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Chlamydia Gonorrhea Home Test Kit

What’s In The Self Test Kit

“I Know” Home Test Kit for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Our kits test for 6 common sexually transmitted infections . We will recommend test kits based on your sexual health risk, but you can choose which kits you order.

For chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests, youll need to take a small swab from your throat, rectum or vagina, or provide a urine sample. This depends on what type of infection you are testing for. For HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, well send you a blood test kit. You only need to complete one blood sample to test for all four STIs.

The contents of the test kit will depend on what type of genitals you have and what type of infection youd like to test for.

Gonorrhoea & chlamydia

How Does A Gonorrhoea Test Work

We offer two types of test kits, a urine test for men and a swab test kit for women. Urine tests are slightly less accurate in women, which is why women are advised to use the swab test version. Both test kits are easy to use and you will be able to collect your sample within minutes.

The gonorrhea test for men requires, that you collect a sample of your urine, using the test kit provided. The test kit contains a leaflet with instructions as well as two plastic containers, one of which you will use to collect your urine. It is important that you use the label included in the package and affix it to you sample, otherwise the laboratory will not be able to analyse your specimen.

The gonorrhea test kit for women consists of a swab test, used to gather a sample from the vagina. It is as quick as the urine test and requires you to use a cotton swab. You should avoid using vaginal creams or treatments prior to collecting your sample. Gonorrhea can be found in the bodily fluids present in the sexual organs. If you have gonorrhea, the analysis of your urine sample or swab show a positive result.

How To Get An At

People who live in small towns where anyones coming and going could be easier to notice. Unlike Walgreens and CVS test kit which needs to be bought over the counter and exposing the personal identity while getting tested for it, my Lab Box at-home chlamydia test kit can be ordered online where the test kit will be delivered to your home discreetly and the package doesnt tell where it comes from and what it contains. You can collect the sample as said in the instruction papers and mail it back to the mentioned address.

You can order your at-home chlamydia testing kit here.

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What Is Gonorrhea Exactly

Gonorrhea, also known as the clap or the drip, is a bacterial sexuality transmitted infection caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium. It can target moist areas of the body, including the genitals, rectum, throat, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and eyes.

Like other STIs, gonorrhea doesnt appear *poof* out of nowhere. Instead, its transmitted when a person without gonorrhea comes into contact with the site where a person who is gonorrhea-positive has gonorrhea.

If, for example, person A has throat gonorrhea and goes down on person B, the infection could be transmitted to person Bs genitals.

Likewise, if partner A has genital gonorrhea and scissors with person B, the infection could be transmitted to person Bs genitals.

Symptoms usually appear between 2 and 14 days after exposure, when they do appear which is 50 percent of the time in women and around 90 percent of the time in men. Everyone else is asymptomatic.

When someone *does* experience symptoms, they usually include:

  • burning or pain while urinating
  • yellow, white, or green discharge
  • itching, soreness, or skin irritation
  • abdominal, pelvic, rectal, or genital pain

Regardless of whether or not someone has symptoms, the virus can still be transmitted.

And not only that: The infection can progress. If untreated, gonorrhea can cause

  • infertility

In short: Getting tested is imperative.

Think youre a good candidate for an at-home gonorrhea test? Here, find the best.

When Should I Get Tested For Chlamydia And Gonorrhoea

iCare Rapid Chlamydia Test Kit

You should get tested if you think there is a chance you could have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection.

For example, you should get tested if:

  • you have had unprotected sex with a new partner
  • you or your partner have had unprotected sex with other people
  • you or your partner have symptoms of chlamydia or gonorrhoea
  • a sexual partner present or previous tells you they have an STI
  • youre planning on getting pregnant or are already pregnant, as it is important to protect yourself and your baby from infections

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What Are The Differences Between Hiv 1 And 2

There are two major types of the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV-1, which was discovered first, is the most widespread type worldwide. HIV-2 is most common in people of west African origin. HIV-2 is very rare in the UK with just a few hundred people infected with this strain . Both viruses, if untreated, will result in AIDS and the infection is contracted in the same way.

We appreciate that some people may not wish to provide a blood sample. If you do not return a blood sample, we will be unable to test for Syphilis or HIV. In some regions we offer people a choice of tests . Remember, all of your results are confidential.

No. We currently test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and HIV. If you would like to test or receive treatment for BV we would recommend you visit your local clinic.

Depending on your gender and sexual preference we will ask you to provide us with samples to test for the four most common STIs:

Heterosexual Men

  • A urine sample to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
  • A small blood sample to test for Syphilis and HIV.

Heterosexual Women

  • A vaginal swab to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
  • A small blood sample to test for Syphilis and HIV.

Homosexual or Bi Men

Homosexual or Bi Women

  • A vaginal swab to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
  • A small blood sample to test for Syphilis and HIV.


Trans* users will receive a kit according to the genitals they have.

Faq On Chlamydia Booking Through Our Partner Labs

  • Can I cancel my lab test order?Yes, you can cancel your lab test order anytime before your testing. The refund will be initiated after deducting the cancellation fee. However, cancellation is at the discretion of the provider.

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Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test Kit

This is a discreet at-home test that can detect two sexually transmitted bacteria in the oral area using a oral swab. Both gonorrhea and chlamydia can lead to complications if undetected. They have similar symptoms and factors, which makes it more accurate to get them tested together. Results will show either detected or not detected.

Tests results may take 3-4 business days once the specimen is received by the laboratory.

A free physician consultation is included with this test if the results are positive. It will be up to the physician’s discretion if a prescription will be provided.

  • At home test kit for both men and women to detect chlamydia using an oral swab.

What’s it used for?

What Is A Chlamydia And Gonorrhoea Test

“I Know” Home Test Kit for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Our chlamydia and gonorrhoea test is a highly accurate home test kit that checks for genital chlamydia and gonorrhoea. This test does not detect the presence of these infections in your throat or anus. For men this involves taking a urine sample, while for women it is a swab test to take a sample from the vagina.

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Are Test Results Accurate

Nucleic acid amplification testing is considered by experts to be the gold standard for chlamydia testing. Research suggests that self-collected samples generally provide accurate results that are comparable to results from samples collected by medical professionals.

The accuracy of chlamydia testing varies based on the type of sample used and the care taken in collecting the sample. For example, urine samples used to test women and other people with vaginas may miss up to 10% more infections than swab samples taken from the vagina or cervix.

Although not specific to at-home tests, results of chlamydia testing can be affected by:

  • Taking certain antibiotics within a few days prior to testing
  • Urinating within one hour of collecting a urine sample
  • Vaginal douching within 24 hours of sample collection
  • Mistakes in sample collection

Doctors are an important resource for patients with questions or concerns about the accuracy of at-home chlamydia testing. Consumers may also find it helpful to contact the companies providing at-home testing to ask if their test kits and laboratory methods have been studied for accuracy. If a sample is required to be sent to a laboratory, check to see if the lab is CLIA-certified and/or CAP-accredited, as these measures indicate a laboratory has met standards for quality assurance.

How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can I Test For Chlamydia And Gonorrhoea

You should test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea 14 days after you have had unprotected sex, unless you already have symptoms.

This is because chlamydia and gonorrhoea have an incubation period, meaning they may not show up on a test if you take it too early. To get the most accurate results you need to wait for 2 weeks after exposure to get tested.

There is a small chance that the infection may not show up on a test, and give you a negative result. Therefore, if you receive a negative test, you should repeat the test 6 weeks later to confirm your results.

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Hepatitis B Rapid Test Kit

Hep B STI Home Self Test Kit.

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by the Hepatitis B virus which affects the liver. It is a contagious STI spread by bodily fluids. It can cause both acute and chronic infections. Many people in Australia have no symptoms during infection. Some develop a rapid onset of sickness with Hep B Symptoms such as vomiting, yellow skin, feeling tired, dark urine and abdominal pain on the right-hand side. It may take 30 to 180 days for symptoms to begin. Cirrhosis and liver cancer may eventually develop in those infected. These complications can result in the death of 15 to 25% of those with chronic disease. About a third of the world population has been infected at one point in their lives, including 240 million to 350 million who have chronic infections. Globally over 750,000 people die of hepatitis B each year. There are approx. 230,000 Australians living with Hepatitis B.

Hep B infection can be easily detected by testing at home with an STI Hep B self-test kit.


What Is A Uti

Gonorrhea Rapid Test Kits in Australia  Gonorrhea Test at ...

UTI is short for Urinary Tract Infection, also known as cystitis. UTIs are caused by bacteria, normally from your poo, travelling up your urethra and reaching your urinary tract. It can also be caused by normally harmless bacteria living on your skin getting into your urinary tract. This may happen when you wipe after you use the toilet, or when you are having sex.

The urinary tract is your body’s system for making urine and then getting rid of it from your body. It includes your two kidneys, bladder and urethra. Your kidneys filter your blood to make urine, which is stored in the bladder until you need to urinate. When you urinate, the urine travels down your urethra and exits your body: your urethra is the tube that carries the urine out of your body. A UTI can affect any part of your urinary tract, depending on how far up the bacteria has travelled. If your bladder becomes infected it is known as cystitis if your urethra is infected you have urethritis if your kidneys become infected, it is known as a kidney infection or pyelonephritis.

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At Home Sexually Transmitted Infection Tests

We offer testing kits you can take at home for a range of sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, syphilis and HIV. Test results are confidential and come back in 3 working days. We’ll advise you on next steps.

We offer testing kits you can take at home for a range of sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, syphilis and HIV. Test results are confidential and come back in 3 working days. We’ll advise you on next steps.

About The Female Sti Check

  • What the test is for

    This kit tests women for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonas in the vagina. The kit is for you if you do NOT have any symptoms, and if you have sex with men and/or women.

    If you are unsure whether you need this test, you can take our free STI assessment. If you have symptoms, we recommend attending your local sexual health clinic.

  • Required samples

    To test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonas, you will need to provide a vaginal swab.

    The test kit contains all the information and equipment you will need to safely collect this sample at home.

  • When to take the female STI test

    We recommend doing the test 2 weeks after the unprotected sex. Tests done too early may not be accurate.

    However, if you think you might have chlamydia, gonorrhoea or trichomonas, you can test immediately and repeat the test two weeks after having sex .

  • Accessing results

    Test results are normally ready within 3 working days of your sample arriving at our partner laboratory. You will receive a text and an email when your results are ready.

    If you dont receive your results within seven days of posting your sample, contact us via your Patient Record.

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What Will Happen If My Test Result Is Positive

  • if your test result is positive for chlamydia then we can offer treatment by post. If you have complicated symptoms that require examination or further testing, we will help you find a clinic for further testing and treatment
  • if your test result is positive for gonorrhoea then we will refer you to your nearest clinic as the treatment is an injection
  • if your test result is reactive for HIV then this does not necessarily mean that you have this infection, so well refer you to a sexual health service for confirmatory testing
  • if your test result is reactive for syphilis then you will be referred to a sexual health service for confirmatory testing
  • if your test result is reactive for hepatitis B or hepatitis C then you will be referred to a sexual health service for confirmatory testing and then to a liver specialist to assess the infection further.

Can You Catch Chlamydia By Sharing Sex Toys

At Home Chlamydia Test| Home STD Testing Kits

Yes, chlamydia can be passed on by sharing sex toys, like many other STIs. You can minimise this risk by covering sex toys with a new condom each time they are used and washing them between partners.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection spread in infected genital fluids. It is the most commonly diagnosed STI in the UK in 2019, there were over 229000 new cases in England. It is particularly prevalent amongst sexually active teenagers and young adults but anyone can be at risk.

If youre concerned about chlamydia and other STIs, read on. Our doctors have put together a guide to chlamydia and practising safe sex.

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What Is The Chlamydia Home Test Kit

The Chlamydia home test is a rapid immuno-chromatographic test for the visual detection of Chlamydia trachoma antigen in either endocervical swab or urine specimens. This test adopts the double antibody sandwich method. When it is necessary to add exactly four drops of the specimen to the sample properly, the specimen is absorbed into the device by capillary action, mixes with the antibody dye conjugate, and flows across the pre-coated membrane.

When the Chlamydia trachoma antigen level is at or above the target limit , the Chlamydia trachoma antigen in the specimen binds to the antibody dye conjugate and is captured by the immobilized monoclonal antibody in the test region of the device. This produces a colored test band and shows a positive result.

If the Chlamydia trachoma antigen level is zero or below the target threshold, no colored bands are visible in the test region of the device, which is negative.

To function as a procedure control, a colored line will appear in the Control area , if the test has been carried out correctly.

Where Can I Get An At

This test kit will be mailed to you via USPS. You will receive a specimen collection device, as well as other test kit materials. Please review all instructions prior to performing this test. Specimens should be shipped via USPS back to the laboratory. Results take 3-4 days upon receipt of the specimen by the laboratory.

TEST KIT REFUND POLICY- Kits can be cancelled anytime prior to sending the specimen to the lab. There is a $25 fee to cover the kit costs and shipping. So a full refund is minus $25.

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