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How Much Does Chlamydia Treatment Cost Without Insurance

What Are Some Examples Of Stds

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Chlamydia: This is a bacteria that can infect the reproductive organs, rectum, and throat. It can cause a feeling of burning during urination, abnormal discharge from the genitals, and pain in the reproductive organs.

Gonorrhea: A bacteria that affects the reproductive organs. Symptoms include a burning feeling during urination and discharge from the genital area.

Hepatitis B:Hepatitis B infects the liver and spreads through contact with the blood, body fluids, or open sores of someone already infected. Although easily treated, it can be serious, or even fatal, if left untreated. One of Hep Bs most noticeable symptoms is a yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes. Since symptoms may not show up right away, a blood test is the best way to detect the virus.

Herpes: The herpes simplex virus causes redness and sores on the genital area, thighs, and rectal area, in what are called outbreaks. The virus never goes away, but the bodys immune system is usually able to lessen symptoms and outbreaks.

HIV/AIDS: The human immunodeficiency virus most often spreads through intercourse and sharing of infected needles. HIV attacks the immune system. When a person is first infected, symptoms include swollen glands and flu-like symptoms. HIV can develop into AIDS AIDS causes a wide range of complications that eventually lead to death.

Herpes Simplex 2 Treatment

Once you get Genital Herpes , it stays in your body forever. While you cant fully cure the infection, there are ways to manage the symptoms, which are often mild, so it doesnt interfere with your daily life.

Common symptoms of genital herpes include:


  • body aches
  • swollen glands

Antiviral medication is typically prescribed in order to reduce the length and severity of the initial and subsequent outbreak of genital herpes. After the first outbreak with HSV 2, patients should expect several other flare-ups per year. Thankfully, these will lessen over time especially with the right treatment and follow-up.

Herpes 2 treatment options may include suppressive therapy. Patients who suffer frequent herpetic outbreaks can take daily medicine to keep genital herpes symptoms at bay. This can also prevent frequent outbreaks.

Rules For Successful Treatment

The patient should make sure that the doctor is informed if the patient is pregnant or has any allergies. These conditions influence the choice of the medicine prescribed. No matter which antibiotic the patient takes treating chlamydia the following points should be remembered:

  • The treatment of all partners on the infected person is obligatory
  • Abstain from sex contacts during the treatment and until the negative result on chlamydia test is received
  • It is unadvisable to interrupt the course of antibiotics treatment as it will result in the necessity to start again from the beginning. Although the symptoms may disappear, the infection may still remain in the body
  • It is necessary to get tested after 34 months after the end of the treatment to make sure the infection is no longer in the body.

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Risks Factors Of Acquiring Stds Or Stis

It is said that promiscuity got the highest risk for contracting STDs. But other factors play the part, so screening is crucial if you fall into the following categories:

  • Young age
  • Non-use of barrier contraceptives like condoms, cervical caps, among others
  • Non-regular sexual relationships
  • Men having sex with men
  • Intravenous drug use
  • Poor sex education or access to advice regarding STDs and STIs
  • History of chlamydia or other STDs
  • Ethnicity

Why And When Get Tested For Stds

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Sexually transmitted diseases are infections or diseases caused by viruses or bacteria that are transferred from person to person, typically through sexual contact usually vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex. Condoms and dental dams can help reduce your chances of being infected by up to 98%, but if youre still concerned that you may have an STD, you can find peace of mind for you and your partner by getting tested.

If you are sexually active, it is in your best interest to get tested for STDs on a regular basis, typically every three to 12 months. While most STDs do have symptoms like abnormal discharge, vaginal odor, itching or irritation, pain during intercourse, or painful urination, it may be hard to visually tell if you are infected as some STDs do not have any physical symptoms.

To protect you and your partners health, catching an STD in its early stages is key! Most STDs, if caught in time, can be treated and/or managed with the help of a physician. If you suspect you might have an STD, you should get tested immediately and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Even though you may not be experiencing any symptoms, you should get an STD test if:

  • You are sexually active and have had more than one partner
  • You are experiencing any symptoms of STDs
  • You have had unprotected sex, or your method of protection failed

Visit CityLife Health and we can help you get tested today. Its quick and painless!

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How Much Does Chlamydia Medicine Cost

The specific chlamydia medication cost varies a lot, because each pharmacy sets its own retail prices for prescription medications, and these can change from day to day. Its not possible to say exactly how much chlamydia pills cost.

In general, chlamydia is treated with one of two antibiotics. One option is a single dose of azithromycin, also sold under the brand name Zithromax. In general, the cost of azithromycin without insurance will be less than the cost of Zithromax without insurance, because brand name medications cost more. Keep in mind that azithromycin and Zithromax are the same medication, so if youre concerned about the chlamydia antibiotics price, you may want to ask about substituting generic azithromycin for Zithromax.

Another option is doxycycline. Instead of a single dose, patients take this medication for a week for treating chlamydia. Although this is certainly less convenient, there have been fewer cases of antibiotic resistance observed with this antibiotic, and so its increasingly being recommended as the first choice of treatments. In general, the doxycycline cost is lower than the azithromycin cost, although this certainly can vary by pharmacy.

Engage In Oral Or Anal Sex

We Recommend: Extragenital Three Site Test

This three-site test allows you to screen for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea not only in the genital region, but also in the mouth and rectum. Many people dont realize that the standard tests for these infections only test the genitals. This is true even for tests at your local clinic or doctors office. These two infections, however, can also spread to the mouth and rectum due to oral and anal sex. An Extragenital test screens for all three of these areas that can potentially be at risk.

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Chlamydia Treatment Cost Without Insurance

06 Mar 2022

Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease thats caused by bacteria. Its important to treat this disease, in order to prevent serious complications. Antibiotics are generally effective for chlamydia. Its relatively rare for chlamydia to be resistant to antibiotics, although this has been reported in some cases.

Many people worry about the cost of their treatment, especially if they dont have health insurance. How much does chlamydia treatment cost? Will insurance cover it?

Want The Most Comprehensive Testing Option

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We Recommend: Total Box

This comprehensive testing options screen for the 14 most common infections in the United States: HIV , Hepatitis C, HSV-2, Syphilis, Chlamydia , Gonorrhea , Trichomoniasis and Mycoplasma Genitalium. Women who are 30 years of age and older can add the option to test for HPV as well.

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Hpv Prevention And Hpv Treatment

HPV, or human papillomavirus, is a very common infection that rarely shows any symptoms. It is undetectable and may go away on its own.

STD testing is required to diagnose HPV as some types can lead to cervical cancer or penile cancer. This is often mistaken as Molluscum Contagiosum as both are contagious and both involve warts.

The FDA approved the HPV Vaccine for men up to 45 years of age. Now, both men and women 27-45 years of age can get the vaccine to prevent HPV. About 60 of the 100 types of HPV cause hand, feet, or genital warts. Warts can show up weeks or months after sexual contact with an infected partner.

An HPV test for women can be done with the Pap test. Doctors use an anal Pap test to diagnose HPV in high-risk men. Make sure to go to a healthcare facility that offers both.

If you have untreatable warts, you may choose to laser or freeze them off. You can do this without requiring any prescription from your doctor, but it will likely cost you. Explore your options and ask your doctor for their recommendation.

How Are Stds And Stis Diagnosed

If you want to be tested for Chlamydia and other STIs, there are four options you that you can choose from. These are through medical facilities, STD/STI testing centers, Planned Parenthood, and rapid testing kits. It depends on your choice or preference which revolves around the want of privacy, convenience, cost-efficiency and proximity.

If your sexual history and you are currently having signs and symptoms, different laboratory tests can detect infections through blood tests, urine samples, and fluid samples from genital sores if you have them.

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Std Testing Is Not A Part Of A Routing Physical Examination

The first most common reason your tests didnt come up positive is that you werent tested for the STDs that you thought you were being tested for. Just because your doctor gave you a clean bill of health at your last annual check-up doesnt mean that they gave you an STD test. Most doctors, unless you specifically ask them to, will not automatically give you any type of STD testing. Even though they should ethically test you for such bacterial and viral infections, it is up to their discretion what is included in your health exam. For example, a doctor wont automatically give you a gonorrhea test at a casual checkup. If you dont alert them to something new, they wont have medical reason to test you.

Does Health Insurance Cover Abortion

How Much Does Amoxicillin Cost In 2017?

The ACA does not require health insurance plans to cover abortion services, like in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill. But some plans do cover abortion. The best way to find out if you have coverage for abortion services is to contact your health insurance provider.

Abortion coverage varies depending on a lot of factors, like the laws where you live, what type of insurance you have, and the reason you need an abortion. Many private health insurance plans cover abortion, but some choose not to or arent allowed to in certain states. Some states ban all health insurance plans from covering abortion, while other states require all plans to cover abortion or dont place limits on abortion coverage. Some states ban certain types of insurance from covering abortion, like ACA marketplace plans and/or Medicaid. Some plans will only cover an abortion under special circumstances, like if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or it puts your life at risk.

Planned Parenthood opposes laws and policies that restrict coverage for abortion. Abortion is safe and legal in the U.S., and we believe everyone deserves access to the health care they need.

If you need an abortion and youre worried about cost, contact your local Planned Parenthood to see if they can help you get care. You can use our Abortion Clinic Finder to find your closest abortion provider. The National Network of Abortion Funds may also be able to help you cover the cost of your abortion.

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Where To Get Free Or Low

Dont let a lack of health insurance stop you from taking care of your health. There are plenty of ways to get the STI testing and treatment you need. Plus, if youre at risk of HIV, some of these resources may also provide other health care support for free or at a reduced cost.

Many health centers offer PrEP, a daily pill that can help prevent HIV. They may also provide PEP, a series of pills you can take after youve been exposed to HIV that lowers your chances of getting it, says Dr. Upadhya.

Heres a list of resources that can help you get STI screenings and treatment, no insurance required.

  • Planned Parenthood. Many Planned Parenthood health centers provide free or low-cost STI tests, depending on income and regardless of whether you have health insurance, says Dr. Upadhya. During the pandemic, you may also be able to get testing and treatment services via telehealth. Some STI symptoms or treatments may require in-person treatment though, Dr. Upadhya says. You can search for a Planned Parenthood location near you on their website.
  • Your local health department. Many health departments operate clinics that offer free or low-cost STI testing and treatment. You can find the contact information for your local health department on the CDC website. Simply giving them a call and asking whether these services are available is a quick way to get the care you need.

Go To Quest Diagnostics For The Urine Test

The test we order for chlamydia and gonorrhea is a urine test. Its the same urine test all doctors or nurse practitioners order and we get the test results as quick as you will anywhere else. The test will detect chlamydia and gonorrhea unless you caught them in the last two weeks. If you take a test before two weeks the test may not find chlamydia or gonorrhea even though you have them. The test wont detect chlamydia and gonorrhea in your throat or anus.

The lab test itself only costs you because weve negotiated great prices to keep your costs low.


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Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Azithromycin For Chlamydia

Yes, you may drink a small amount of alcohol while you are taking azithromycin but there is a chance large amounts of alcohol may increase the gastrointestinal side effects of azithromycin, such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, or flatulence. Too much alcohol with azithromycin may also give you a headache.

Because azithromycin is usually taken as a one-off dose, drinking alcohol is unlikely to stop azithromycin from curing chlamydia.

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What Is Bulk Billing

How much does IVF really cost? – Dr. Sunil Eshwar

Bulk billing means that you do not have to pay for your GP appointment. The government pays the GP for you. But not all GPs bulk bill, so its a good idea to check with your health service when making an appointment to ensure youre not out of pocket. Its also important to know that many GPs will bulk bill students, healthcare cardholders and people under 16.

In order to gain access to a bulk billing health professional such as a local GP you need a Medicare card. If you dont already have one, or you need to find out more about your Medicare card options, go to How to get a Medicare card.

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Can I Be Allergic To Treatment

If someone has a penicillin allergy, there is potential to have an adverse reaction to the antibiotic treatment for gonorrhea. Depending on personal health history, a physician will be able to prescribe an effective alternative for treating anyone with a penicillin allergy or who has a history of gonorrhea infection.

In general, side effects from gonorrhea treatment can include temporary itching, rash or redness, and pain or discomfort at the injection site , upset stomach, and yeast infections. If symptoms persist for longer than the treatment period, contact your physician immediately.

The Life Insurance View Of Herpes

Since herpes is not a life-threatening illness, the effect on a life insurance application will be minimal, if there is any at all. Generally speaking, your life insurance application and policy will be underwritten based on the condition of your overall health apart from your herpes condition.

If your overall health is excellent, youll most likely get a rating of Preferred +, and pay the lowest possible premium.

This makes a strong case for making sure that your health is otherwise excellent. That means maintaining a proper ratio of weight to height, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and having regular physicals and doctor visits as needed.

In most cases, the insurance company will require a medical exam, but this is not due to the fact that you have herpes. It is in fact a typical requirement for most life insurance policies. The examiner will come to your home or place of employment, and perform the usual procedures, including checking your height and weight and taking blood and urine specimens. But again, this is not because of your herpes condition.

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How Is The Test Used

Chlamydia testing is used to screen for and diagnose sexually transmitted infections caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.

Testing for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae is often done at the same time since the infections caused by these two bacteria can have similar signs and symptoms. These bacteria may be acquired at the same time, and you may have infections with both. A definitive diagnosis is important since the two infections require different antibiotic treatment.

Repeat testing is recommended to ensure that treatment has been effective. This is done about three months after you have completed treatment.


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