discomfort, the sooner you can get the treatment needed to bring you relief.

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How Long Can Chlamydia Lie Dormant

Chlamydia can lie dormant in the body for many years causing a low grade infection without symptoms. It could potentially flare up to cause a symptomatic infection, especially if there is an alteration in the persons immune system, such as a severe cold or flu, cancer or some other severe illness.

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What Are The Causes Of Abnormal Discharge

In addition to sexually transmitted diseases, there are some other things that can upset the balance of natural flora in the vagina and cause abnormal discharge, including:

  • bacterial vaginosis , a bacterial infection caused by pH imbalance
  • the contraceptive pill
  • taking a course of antibiotics
  • soaps and bubble bath
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • diabetes
  • cervical cancer

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What Does Chlamydia Discharge Look Like Female

Chlamydia is an usual STD that can contaminate both men and women. It can trigger severe, permanent damages to a females reproductive system. What Does Chlamydia Discharge Look Like Female

This can make it challenging or difficult for her to get expectant later on. Chlamydia can likewise create a possibly fatal ectopic pregnancy a maternity that happens outside the womb.

Discharge With A Strong Odor

Diagnosis &  treatment Of Chlamydia Infection

Most people associate a strong-smelling discharge as one of the more common symptoms of chlamydia. But what does chlamydia smell like? In some cases, it does not have any particular strong smell.

The discharge caused by chlamydia is usually yellowish or even brownish in color and can have a very strong or even a foul smell in some women. Its different from the smell of bacterial vaginosis which has a fishy odor. But either way, if you notice a strong odor and an abnormal discharge, you should definitely go to your doctor.

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